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Friday, October 31, 2014


Most of us know the importance of education - more the immigrant population in San Francisco.

Many immigrants yearn to be educated and contribute their best to this Nation - the United States of America.

Immigrants as do others - often poor - who cannot afford to go the Private College - often failing to make the right grades - coming from some local Community College - some offering better facilities and learning opportunities - and others struggling to deliver - a quality product.

These immigrants and others who are poor to afford ; expensive tuitions - often start at City College of San Francisco - aiming to get a degree.

Often, toiling many years - at the many Community Colleges - earning sufficient units - to better their condition at home, making something of themselves - grateful to be in the land of the free - the United States of America.

The immigrants as they are taught - more, as indigenous people - grateful to be in the land of the Ohlone - the First People of San Francisco - whom, I represent.

We hope and pray that those who want to learn - may be educated well.

We hope that those that are educated - will shed light - where there is abject darkness.

We hope and pray that those who lead and represent - may not speak with a "forked" tongue.

We are with our students for one reason and one reason only - we speak to the TRUTH.

What we see, hear, and read  in reality- is not what the Great Spirit - desires - our infants, children, our youth and young adults - to be conditioned.

We must imbibe - they must that can be offered in life. Those that we love; must be lead with a spirit - that embraces all - respect all and be close to Mother Earth.  

It is not uncommon for many students attending City College to have two and three jobs - keen to pay for their tuition - and more to make something of themselves.

Bring honor to their parents - many of whom have not completed high school - 

These students speak to me - and all I have to do is hear the pain in their voices. 

The Accreditation Commission took upon itself to first bring disgrace to the Accreditation Commission - by failing to abide by their own By Laws - and secondly to harm the students with intent - failing to adjudicate - taking the better road - and having fortitude and compassion.

There must be a total overhaul of the Accreditation Commission - and more those who take the stand - and act arrogant - treating the students - like "dirty rags" - that can be used - and discarded in the garbage bin.

We who care - appreciate the loan given to City College of San Francisco by the City and County of San Francisco - that has a big stake in City College of San Francisco. More to tide over their financial hurdles.

We must make one thing clear - from all the evidence - we know the teachers at City College - those in the administration who work so hard - some who hold positions on the Board and must represent City College - have worked hard and represented well.

We often talk about transparency and accountability - wanting to gather, the best information - as  I often say - empirical data - we do this so that we get a clear picture. Often times - people say - there are two sides to a story. 

I say there are as many points as there are in a circle - and in the case of City College of San Francisco - this is true.

On the City College Board - you have one Board Member who is there because some one in his family - donated a lot of money to City College of San Francisco. He has failed to elevate the City College Board.

You have two others - both women - who have been on the Board for many terms - and have not represented themselves well - less - the institution - and even less the students.

Bottom line the majority of the students want to learn - and there is no time for "sordid" - politicking - and right now - so many lies - have been repeated - more by the Main Media - and little of it has been - investigative reporting.

Recently some folks have been so rude - so, out of sync with the real issues - that they have resigned to the fact - that City College of San Francisco - should be revamped - and may be even - closed down.

Now this is shocking - the teachers and the students have applied themselves - to be progressive. City College of San Francisco has embraced all students - and this is what should be done.

We are awaiting the adjudication - and we see the writing on the wall.  Those that have been targeted - the students who are innocent - will win.