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Friday, November 7, 2014


San Franciscans have always prided themselves when it comes to Quality of Life issues.

In recent years - corrupt politicians - are changing the San Francisco skyline - and creating adverse impacts - for all decent constituents of San Francisco.

The congestion on the streets is unbearable - and Mayor Edwin Lee keeps twiching his moustache - while every day - innocent people have to bear - the back to back traffic - thousands of vehicles spewing dangerous particulates - and ruining our environment.

In the last 6 years with all the pouring of the concrete, the congestion, the spewing of dangerous particulates - the Carbon Foot print - has reached a long time high - and the Mayor Edwin Lee - keeps on grinning - as the people - especially our children - continue to suffer from chronic, respiratory diseases.

While the recent election may have put those incumbent back into their seats - we the constituents do not see a change in behavior. In fact - much like President Barack Hussein Obama - our Supervisors and our Mayor Edwin Lee - have lost their mind - and power has gone to their head.

The despicable behavior - will come to haunt those who hail from New York.

The likes of Jane Kim - who prides herself in creating the Manhattan like skyline - here in San Francisco.

High rise building - that leads to congestion.

 While pretending that she Jane Kim cares about pedestrian safety.

What a hypocrite - rolling those eyes - and moving those buns - trying to be a model like - farm horse - pathetic to the core.

This is Ohlone land that was stolen - and I have a right to state - clearly the "thieves" - who stole the land - better respect the land, the air, and the water.

No one gave you permission as "thieves" to pollute the land, pollute the air, and pollute the water.

Mayor Edwin Lee thinks he is doing us a favor - grinning at the many ribbon cutting events - bragging that the developers who build the units - more for the rich - are bringing some succor to the constituents of San Francisco - when the opposite is the TRUTH.

The divide between the rich and poor - has hit San Francisco hard - thousands of decent families have left San Francisco. We have more dogs in San Francisco - and less children - some over 130,000 dogs - who produce more pooh that can be handled by our aging Sewage Treatment Plant - the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant - in the Bayview.

The San Francisco Planning Department - more with the arrival of John Rahaim - has with intent - pandered to the "developers" who fill the campaign coffers - of the corrupt politicians. Time will tell.

The Republicans have sufficient fodder to zero in on Willie L. Brown Jr. - a former "thug" Mayor of San Francisco.

Other minions the likes of Malia Cohen - who has been busy  to erase her debt on the $580,000 condo she purchased at Candlestick Park - only to go under - around 2008.

On winning her election as the District 10 Supervisor - the corrupt, lying Malia Cohen - lived with her parents in District 9 - on Silliman Street.

Now, each time she opens her mouth - she spews hot air.

She will be raking in the money - from Lennar Urban and other developers like Forest Hill - linked the Pier 70 project.

People think they can fool all the people all the time - wait till the Feds knock on your door and you pee in your undees - trying to find a viable answer - to all your corrupt deeds.

The recent elections where David Chiu - again and again lied and is now doomed to go to Sacramento.

Well, let us see how he performs in Sacramento.

David Chiu will be remembered as that crooked, corrupt politician - that did all in his power - to get more power.

Scott Wiener is another New Yorker who has yet to comprehend that we in the Bay Area and more in San Francisco - have morals, ethics, and standards.

Scott has been raking in thousands from "developers" - while pretending he is for those that need help - far from it he is a hypocrite.

A Queer hypocrite at that - who has gone after the younger queer youth - for hanging around and chilling out at a private park.

The poor who need help - but this arrogant person - has been targeting the poor - and should be ashamed of himself.

There is more to come - we are watching you all - like a hawk.