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Sunday, November 16, 2014


We once were very proud of our City Hall and more Room 250 our August Chambers - no more.

It is here - where the Mayor Edwin Lee - reads his prepared speeches - once a month before -  the sordid, shallow, arrogant, inept - San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

Useless folks not all but most - who trade diatribe, spew hot air - make a lot of promises - and constantly deceive with intent - the constituents of San Francisco.

In the last 20 years - we have seen our youth, our young adults, all adults who work hard for a living - treated with disdain.

Those who just happen to be indigenous - for those that do not know the meaning of the word - more people of color - who are close to Mother Earth - continue to leave our City - because in recent years - the City has chosen to adversely impact the innocent, the hardworking - those that have to make - ends mean.

Families with children are forced to leave. Folks who have no families values - many of the them SF Board of Supervisors - continue to make fake policies. 

The over 150,000 dogs in San Francisco live a better - life. Add to this the feral population, the skunks, and so on - and the SF Board of Supervisors - do not mind representing - the dogs, the cats, the skunks - but for sure they do not represent - the people.

This land all of it belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone - it was stolen by those that were strangers - greedy to the core - and see what these "jerks" have made of our once pristine and sacrosanct.

Turned it into a concrete jungle.

Can you imagine these SF Supervisors who do not know their history - and more those Supervisors of color.

Others, like the Zionist Scott Wiener - wheeling and dealing - and thinking all is fine. He wants to be the Mayor of San Francisco?

It is a shame that Blacks like Malia Cohen and London Breed have no sense of representation.

They have chosen to be Supervisors - more to fill their campaign coffers - and do as they deem - fit. Taking orders from the MACHINE.

Pandering to those that offer them money - they wheel and deal - and that is all they do - each and every time. Making close deals - behind close, doors.

Now, to think that David Chiu who did everything to bring David Campos down - is now pussyfooting with London Breed.

Trying to prop this dumb heifer - to be the next President of the SF Board of Supervisors. Bring it on.

Remember, the last time around - the election of this David Chiu being elected as the President of the SF Board of Supervisor - and all the ploys and machinations - associated - with that debacle.

Malia Cohen propping up the name of Jane Kim - and then Jane Kim propping up the name of Malia Cohen - then both of them bowing out - like two whores - shafted by all - even a dog with fleas who would not look at them - the second time around.

Just to come out with another name - a crook - and prop up the name - of David Chiu.

The rest is history - David Chiu was elected by the SF Board of Supervisors as President - and David Chiu has NOT and will not leave a - legacy.

David Chiu did all in his power to limit public comment - and that says it all. In this the land of Ohlone - the thieves now have resorted to curtain - the right of the people to speak freely - and more the sacred "three minutes" - we advocates - treasured.

Nothing much has changed - the latest elections - will go down in San Francisco history - as the most bogus election ever.

The sooner David Chiu is out - it is like a plague been addressed in its totality - he could go anywhere - the sooner he leaves - the better.

So why are our youth, young adults, and adults and more our Seniors treated with disdain.?

It is all about organization - and the lack of will - among the voters - to vote for those that can truly represent them. More the representative who care and have their heart in the right - place.

Pimps and whores pander to the highest bidder. The so called politicians lack standard, less ethics, and for sure no morals. Many of them have been told that by the San Francisco Ethics Commission - and some by the Fair Political Action Committee.

Those that voted for Malia Cohen, Jane Kim, the others that do not represent and pretend they are SF Board of Supervisors.

They all  - who say they represent but do not - have blood on their hands. 

They make not look at it that way - but they do.

Any person sane - knowing Jane Kim and Malia Cohen - who vote for these two despicable - individuals - are accountable for their sordid - actions.

None of the above have family values - both of them feed on stuff that is mundane - and have ruined the characteristics of our neighborhood. All the see is green - but not for long - wait until someone knocks on their door.

Our playground that once had natural grass - are now taken over by the Zionist the likes of the Fishers - who aid and abet joined by folks like London Breed, Malia Cohen, and Jane Kim - who care less about our infants, our youth, and young adults - make no bones about it.

TWITTER is a mess -  do not believe me - ask anyone who knows anything about financial ratings - I am talking stocks and shares. 

Our City and more Mayor Edwin Lee - is defiant that TWITTER - is something good for Mid-Market.

Only  a FOOL will believe that - Mid-Market has and will - remove those that lived there for a long time - and foster -  super, rapid - GENTRIFICATION.

The many high rises in District 6 - should find means to get their own clean drinking water and have their own sewage systems.

Do not over task the existing systems - they were not put there - to offer services to the rich and filthy - who enjoy exploiting resources - that do not belong to them - and for which they must pay - premium money. 

The idiotic Jane Kim - pays no intention to Quality of Life issues - constantly using the resources - like clean drinking water from Hetch Hetchy - that is is very short demand. This is not Manhattan - and we do not want high rises to ruin the skyline of San Francisco. Congestion on our streets - and exploitation of our - resources like water - contaminating and polluting our air.

Adversely impacting our Phelps Sewage Treatment Plant - by sending more excreta and other contaminants from District 6 and more Jane Kim's District.

More, when they have the Giants Game - and the Oracle and Salesforce - conventions - that screw up the traffic - cause congestion - foster pollution - and we the voters - have to deal with the adverse impacts.

Our youth and our young adults are watching - and when it happens - all hell will break - loose.

So far some of us who can control the youth - in the Mission, in the Western Addition, in China Town, in the Bayview Hunters Point, in the Excelsior.

You idiots who are reading and wondering what is happening - and think you have power - you will be brought to your - knees.

Remember this City and the land is not yours.

You stole it.

The least you can do is respect the people -  who the indigenous people respect - the working people.

For sure t the politicians, not the para-military police,  folks like Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein - are not appreciated by the indigenous people - and I know - because I have some say in this matter. It is a shame that these thieves - still have not learned anything much - they continue to exploit and adverse impact - the innocent - on many levels.

 Not even President Barack Hussein Obama - who has the lowest ratings - and now is talking from both sides of his mouth.

Our youth and young adult need long term opportunities.

Good jobs - career jobs.

Our SF Board of Supervisors do not comprehend that.

City Build is a joke - and the way it is run - is like a MAFIA operation.

The same with the Contracting Monitoring Division - where is the Commission or some "policy making body" - that can enforce standards - do not tell me - that is the City Administrator's Office?

Our City is a Mafia operation - from the SF Planning Department, to the Department of Building Inspection, to the Contract Monitoring Division - no transparency, no accountability - tons of hot air - not standards, no ethics, and for sure no morals.

The same is with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - corruption is what is found on every level.

Folks like Dwayne Jones, Abraham Leamons, Guy Hollins, folks from the SF Health Department, other individuals working for the Mayor's Office and the SF Public Utilities Commission - paid mostly by our tax payers money - doing the devil's work.

What role is Dwayne Jones playing with the Sewer System Improvement Project - and our Community Benefits. One single investigation - done by one single worthy entity - and this man will go to jail - for a long, long time.

Not too long ago - he tried to mess with a contractor who got a contract from the SF Housing Authority - the contractor took Dwayne Jones and Linda Richardson to court and won.

Our City know this - but yet these two corrupt folks Linda Richardson and Dwayne Jones - and still working their way - hoodwinking and trying to make money - at the tax payers - expense. Enough of this nonsense.

Individuals working for the SF Public Utilities Commission getting in access of $240,000 per year with benefits.

Special contracts -  our tax payers money - pandering and telling us the constituents - what to do - and more what is good for our neighborhood.

You vermin are just that - when we speak at Public Comment you want us - to tell you that you are worth the salt - when you are evil and more.

You evil ones with intent harm the people, make good salaries - and pander to the likes Willie L. Brown, Jr, the Platinum Consultants, the Zionists - other entities that are - deplorable.

Watch out - enough is enough.

Our youth go to play on playground that were maintained by the neighborhood - the one by Mission School, the one by Silver Terrace, the one once name Portola Play ground, the ones by Army Street, here, there everywhere - the Zionist Fishers - are taking control of our jurisdiction.

We must do away with the artificial turf - give an ultimatum to the Recreation and Park - to stop the on going nonsense, now - and do the right thing.

The Mayor, Edwin Lee is going by Candlestick Park to give a Press Conference - Monday, November 17, 2014.

Here with some great fake pomp he will be speaking from both side of his mouth.

Parcel A on Hunters Point - is polluted and contaminated - daily bombarded by very high levels of Asbestos Structures - that are adversely impacting the - public at large - and more the workers.

How Candlestick Stadium will be deconstructed is yet to be seen.

Full of Asbestos - one single mistake can impact - thousands of innocent people living and working - within a three mile area from the epicenter of the Candlestick Stadium.

For sure Candlestick Stadium cannot be imploded - the experts have ruled that out.

For sure the City and County do not have the experts to deal with such a situation.

The SF Building Inspection, the City's Health Department - are at a loss.

There is no single entity that can comprehend - bringing down such a structure -  containing the tons of Asbestos - this old stadium - that was not maintained - for many, many years by San Francisco  Recreation and Park.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District is put of notice - and right now - in the area - trucks ply up and down - uncovered with dust flying all over the place.

Much of the dirt contaminated.

There is no enforcement. NO NOTICE OF VIOLATIONS.

Other crooks that the City knows about - steal clean drinking water - and this ruckus has been going on for years - from our SF Hydrants - to wet the near by roads.

Roads that border Brisbane and San Francisco - by Executive Park.

The authorities know about it - some one is getting - kick backs. 

All this while we are experiencing - a drought.

The roads by Candlestick Park are a mess - the rains that will be here soon - will prove once again - how quickly large pools form - on the roads.

The near by State Park by Candlestick was once a garbage dump - methane gas spews today.

Even as it has for over 40 years is State Park has been doing its dirty - deed.

The shoreline that was once contained from the high waves and erosion from the high waves - has seen its shoreline eroded - large rocks falling every week into the Bay - and no one seems to care.
Where is Mayor Edwin Lee on this - and those in charge?

The City and County of San Francisco - City Hall has BLOOD on its hands.

You folks who with intent - poisoned our children, our youth, our young adults, our adults, and our Seniors.

You are out for some more mischief - and I am watching you all - crooks of a kind - like a HAWK.