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Friday, November 14, 2014


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) should not be trusted. Not ever.

I personally know Jared Blumfeld - who is the Director - of EPA Region IX - and he has been taking all his directions - from the evil representatives the likes of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - and Senator Diane Feinstein.

Behind the scenes Willie L. Brown Jr. a "thug mayor" a former thug mayor of San Francisco - who is behind all the major crimes and the millions spent and wasted - on San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) projects.

Add to that the Central Subway, the Transbay Project, and of course Parcel A - at Hunters Point - and the many project planned at Pier 70 - and the over 65 high projects - causing congestion - that Mayor Edwin Lee thinks and feels - is right - when he is "dead wrong".

This land - all of it belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone - and it was stolen - today it has been abused, contaminated - and future generations will suffer - much like the present - from the actions of blatant - GREED.

The Democrats will soon be licking their chops.

More those raking in the millions - all in the name of serving the people - but all the time - serving their own selfish  - interest. Filling their campaign coffers - with BLOOD - money.

No one can fool all the people - all the time - more, in broad daylight - and think for a second they cannot get away with murder.

Every time we have decent, educated, ordinary women and men who do their homework and speak to the "truth" - boom just like that we get sell outs mostly Blacks - who will side with the EPA, the SFPUC,  the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA), the Transbay Project - all for some - stale - bread crumbs.

The EPA is not to be trusted ever.

Much like the California - Department of Toxic and Substances Control (DTSC).

That is now known as the California Environmental Agency - because - the old agency with that fancy name (DTSC) - which has been fooling - all the people of California all the time - was caught with its hand in the cookie jar and more with its pants -down.

Contamination, pollution, adverse impacts, harming innocent people with intent - is in the DNA of mostly arrogant, ignorant people - and at the November 17, 2014 meeting to be held at the Southeast Sector Community Facility Commission Building - we will be there - and we will speak to the - TRUTH.

To those who want to sell out the community - beware!

Yosemite Slough if anyone knows anything about this slough - is a very contaminated site - all sorts of heavy metals - lead, mercury - paint thinners, other building material contaminated with Asbestos - and tons of PCBs were dumped in the Slough - all these many years.

Thousands of innocent people who dared so fishing and even swimming - were adversely impacted - they had no acknowledge - and the U.S. Navy - did not warn - the resident nearby and other - coming to here - of the many - adverse impacts.

Then there were tires - hundreds of tires - old cars - you name it people came from miles around to dump contaminated and non-contaminated stuff - at Yosemite Slough - down a dirt path - where most all sorts of iron-works, car repairs.

In the midst of these business - unsavory characters - dealing with drugs - and a known area for pedophiles and other - thugs and chronic - criminals.

Just like that Saul Bloom aka David Saleman - received  grant money - to do the clean up of Yosemite Slough - there was not one meaningful meeting held in our community.

No one really knows how Saul Bloom - manages to get on all the Restoration Advisory Boards (RAB) - be it a Treasure Island, the Presidio of San Francisco, they RAB of Hunters Point.

Saul Bloom gets on the RAB and manages to rake in thousands if not millions from Lennar Urban, California Conservation Organizations - I have seen him favor Lennar, favoring the City and County of San Francisco - as long as he can rake in the millions.

He has some - in his inner circle - who are all sell outs.

Sell outs are "thugs" who turn their back on the people - and sell out the community.

This nonsense has been going out for years - mostly Blacks trying to say something about pollution, contamination, pretending to know about a Superfund Site - if you ask them about empirical data - they kind of look the other - way.

Thousands have been spent on Yosemite Slough - Saul Bloom and and a handful of Blacks who have been selling out the community have profited.

This project - Yosemite Slough - looks good - but near by the Hunters Point Parcel E2 - other Parcels on Hunters Point - continue to leech - high levels of Radioactive elements - into the Bay.

What has the Environmental Protection Agency done? Nothing.

Who is this Lily Lee pretending to be some savior of the community - at this late date? 

Who is Jackie Lane a Black who has been with the EPA forever - smiling and doing her thing?

Stop Lennar Action Movement - took on the EPA.

We the people from the Bayview Hunters Point had several meetings at the EPA headquarter on Hawthorne Street.

You have to go through security - much like the SF Airport - to meet with funny looking, mostly Whites folks - who; with intent make policies - to kill innocent people slowly.

I worked for the Federal Government - unlike the many ignorant, arrogant - having half-baked information - mostly Black sell outs - some of them have no clue what they are dealing with and less have qualified skills to understand - issues that can kill innocent people and have been killing - innocent, people. 

Very few of them can follow through - most of them just talk, promise to do this and that - and "drop" - the ball.

The EPA had its origins at Hunters Point -  is connected with once Defense Radiological Laboratory once situated on Hunters Point - the present Lawrence Livermoore Laboratories - with branches like the EPA and others - all very devious in nature - are linked.

From the year 1984 to today - the year and day - November 14, 2014 - I have been collecting data - and have stored them in four different places.

Empirical data - that journalists, scientists, investigators, others have used - to study better the "plot" to kill our people.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - unlike the many who talk from both sides of their mouth - and have NO empirical data at hand - to reveal and speak to the truth.

The SFPUC without one single public meeting is investing in millions of dollars of infrastructure that will send - contamination and more high level radioactive elements from the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard to the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant.

New Digesters are being planned - so I am asking the so called experts - do you have the technology, the expertise, the know how - to deal with radioactive elements like Cesium as part of operations?

To remove such radioactive elements - in these so called planned and developed - state of art digesters - costing over $2.6 Billion?

I would like to meet with anyone - sane or insane - who can prove to me that they have technology - that can deal - with such elements - treating and removing Cesium? And there is more.

If the SFPUC can do this - let is have a genuine public meeting - and see who are bring to the table valuable suggestion - and who pre-supposes they have it all - but when it comes to the final analysis - they are swimming - in the "sordid cesspool" - of the own creation. Redundancy !

Our community in the Bayview - can best be described as the "Living Dead". For too long the community that was there - has been subjected to the worst kinds - of adverse, impacts.

Zoombies moving in a trance and they have no idea - who is taking them for a ride.

All sorts of devious people many of them working for the City and County of San Francisco - actively participating in the "gentrification".

Those adversely impacted poor people - be they Asians, Latinos, Whites, Blacks, Native Americans - and mostly Blacks are used as ploys.

We have the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - actively using over $300 million - set aside as Community Benefits - money used to pay sell outs - also known - as Community Based Organizations - one has just to investigate Juliet Ellis from the SFPUC - who is actively involved in such shenanigans. 

The SFPUC has been contaminating the Bay - often time sending half-treated sewage - under the pretext that what the SFPUC is sending are secondary effluents - half treated excreta - that is as politely as one can put it.

The Republicans are in and one thing for sure that they will do - is investigate the many crooks - who are busy covering their -  sordid trials.  And there is more.