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Friday, November 21, 2014


Millions of immigrants now have a very heavy weight lifted off their shoulders. Free at last - in the land of milk and honey - Turtle Island.

Millions of immigrants -  are now free to exercise their rights - and in time enjoy all the rights and freedom - as any citizen of the United States of America.

This land that belongs to the Native Americans - they are our host and we are here - because they have been so kind.

Here is San Francisco - for the last 300 years plus - the Ohlone have welcomed the strangers - Vikings, Russians, Spanish, Africans, Chinese, Europeans, Native Americans, you name any Nation and tribe -  they have all been welcomed to Ohlone land - San Francisco.

Before that time - the Ohlone have been here for over 13,000 years - carbon dated and more - and yet - the Ohlone have not been respected - all that and more will change - just like that.

Today, we must remember the thousands who walked with few belongings -  facing the great trials and tribulations, thirst and hot sun in the desert, agents of evil who took money and did not deliver, other despicable actions - that cannot be described.

To the many innocent who tried and died - we pay our respects.
Decent human beings share - in the humanity of love and compassion - fortitude and more - to those that is given - blessings from above.

Today, those that can now live freely - once so called aliens - now in the pipe-line to receive that much need passport - some document - bringing citizenship to the door.

That door once closed - now open - reality has not yet sunk in - that day in now, tomorrow, and days, and weeks, months of healing at last.

We all need to support those that have been blessed - at this late date - and can and could live freely - without watching over their shoulders. God bless.

Those in the Mission, in the Bayview, in the South of Market area, in the Western Addition, in other parts of San Francisco - all did well - we in unity sent a message - and God heard our prayers.

It took an Executive Order - to set right a wrong. November 20, 2014 will go down in history - as a day - that brought millions into the fold - to enjoy the right - as laid down in our Constitution.

Children born here, other that we termed " Dreamers" can now graduate and give back - and learn from suffering come good - and from fortitude - larger benefit for those that need help and support. 

Indigenous people today are happy and they should.

There are those that are upset - that is on them.

The Native Americans by far - lend their support to those that want to be here - Turtle Island - now known as the United States of America.

We must also be cognizant of the fact - that there are many Native American tribes that are not on the Federal Register - and the time has come - to set that "wrong" - right.

There are still many things to be addressed - and this can be done in unity.

When it is time to vote - we need to put the right representative in - and send packing those that talk the talk - but fail to walk the walk.

San Francisco is a City of Compassion named after St Francis Assisi - a Sanctuary City - that has embraced all - and rightly so.

I call Governor Jerry Brown in he spirit of anyone educated by the Jesuits - to embrace the immigrants - more here on Ohlone land.

I call upon our Police Chief to be understanding and lend a helping hand.

I call upon our Sheriff to be compassionate and understanding.

I call upon our Mayor to do all in his power to put in place - a program that can help the immigrants - on all levels.

Our Controller, our City Attorney, our Representatives - all have a role to play - and compassion must over rule - the sordid actions of the past - on the part of some.

To the many advocates - your pleas were heard - loud and clear.

Kudos to your hard work, sacrifice, years and years of toil - God sees it all - and today you can rejoice - and count yourselves - as warriors who were on the front line and made good things - happen. God bless you all.

To my many friends - from all walks of life - we encourage you to do what is takes to support our immigrants.

This is Ohlone land - and hospitality has always been the forte of the Ohlone.

God bless America, the people of America, and all those that love humanity and help those that need help most.

Together we can stand united - and go to a better - place.

San Francisco has good things in place to make an effort to help the immigrants - linked to the President's Executive Order and Immigration: