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Wednesday, December 3, 2014


It is a shame that even though the Governor of California -  Jerry Brown -signed into law - that that the former Redevelopment Agency - should be curtailed - in fact totally be made inoperable.

Today in ways know to some corrupt folks - it continues today in San Francisco - under the guise - of the Office of  the Successor Agency - to the former SF Redevelopment Agency - to continue to do more harm than ever before.

Each of those appointed on the Successor Agency to the former SF Redevelopment Agency - know little about the General Management Plan lined to our City and County of San Francisco.

Have NO clue about the many Housing Elements, have even little information about sound SF Planning, less about Land Use - and care little if nothing about the Precautionary Principle.

Are devoid of the fact about sound infrastructure - transportation, childcare, recreational facilities, health, educational, and safety issues.

Caring for foster children and young adults, seniors - addressing Quality of Life issues.

Suffice to say that the Southeast Sector is the last frontier - and we have no representation on the Commission to the Successor Agency to the former - SF Redevelopment Agency.

At Mission Bay for example - many do not have the slightest clue - that land - all very poor landfill.

Contaminated by the operations of the Santa Fe Rail Operations - was Public Trust Land. Public Trust Land belongs to all the people of California. The Commons.

Much like the land that comes under the jurisdiction - of the SF Port Authority.

The 7.5 mile strip by the Ferry Building - on one side going all the way to Fort Mason - and on the other closer to Pier 98 and the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - that is a Superfund Site.

When the Santa Fe operations were bought by Southern Pacific - the land was still Public Trust Land.

Given by the State and the Federal Government - to run operations like the Rail - so that the General Public may benefit.

Then came Catellus Corporation who acquired the land - the peoples' land - land belonging to the COMMONS.

The crooks used a ploy called "Land Banking" - divide the land and sell it to the highest bidder.

Again the former Black Mayor of San Francisco Willie L. Brown Jr was involved deeply in these shenanigans.

Much like he was involved with Pacific Bell Stadium - now called AT&T Stadium. Legislation had to be passed in Sacramento - to create Pacific Bell Stadium. Truly speaking set aside for Marine Uses - but loosely using Recreation - favoring profit making and racketeering - such as the SF Giant operations.

The land - now named Mission Bay - was sold to folks like the University of California San Francisco, other private entities, even the Warriors to build a stadium - all land that is poor landfill and contaminated to this day.

The Santa Fe operations created a lot of contamination Creosote and other heavy elements - lead, mercury, PCBs - millions of innocent people working for the Rail Operations - suffered immensely from this contamination.

In death - their cries - are heard - and those that were responsible but pay restitution - here on this Earth and after - death. I have witnessed people die miserable deaths - those who - with "intent" - adversely impacted others. God have mercy of their souls.

Creosote - mixture of coal tar and other very toxic elements - used to paint over the wood - used to keep the rails in place.

In Sacrament over a million tons of very contaminated soild -was abated - to help clean the former Santa Fe sites. 

500,000 tons plus in Oakland - but to everyone's surprise - not much in San Francisco.

The manifest were changed - and very toxic soil - moved from the area around 4th and King to where the present UC San Francisco - owns and operates its buildings.

What a crime in broad daylight! Those are are aware of this crime - know that many of the basement buildings - in the area - have mold, fungi, and cannot be used. There is constant flooding - and I get reports - about these happenings - often.

Those in the know - know about what I am talking but not folks that sit on the Commission to the Successor Agency - that just rubber stamp - whatever comes their - way.

None of them comprehend true abate, less mitigation of contaminated soil - and for sure have NO clue about the Precautionary Principle - characterization of soil and sites - former contaminated.

The Precautionary Principle, the Mather Act -  and how these Ordinances - can help the people - the people who are suppose to represent are totally - ignorant.

Mission Bay is touted as an area that is developed - ply he roads - traverse the newly developed sites.

Brand new roads - and you see the roads are buckling - water a few feet underneath - bubbling,  more during high tide - seeping up - salt water playing havoc.

The contaminated soil is buried at Mission Bay - and the very corrupt Department of Toxic and Substances Control (DTSC) - that recently was completely revamped for corruption - at that time - tried to exert its power.

Those in power - removed the jurisdiction from DTSC linked to abate and mitigation - and transferred all those responsibilities to the Regional Water Board - another Agency that can be bought and sold - to the highest bidder.

All over San Francisco - be it Hunters Point, Bayview proper, the Western Addition also known as Fillmore - wherever the former SF Redevelopment raised its ugly head - nefarious actions were committed - with intent. The people from those areas - adversely impacted to this day.

At Ingalls and Oakdale lies a church known to many at the Grace Tabernacle Community Church.

Some of us went to bat for the church - when the former SF Redevelopment Agency - adversely impacted the church - by building homes - and allowing the run off from the heavy rains - to flood the basement of the church - for years on end.

The SFRA making empty promises - only to spew diatribe and hot air - no one can fool all the people - all the time.

For years a MUNI bus would stop by the church - and if you were not careful - and mind your step - you could land on your face and hurt yourself.

When I found this out - I inquired - why was this stop devoid of a side walk - lacking basic safety requirements.

More how could people be allowed to be adversely impacted. 

You literally could step into a deep hole - and many people got hurt.

We had several long meetings with the former SF Redevelopment Agency and the former Director - Fred Blackwell who knew me well.

Some of us convinced Fred Blackwell to step up and to do something.

Fred Blackwell authorized a sum of $187,000 to build the side walk, put a nice iron fence, and took care of one problem the safety of the pedestrians, those physically challenged, more the children who used this area.

The project was given to the Department of Public Works that did a good job - I was the unofficial Project Manager - and provided daily photographs so that the upper management could see the work in progress.

At the end of this project the Grace Tabernacle Community Church gave out commendations in appreciation - and the now Director of Public Works - is fully cognizant of these facts - and the situation prevailing at the site on Ingalls and Oakdale.

The Grace Tabernacle Community Church - sits in a deep hole - and the water makes it way down - from the high ground to the low ground - and collects at the foundation of the church.

The Grace Tabernacle Community Church - the Department of Public Works has all the Blue Prints. The Successor Agency to the former SF Redevelopment Agency - can authorize building the French Trench - to stop the immediate damage to the foundation - of the church - but Tiffany Bohee loves pussyfooting - around and this time - it will come to haunt her ass.

Why do we have to take over 10 years to plead, beg, cajole some folks who can do it.

More when they can easily do the job - and there was and is money set aside to do the work.

I am requesting the Mayor, Edwin Lee, the Director of Public Works Mohammed Nuru, the Director of the Successor Agency Tiffany Bohee to act - and act fast - compensate the Grace Tabernacle Community Church - or at least fix the problem - which you can and must.

We are living in sordid times - where you have to pay to play?

The Mayor Edwin Lee is deep into this game and those that harbor him - will have to be accountable.

Many of us love our City and so we work hard - directly and indirectly we cover the Mayor's ass - but not for long. 

Mayor Edwin Lee is surrounded by folks who are selfish and spiritually - bankrupt.

These ribbon cutting - dog and pony shows - are for the feeble and those that do not comprehend Quality of Life issues.

The above in short is about Quality of Life issues - building good homes for all.

More low and no income homes. Respect Mother Earth and the Ohlone - who home this is.

This City and County of San Francisco - is nonchalant and will pay - a very heavy price - for disrespecting the Ohlone - more the Muwekma Ohlone.

Suffice to say the SF Redevelopment Agency caused a lot of harm - but to think of it - that today - the Successor Agency and others like Olson Lee - want to cap - those that have vouchers - who once were removed, evicted, and lost their homes and units.

The tool used at that time was "eminent domain".

The victims - were given vouchers - to help them - but all these vouchers will expire in 2016 - how can one man Olson Lee - even think of committing such a "crime" in broad daylight?

This is Ohlone land - all of it - every square inch - stolen by people - who have NO conscience - and less no ethics, morals, and standards.

Wake up San Francisco and see the light.

You are warned - that day is approaching - and you will have NO time to act.

You will drown - in the cesspool - of your own making. Aho.