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Saturday, November 29, 2014


Few remember when John Rahaim was imported here by former metrosexual Mayor Gavin Newsom from Oregon.

John partner then decided to deface the landmark walls of a landmark building - where once lived the Fire Chief - who played an important role in fighting the 1906 fires - resulting from the 1906 Earthquake.

The short and tall of this story - is that John Rahaim who is queer - had to get rid of his partner - who lost his mind - and would have been a - liability - in the short and long run.

Well, the time has come to get rid of John Rahaim who has long become a liability.

John Rahaim now has it to a science - how to "hoodwink" the constituents of San Francisco.

Hard working tax payers are adversely impacted - while the corrupt SF Planning Department - continues to pander to developers - who do not have the best interests of San Franciscans. Forest Hill is one of them - with very close ties to the Mayor, Edwin Lee, the permit departments, and those who do not have the best interests - of San Francisco.

We are not some City that favors high rises - and those that want to live in such sordid cities - better move elsewhere.

More when you know - that this is Ohlone land - and you all have made it into a concrete jungle - and do not have the best interests - of genuine San Franciscans. Do not test our patience - for you will have no time to repent - once our ire is set on fire.

Enough is enough. 

These techies for example - who have NO culture - but want to reside here to experience the unique culture we have developed - in San Francisco - give nothing back.

These mean, with a gaze far into the universe - take control of housing - and spend money - just because they have it - impacting thousands of innocent hard working folks - their behavior is becoming - poisonous.

Now, the SF Planing Department has decided to grant some permit to Forest Hill to build a large project - impacting the area bordering 5th and Market to the East, 6th Street to the West, Mission Street to the North and Howard Street to the South - at 925 Mission Street.

Stop this project and go back to the drawing board. We want open space - not more than 20 stories - more green and less concrete. Wide roads - smooth traffic - amenities for the Physically Challenged, the Senior, the infants and children - if you cannot provide these and more - move out - and go elsewhere.

Do not test our patience - this is a clarion call to the Mayor Edwin Lee and to those that think - because we have been patient - we cannot act. We will - and with determination.

What type of Planning Department do we have that has chosen - not to abide by the Courts - who in the past have ruled three times - that the SF Planning Department ought to consider, take into account - Cumulative Impacts - linked to traffic, affordable housing, jobs, important facilities like Recreational Facilities, Childcare, Health Clinics, Community Meeting Spaces and so on and so forth.

Quality of Life issues - who are these folks - who think they can come and create these - "concrete jungles" - just because they can make deals - behind close doors - in Room 200.

You are not welcome here - and the sooner you leave town the better.

These high rises popping all over the place - are disgusting - and cannot and will not foster - better living.

Never mind if you get the endorsement from SPUR, the many Zionists who are out to ruin our Nation - and must be weeded out - on a war footing. Many make their abode in San Francisco - and are on Commissions and other bodies - doing the "devil's" work.

Spurred by the Pacific Heights Mafia - and backed by the City and County of San Francisco - all they have in mind - what is best for their own pocket book.

People keep saying that Forest Hill has done a good job at Pier 70 - because most of those wagging their tongues - do not know a thing - have NO clue -  about Pier 70.

Pier 70 is one of the most contaminated sites - in the Southeast Sector. Do not listen to Joe Boss, Malia Cohen, and folks who have not clue about the World War II efforts - and the blatant contamination of the area - by the United States Navy.

The U.S Navy contaminated the sites - and the U.S. Navy must clean it up. Do not think Forest Hill, Lennar Urban, other developers have the best interests - of this City and County of San Francisco - they do not. Greed bastards - who must not be trusted at all.

In the abatement that must be addressed at Pier 70 - one million tons of coal tar that is leeching into the ground.

4 large ammonia spills - from the U.S. Navy operations as part of the World War II efforts - building ships and at record speed - none of which today's so called planners, ignorant folks, and greed developers - know about - in detail.

The Power Plants that were once operating, the Steel Mills, deposited thousands of tons of dangerous particulates, Mercury, Lead, PCBs - those in the know are full aware of these facts.

It is a shame that the Sierra Club and others who did not care to study the area - endorses the Pier 70 project. Much like some fools are endorsing Lennar Urban - who is encountering umpteen - problems at Candlestick Point and on Parcel A - at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Time will tell - and he laughs best who laughs - last.

The Pier 70 site is prone to serious sea level adverse impacts, liquefaction, and severe flooding - all of which have been documented - complete with empirical data.

White folks mostly - in their innate greed to grab anything - and make a fast buck - will put others in jeopardy.

More without blinking an eye - it is this greed, avarice, worshiping  the mundane - folks having no conscience - that continues to ruin San Francisco.

This is Ohlone land and John Rahaim has met the Muwekma Ohlone Chairperson.

This stoic queer man - who has lost his mind - and thinks - that the kudos he gets from Mayor Edwin Lee and others - will make him a hero - when in fact he is Caligula.

John Rahaim continues to set our great City named after St Francis of Assisi on fire. He must go - and stay away from our City.

In recent years all the Environmental Impact Reports are flawed. Many of them slated for decision making during the holidays - all short of ploys and machinations used - to hoodwink the public at large.

And when it comes to the California Environmental Quality Act - less concern for Cumulative Impacts - and no consideration for the many - adverse impacts - linked to health, safety, education, recreational facilities, childcare, transportation, curtailing the Carbon Footprint. Who is fooling whom?

The Ohlone do not embrace greedy folks - do not embrace those that adversely impact others with intent.

Do not respect Mother Earth - all the more - when every square inch was - stolen.

You all must go - for you do not know - what will befall you - if you do not. The Great Spirit see it all - and if an Ebola type situation comes about - you all that participate in this hoodwinking - will be affected - make no bones about it. Some of you all are sick - in the mind - anal - and more spiritually - bankrupt.

You all are thieves - and to think of building a sordid island - at 925 Mission Street - increasing the Carbon Footprint by 400% - dangerous particulates, back to back traffic - recently it took 40 minutes to move one single - block.

The area is laden with adverse impacts - those residing in this area - bordering South of Market Area - have high rates of respiratory diseases, heart problems, high pressure, mental problems, homeless folks all over the place - and the SF Health Department and more the Director Barbara Gracia - does not give a hoot.

These heads of Departments - many of them do not believe in children, have no children, have a despicable life style - and foster divisiveness - openly defying norms and a culture that is common to those that have families and embrace God and sound spirituality.

In the last 5 years over 40,000 families have left San Francisco - according to the recent statistics.

Those living in the South of Market Area, Middle Market, the Tenderloin, on Sixth Street, further inside on Mason, Taylor, Bush - find it difficult to find affordable housing. 

It is common for a one bed room to be rented for as high as $3000.

No family of two or three can afford such rents - and this City and County of San Francisco and Mayor Edwin Lee - for all this vain talk - is fostering GENTRIFICATION.

With all the projects going up - some 70 plus - congestion is the worst ever on the streets of San Francisco.

Petty crime is on the increase - and the number of pedestrians death has increased - this model that some fools are tying to implement - zero vision" is a JOKE.

The 925 Mission Street Project must wait and the period extended - to at least January 2. 2015 - to permit input linked to the current Environmental Impact Report - the project at 925 Mission - which is totally flawed.

Do not think - you all can hoodwink us all in broad daylight.

You are with intent pushing the buttons of the ordinary layperson - encouraging so much development.

People cannot bear the noise - the pounding from all the heavy machinery - 14 hours at time 16 hours - the worst coming from the pile driving operations.

What does the Mayor think he is doing? This is not Shanghai? This is not Mainland China? Get real people are disgusted with the nonchalant behavior - the Department of Building Inspection - themselves blaming the SF Planing Department.

In the interim - to many Market Rate units - going for over $1 million and some as expensive as $5 million a unit.

All of these - are been built for the "filthy rich" who contribute nothing much - that includes folks like Willie L Brown Jr - a former Black "thug Mayor" of San Francisco - who has been raking in millions as a consultant - Platinum Consultants.

Remember this is Ohlone land - and all of you that are disrespecting Mother Earth - are not welcome here - go back from where you came.

John Rahaim you are warned - stop this nonsense - and put a stop to the building of high rises - that cannot sustain themselves. 

Where will you get the clean drinking water from?

Where will all the sewage go to?

Where will you get steady electricity?

Who is monitoring the Carbon Footprint that has increase by over 400%.

Who is monitoring the high levels of dangerous - particulates?

The many hot-spots that the City ignores - Amy Brownell, Stephanie Cushing, others who are NOT doing their job.

Where is George Gason on this issues, Dennis Herrera, even Greg Suhr - it is all contacted - the District Attorney, the City Attorney, the Chief of Police, and of course Naomi Kelly - the City Administrator and Mayor Edwin Lee - there is only so much of smiling and twitching of your moustache -  you can do - get real and be a man.

Who is running the show - if not the DEVIL, himself.