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Monday, November 3, 2014


Life is for the living not the living dead.

It makes all the more difficult that while we are on this journey to bring about progress, care for our infants, our children, our youth, young adults, and adults - in some form of learning progress - and try our level, best.

We have the Accrediting Commission For Community and Junior Colleges in California - and one particular person - despicable to the core - with intent - trying to shut down City College of San Francisco. Her name is Barbara Beno.

Prayers have a powerful force - even as many San Franciscans prayed and supported City College of San Francisco.

Many others fell prey to the lies and fake reports - that only the court could reveal with empirical data, facts stood out fabrication fell by the way side.

The lies were fabricated with intent - to bring down City College of San Francisco - by one Barbara Beno - President of the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior College.

City College remain accredited pending the outcome of this unique trial - held and attended by many - at the San Francisco Superior Court on McAllister Street by City Hall of San Francisco.

Barbara Beno spite resulted from the stance of City College of San Francisco students - opposing some reforms that would affect Community Colleges - which is their right - and should not have impacted Barbara Beno - to be spiteful, biased, and down right - arrogant.

We San Franciscans must be very proud that the City and County of San Francisco - our Mayor Edwin Lee, our Controller Ben Rosenfield, our City Attorney Dennis Herrera - and Attorney Ronald Flynn, Mark Leno and Tom Ammiano our representatives in Sacramento - others too many to mention - stood shoulder to shoulder - with the students of City College of San Francisco - in this quest to keep City College of San Francisco - open.

We must praise and be thankful that even as we prayed hard - God was able to enlighten the mind and help our angel in this fight - Attorney Ronald Flynn - defeat evil.

Reveal the lies that are despicable to say the least - and clearly points to certain people such as Barbara Beno - who should be removed from office.

No official who is arrogant, biased, prejudiced, using illegal practices -  has any place or role to adjudicate - leading to adverse impacts to any learning institutions.

More a person like Barbara Beno who has used her whims and follies - and tried her best - illegally to bring down City College of San Francisco. Governor Jerry Brown should pay attention to this woman and to other like her. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam. 

Shame on the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges - and make no bones - we must now - initiate a special inquiry and deep investigation - that over hauls the Accrediting Commission For Community and Junior Colleges.

Clear the room of cobwebs, open the windows and doors - and let in some fresh, clean air.

Enough of the stench that has prevailed for so long - and could have easily adversely impacted over 79,000 students - their loved ones and supporters.

Some punitive punishment must be put in place - which could include 10 years jail time - incorporated into the By Laws of the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges - which must be totally revamped - for illegal actions - such as we are describing.

Lega clauses incorporated into the current failed By Laws that no adjudication be carried out - by a few Commission Members - without - a higher level of Authorization.

Barbara Beno had no business ordering Sandra Serrano to remove language - and inserting language that could adversely impact City College of San Francisco - with intent.

In the interim some of us have been backing students like Shannel Williams who I have taken special care to mentor - pray over - and support in any way I can.

 Shannel Williams is a warrior woman and my hope she that soon she impacts thousands - to do good and move to a better place.
Shannel Williams is a child of God - who has overcome much - and takes true to her heart. She is an angel - that has done so much - with so little - and always with a smile. God bless her and all those who support her. She is my angel.

I commend the teachers, the many other administrative staff, the many supporters of City College of San Francisco.

Writers like Tim Redmond - who has always been keen to discern and always be on the side of the under-dog.

Tim's reporting on his blog known as 48 Hills - has been second to none - in educating others on the pertinent issues facing City College of San Francisco. Thank you so much Tim Redmond. I remember you well - from the days when I worked at the Presidio of San Francisco - the many years you worked for Bruce at the Bay Guardian. I wish you all the very, best.

This fight is not over - even with the legislation by Mark Leno who in this case has done right - I know him and he knows me.

We both are on the side of the students of City College of San Francisco - more the immigrant and poor students - and we will continue to fight for what is right.

City College of San Francisco is now experiencing a downfall in its enrollment - just because Barbara Beno - a despicable person - took upon herself to order Sandra Serrano - to redact, remove, and alter language - in a report to give City College of San Francisco - a bad name.

If this is not EVIL - I do not know what is.

Let it be known that our Education Institutions are Sacred.

Those put in places to adjudicate - Accrediting - must not play God - more when they are evil.

For sure Barbara Beno is one of them - and must be removed from office and debarred from holding any office - in any educational institution.

Governor Jerry Brown better take note of this - and our Representatives in Sacramento.

I am going to send this article to Mark Leno and Tom Ammiano - who I request to initiate some strong language to bring about solace and succor to the many students. Put Barbara Beno on notice and others like her.

Thank you for financially backing City College of San Francisco - and I request you all legislators in Sacramento - that we must not take this unique case lightly.

This case sheds light beyond the beyond - greed developers seeking to abolish City College of San Francisco - and building condominiums.

Greed knows no limits - and we have exposed the charlatans before. Enough of their ploys and machinations.

There is a God - and the many prayers - brought about some quick and precise adjudication.

We do not have it in writing - but that is not required - right now - right now we have all the proof - and we know who LIED and led to this fiasco - Barbara Beno.

Judge Curtis Karnow has the facts before him - he will adjudicate - and all I can say my God be with him - in this difficult task. As I see it - the students win, City College remain open, we work even harder to realize our victory - we educated ourselves and contribute our best - to this Great Nation - the United States of America. Aho.