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Tuesday, November 4, 2014


It is a shame that San Francisco has stooped so low to encourage outsiders, filthy crooked millionaires, to come in our homes and try to hoodwink the constituents - ordering the constituents to do this and that. We know who deserves, better.

On every front the assaults have been over bearing - regarding our schools, our health, our housing, our transportation, our basic right to be good citizens. Adversely impacting Quality of Life - issues.

The influence of "dirty and bloody money" is taken for granted - and City Hall has become the "dirty laundry mat" - where behind close doors - more in Room 200 - all sorts of ploys and machinations - are conducted.

Of course no one wants to name anyone - involved in the shenanigans - in recent weeks - this disgusting behavior - lying about someone - trying to put words in someone's mouth, casting doubts and creating fake impressions - has reached the saturation - point.

The Democrats will wake up soon - if they have not already - to find the Republicans - in the cockpit.

These elections will see the lowest turnout - just because most decent people - are fed up with lies, promises made and never kept by the sordid - politicians.

Bond measures that are passed - money used for things that are mundane - and these politicians - with "intent" - serve themselves as best they can - and do not know what it means to represent - the people who pay their salaries.

The Republicans ordering the failed Democrats to take a hike - giving the Democrats  - little  time -to clean house and move to some place - where they can chill out - doing nothing - as they have been doing all these many years.

Closer to home Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstien.

We really do not want David Chiu and others like him at City Hall - telling the world that before he came to City and took charge - City Hall was dysfunctional.

The man from Taiwan must be hallucinating - this man does not care about "Public Comment" - looks at you in the eye and lies - has taken money from unsavory characters - and deems fit to pontificate.Now he should ask himself what is that called? Pathetic to the core - this man has lost his mind.

The man is a jerk and the sooner he moves away from San Francisco and matters that pertain to San Francisco - the better.

The money he has thrown away - blood money to taint others - shame that those backing him  - do not see the realty of this on going madness and blatant - corruption of the worst, order.

The public is fed up - these politicians who are down right corrupt and what is more as I have been saying for years - spiritually and morally - bankrupt.

No one worth the salt cares about someone like - David Chiu - who has brought disgrace - to San Francisco and more to City Hall.

In like manner the Commission on the Status of Women -have joined the fray - and strong decent women are speaking up - against this Commission - that continues to do more harm than good. Emily Murase - and to think - we have such characters vying to be on the SF Unified School Board - pathetic. Educated but spiritually and morally - bankrupt.

The Commission on the Status of Women is a facade - that are raking in thousands - pretending to do good - when they are just a bunch on "no good - hot air - spewing cats" - out to demean humanity and that includes women.

Looking after their own petty interests - while hundreds of women caught in a bind - caught with some man - in and many cases women battering women - and the Commission on the Status of Women - caught in petty - politics.

In this case favoring David Chiu - and trying to throw some curves balls at David Campos - who has a track record - working and serving the best interests - of all women - more immigrants and women of color.

Way back in 1963 the Federal Government put in place - all the rules and regulations - to bring parity to the salary issue.

Equal pay for the same type of work. Yet today - women and more women of color are paid far less - a slap on the face on those who have contributed so much to Society - our mothers, our sisters, or fellow sisters.

Now when David Campos has set his mind to bring about some change - and help the women of our City and County of San Francisco - and more this Nation eventually - here comes some " fancy looking cat - with a hat - that speaks from both sides of her mouth".

Who also belongs to the Commission on the Status of Women - who are known to hate men - but now have turned their backs - on all women  failing to understand - genuine and true - representation. Many of them lackeys of Mayor, Edwin Lee.

Suffice to say they bark up the wrong tree when it comes to Domestic Violence.

Recently we have had cases where two women were murdered - as a result of Domestic Violence - and poor handling of these two cases.

Scores of other women - even when they press charges on men who have intimidated them - are set free -  continue to intimidate the women, victims - the said men - even threaten to kill the women they intimidate.

Testimony has been given in public - and the Commission on the Status of Women - have not said a work - all talk and no walk. A bunch of grumpy, biased, man haters - to spew diatribe and putrid - hot air.

What has the Commission on the Status of Women done so far - accept target men who were part of an adjudication - which put the Mayor of San Francisco - Edwin and some unsavory men haters in the cauldron of shame - in the adjudication of our Sheriff - who won his case - hands down.

Men and women sometimes get angry - and many a time - some one may be bruised or even hurt - it happens all the time.

At no time - more when the couple - a man and women - have been together for a long time - are some "men haters" to assume - that straight men - are abusing their wives or significant other - because of one or two incidents.

You have to talk to more straight women to comprehend this. More women who have been in a cordial relationship for a long time.

Women haters of men - cannot and will not - ever comprehend this. These women who love a tool called the "dildo" - but since they cannot get close to any man - will demean all men.

This SF Commission of the Status of Women has crossed the line - and the time has come to audit them - and bring out the lack of accountability and transparency - on  many levels.

Our City is named of after Saint Francis Assisi - morals, spirituality, standards, ethics, compassion - none of which these politicians have - nor care to have.

Then you have these manly looking women - pretending they represent all women - they are a farce - and their true colors came out when other - more decent women -  told these funny looking and talking women - to stay out of the way of decent more straight women.

Women - who care for David Campos and the legislation - he has introduced to - bring parity - so that all women and men - receive the same pay.

For the same type of work - having the same type of skills and qualifications - there is nothing - convoluted and complicated about this fact.

Way back in 1963 it was announced to bring a change where all our sisters - could be empowered - could be given a little helping hand - but in 2014 we have some hairy looking women - looking more like men - putting down the sisters. Go figure!