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Tuesday, November 18, 2014


San Francisco once took pride in its children - precious children - those of us who have lived here in San Francisco, Baghdad by the Bay - more closer to the Ohlone.

Nurtured by great grandparent, grandparent, parents - we know a lot about children and how we must nurture the children - give the children - the best education possible, make good by them - and allow them to have the best access - to Quality of Life issues.

So, when we say one in three of our children go to bed hungry - our SF City and County of San Francisco - and more the Mayor's Office of Children, Youth and Families - here listen but do the minimal - they do earn by us - over $200,000 plus benefits - all we see is the charade. Pathetic.

This month is Violence Prevention Month - whatever that means to our Mayor Edwin Lee and his minions.

Most of whom - have NO clue whatsoever what that word "Violence" and more what "Prevention" - means.

It took some children to come out with a resolution to attract the attention of the Main Media - to at last address Violence Prevention - this month - dedicated to address Violence and Violence prevention.

The basic facts - and how Violence, Crime, Murder, Killings, Shootings - adversely impact infants, children, youth, young adult, adults and our Seniors - has been studied by many - when it comes to implementation - we are dead last - yes, San Francisco is dead last.

We once had a Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice no more.

We now have one or two point people pandering to the Mayor and what he purports and says has - do be done - when killings take place. Everything must STOP and some miracle - worked - to bring about - peace.

All those minions who are mostly lackeys - go into action - but they have no power - no power whatsoever.

They fall back on those who once - understood crime - and today because of incarceration cannot hold good  jobs - but will do it - because they have no choice. May be because some of us who have their back - say it is fine - but, for how long?

The former gang members - for lack of a description are brought out - and given a small commission - to complete a small task. Bread crumbs thrown on the floor - this type of " garbage" will not stand the test of time.

 Move 20 families to Treasure Island from Alice Griffith - which Lennar Urban - proposed to make whole.

In this making whole those who live there at one time - and were victims - miss the boat, the bus, the train and the plane. This is how of City and County that gets millions do business - piece meal - and without fully comprehending anything about justice and less fair play.

I listen to them all the time - we must do this and we must do that - but what is Sister and Brother that prevent you to think outside the box - and not take your orders - to guard your salary - and your heart is not in the right place - and what is more - you are a SLAVE - to those that foster - gentrification.

This in the Mission, the Western Addition, South of Market Area, China Town, the Tenderloin, Excelsior, Bayview Hunters Point, Visitation Valley - here there and every where.

We have some so called OGs who think they comprehend violence, killings, shootings, pandemonium, and confusion.

They understand this from their surrounding - what they have learned -  the trials and tribulations - incarceration, they think they know it all - but there is more - to this human madness.

How many of those that carry out their duties purporting to understand Violence and Violence prevention have submitted themselves to God.

If you do not summit you can pretend you do - and if you do not check mate the minions and those that take orders from them - who are greed, evil, arrogant - than all is - in vain.

Recently two 14 year old boys - trades insults and all sorts of unsavory actions - than one day - this one boy killed his once good friend - he stabbed him.

His friend that he killed was a good student, a good football player, always had a smile on his face - we that knew him and his family - were shocked - it is always after the fact.

How many time do you think I have stopped fight among youth on the MUNI. How many times some innocent young girl - would have died - had it not been for my intervention?

MUNI our public transportation brags it has the cameras working - but far from it  - they do not. Why? We talk the talk but we do not walk the walk?

Last weekend we had three murders - some say more - some are not reported. What is happening in San Francisco - when it comes to these on going killings and shootings?

Here is our Mayor Edwin Lee - who has lost his mind - talking about high rise building - smiling at the many - ribbon cutting ceremonies - while doing nothing for our infants, children, youth and young adults.

Without him know - we are taking a stand to do right - and bring about some peace - the Mayor and his minions - could not care less. Tons of talk and no action - when it comes to our health, our safety, our education of our infants, children, youth and young adults - anyone worth the salt - want to take me on - at any pubic forum?

Why does this rich City and County of San Francisco - not have a Toxicologist? Why has this City and County of San Francisco - lost its mind - saturated with arrogance and GREED?