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Sunday, November 2, 2014


In recent weeks we have seen the "sordid" Democrats slay their fellow Democrats - by lying. Looking at your face in your eyes - and lying through their "filthy" teeth.

Let me state very carefully - this time around the Republicans will win - both in the House and in the Senate.

The repercussions of the November elections - will wound the Democrats, deeply. There is no one to blame but the lying - Democrats - who have wasted billions in dollars - and failed to represent - they have chosen to dig their own - grave.

Starting with President Barrack Hussein Obama - our President's rating are so low - that it would do injustice - to call his ratings - "pathetic".

President Barrack Hussein Obama's fellow Democrats do not want to have anything much to do with the President  - during this November, 2014 election cycle.

The Democrats in the running - are staying away from the President, Barrack Hussein Obama - much like anyone would stay - from a plague. Many of them stating that they can fend for themselves and do not want the presence of the President - Barrack Hussein Obama - to vouch for them.

Closer to home Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein have had a long run - in the years they have been in the Senate and House - both these women despicable - carefully avoid to debate - lack accountability and transparency - and always willing to rake in the millions at tax payers expense.

The husband of Nancy Pelosi - Paul Pelosi and the husband of Diane Feinstein - Richard Blum - are deep into contracts - where unsavory means - are use - to give these " very corrupt entities" - sole source projects - where our tax payers money is spent - and these two entities - rake in millions.

On another note - our Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi is NOT a wife abuser - and our local politics should not be targeting Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi - who was adjudicated fairly - and vindicated.

I know what I am speaking about - because I was the first - after doing a through investigation - to write about Ross Mirkarimi - when most were afraid to take a stand.

I, Francisco Da Costa stated very clearly that we should not be ganging up on Ross Mirkarimi, his dear wife and most importantly his son.

For some - even at these late date - to fail to comprehend the justice system of our judicial system - and still have bias, and be vindictive - is a shame. For Mayor Edwin Lee - to still bring this matter up - and try to falter David Campos - who doing right and exercising his vote - in the deliberation - that ruled in favor of - Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi  - restoring his job and position - says a lot for San Francisco.

I attended the hearings - where after many long deliberations - the adjudication was ruled in favor or Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi - keeping his job - who was elected with many more votes than our Mayor Edwin Lee in the same elections - though for different, postions.

It is simply wrong - even as David Chiu is losing his race - using campaign information - full of lies - trying to vie and bluff voters - who are not educated on issues - using the lying bait - that our Sheriff is a woman abuser - he is not.

David Campos is fair and just man - and he has compassion.
David Campos has more women backing him - than David Chiu would ever get on this side - and the women who back David Campos are educated, astute, and compassionate.

David Chiu is pompous - he has denied us the constituents San Francisco our right to speak out at Public Comment - cutting the given 3 minutes we had once - to a measly two, minutes.

Again and again David Chiu's dictatorial tactics - have fallen by the way side.

David Chiu one had the audacity to call the Sheriff to arrest Mr  James Chaffee - a stellar American citizen. Totally unnecessary and totally uncalled for.

This immigrant from Taiwan - does not get it - and will never, ever get it. David Chiu is as fake as they come - and will lie and do other unsavory things - that are not comparable - that de facto - will come to haunt him in the short and long run.

David Chiu is full of chaff and his heart is not in the right place.

David Chiu forget that Chris Daly gave him an opportunity to become the President of the SF Board of Supervisors.

David Chiu's first shot to be the SF Board of Supervisors - President, was given to him on a platter.

David Chiu bit the hand that fed him - and I will not go into the - "choice words" - Chris Daly called him, in Room 250, in the August Chamber - that has been contaminated by David Chiu.

We constituents will long remember - David Chiu - as a Judas - a traitor - a man that is anything - but, decent and of course a liar. 

This is the case also with Malia Cohen and Jane Kim - those of us that follow - the real politics - know what we speak of.

There are few who understand empirical data - there are few that analyze and can analyze the data that is available - in San Francisco in recent years - we endorse fluff - more coming from Room 200 - at City Hall.

Not everyone is happy with the large projects going on in our City and County of San Francisco - the 70 plus cranes in the air - the congestion on the roads - compromising Quality of Life issues.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone and the Mayor, Edwin Lee is cognizant of this fact.

It is all about land - we know who stole the land - we know those that want to make money illegally and like having control - using greed, corruption - using "pay to play tactics".

God sees it all - and soon - many innocent constituents of San Francisco - will have experienced - the many adverse impacts - brought about by forces who are evil.

It is a fact that today - a one bed room - cost as much as $3500.

It is a fact today that - two and three families - live in a one or two bed room unit.

Much like the Chinese lived for ages - in China Town and still do. Sharing one toilet and sharing one kitchen.

We have schools today that do not have qualified teachers.

In fact we have 80 positions open for teachers and para-professionals -  the San Francisco Unified School Board - is full of it. Leading the charge one Hydra Mendonza.

Dubious forces have failed to abide by the SF City Planning General Plan - and today have put a ballot measure to increase the height limits at Pier 70 from 40 feet to 90 feet.

All this on on land that is contaminated.

There is a million tons of coal tar that has to be abated at Pier 70.

Four ammonia spills - and more contamination - the result of the World War II operations.

And there is more - and all those who favor - the project at Pier 70 - are just fooling themselves - putting themselves in harms, way.

Pier 70 is prone to serious liquefaction and flooding.

Prone to sea-level rise - and the very high level of radioactive elements present in the soil and water.

All this and more will slowly kill those that inhabit the are in the future.

Those not educated on issues - like our Mayor, Edwin Lee who thinks that pandering to the Developers - is all that matters - Forest Hill.

The SF Port Authority has learned nothing from the 8 Washington Street debacle - the voters spoke on that issue - and the voters and the constituents of San Francisco won - people power - matters.

Most of our politicians are full of it - Gavin Newsom, those who are Zionists always look at ways to make a fast buck, Willie L. Brown Jr. the former "thug Mayor" of San Francisco - others who backed the project  - failed.

Right now 1700 units are planned to be built at the Old Schlage Company - by Third Street and Arleta.

The site is contaminated - and a few feet from this site - millions of vehicle spew dangerous particulates - each and every day.

Who in their right mind will talk about " affordable housing " - putting people is harms way - contaminated air, contaminated dirt, loud noises - the trains passing and shaking the ground - as each train passes by.

Mayor Edwin Lee should just go to the site in the early morning and see things for himself. Back to back traffic - installed vehicles - spewing very, dangerous particulates.

If anyone puts people in harms way with intent - they have BLOOD on the hands.

And there is more - not far from the site - are Petroleum Tanks - we have Mid-Way housing - where 80% of those living in those units - are suffering from Cancer.

We have no one trustworthy entity analyzing the empirical data - the facts that matter.

We have NO toxicologist on our City's Health Department payroll - to make a fair assessment - of the characteristics of the many contaminated sites - where Mayor Edwin Lee - without blinking an eye - want to build 30,000 units.

Corrupt developers - who pay to play - to get their permits - Lennar Urban a rogue developer, Forest Hill who have joined the ranks of the "despicable". The Zionists the likes that we have mentioned before - who will sell their mothers for a nickel.

David Campos is a good man, a decent man, who has more women supporters than David Chiu.

David Chiu is a liar - who can talk the talk but cannot walk the walk. A Chinese from Taiwan - who is a disgrace to anything - decent - as I said a liar.

The Mayor should not be endorsing project and candidates - that he knows little about. It is a fact the Mayor, Edwin Lee failed with Gavin Newsom and others on the 8 Washington Street - project.

What is to say that David Campos will win - and when David Chiu loses - why should have the Mayor, Edwin Lee - gotten into this fray.

I personally sent an email early on - on the onset of the Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, debacle - to Mayor Edwin Lee, the Chief of Police, the Controller, the Public Defender, others that matter - to not make the mistake and gang up on Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi. This is a fact - few have the guts to do this - I do it when I deem fit - because I am NOT afraid of "Buffoons" - who cannot discern and less have no common sense.

 Mayor, Edwin Lee did not listen to me. I am good friends with Mayor Edwin Lee and those that are close to him - but I am not a sellout. Why should I be afraid of anyone - and more to speak and write the TRUTH.

Mayor Edwin Lee who still has many hidden skeletons  - must first serve our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults - and he has not done - that. These are not tirades - there are hundreds who speak behind Mayor Edwin Lee back - and none have the guts to tell him to his face - the TRUTH.

David Chiu is not worth the salt - and in like manner Jane Kim, Scott Wiener, and Malia Cohen - all shallow, spineless, and a disgrace to the human race. Time will tell.

The filthy and dirty politics that we have seen in recent week - lies against David Campos - is not only despicable - but downright, disgraceful and sordid to the core.

San Francisco named after Saint Francis Assisi - who was compassionate Saint, had the fortitude so necessary to represent and do good - serve the flock as any shepherd - does.

Can you ever think David Chiu standing up tall and doing right?

Now. look at David Campos - he has gone out of his way to represent. More women that I have spoken to endorse David Campos.

From the desk of Mayor Ed Lee is a sham.

Go Giants and go David - you know which David. Aho.