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Wednesday, October 1, 2014


The San Francisco Unified School District teachers are fed up and more the para- professionals - who work so hard, make so many sacrifices for our children - studying in the failing San Francisco Unified School District.

Our teachers are not paid well - and those in charge - consider it business as usual to corner our teachers - and force them into situations - and disrespect our teachers. 

Every year pink slips are issued - to force our teachers to concede - this nonsense must stop, now.

Every year - promises made to the teachers - linked to better pay - and each and every year - the teachers and para- professionals - get shafted.

The SF Unified School District Superintendent Richard Carraranza must learn to wipe that "sordid smile" from his face.

This man with a Napoleonic mentality - short as he is - a weasel of sort - this man smiles on our face and stabs you in the back.

Shorty Richard - can look at you in the eye and lie. As for mathematics he better learn how to count - he personally has been lying and disrespecting the teachers and the para-professionals - for years - getting away with murder in broad daylight.

Richard Carraranza and his side-kick Hydra Mendonza make two good buffoons - they should be worked for some circus. Always, pandering before Salesforce and other such private entities - and trying to hoodwink the public at large.

All that drama is for naught - if you do not treated the teachers and para-professional who work for the SF Unified School system well - those that care and help educate our children.

Our SF Public School System - which is going down the drain - and it at the bottom of comparable schools - and an independent audit is called for - and those who have not been doing their duty - should be sent to jail - for a long, long time.

Truly what makes the Public School work are our teachers.

I have been monitoring the situation for years - for the years forced to go the long winded meetings - to fight for some causes - at other times educate the idiots who sit on the SF Unified School Board. The closing of Malcolm X school, the nonchalant attitude of the SF Unified School Board when it comes to - District  9, 10 and 11 where most of the children are.

These folks who must represent have NO clue that the families with children are diminishing - we are right at the bottom when it come to cities of comparable size - when it comes to salaries paid to the teachers - and the population of the children.

There is something fundamentally wrong - when these two - so called representatives Richard mickey mouse Carranza - and Hydra air head Mendonza.

Both of these individual good for nothing - panderers - try to hoodwink the public at large. Making deals with the private sector - raking in millions - with bonuses that these two have control over. Your time is coming - and the situation will not be - pretty.

All in NOT well in our Public schools - and things on many levels are creating a mess.

Immigrants parents and children - suffer the most.

The SF Board meets - and on the agenda - are mundane items - none challenging the SF Unified School District Board - to have sound standards, transparency, and accountability.

Children with poor parents - are forced to suffer - often coming to me and others like me for help. Our children are innocent - and it is simply not fair - for me and others to be stressed to resolve issues that the SF Unified School District has failed to address.

The SF Unified School District should have a hearing - the main item on the agenda - its on going performance - drab, shallow, inept and to top in all - lacking compassion.

Hundreds of parents are fed up - and you can turn on and listen to the pleas and the complains - many of them Asian - who care about their children's education.

The SF Unified School District listens - but do nothing about it - often times - grinning - and quick to tell the person expressing their concern - to stop talking - giving them a measly two minutes.

When these crooked and corrupt folks speak - they wag their tongues - it goes on and on and on. Time you folks listen to us - and a measly two minutes - is not sufficient to express some very serious concerns. More pertaining to education, safety, and the welfare of our children.

God have mercy on you - good for nothing SF Unified School Board.

This guy Richard Carranza and his side-kick shallow, inept, and spineless panderer - Hydra Mendonza - have done a lot of harm - and continue to do - more. 

Hydra Mendonza - once a puppet of Mayor Gavin Newsom - the metro-sexual Mayor of San Francisco - who today plays third fiddle to Governor Jerry Brown.

Gaven for some reason better know to himself - anointed Hydra Mendonza to be his adviser to all things educational - with the failing SF Unified School District. Nothing has changed - more decent parents are leaving San Francisco.

The San Francisco Unified School District gets its remuneration based of school attendance - we now have less children - and the jokers at the helm like Hydra Mendonza - have no sound reasons to explain.

The Grand Jury should do an investigative reporting and the window and door opened - those who have been on the SF Unified School District Board - pretending to serve - more those having served three or four terms - must be booted out. Two term limits - at the most.

There is something wrong when arrangements can be made to pay the Principals in the San Francisco failing Unified School District - the sum of $100,000 - to do as the Principals deem - fit.

Where middle school children are given iPads - but when you interview them - they cannot speak write and more when you ask them to write - falter, stagger, and wonder why writing is so important to sound education.

iPads do not make education - and those in charge of these ploys and machinations must ponder for a while - that education is instilled by good teachers - and good teachers are a - premium - the three Rs still count - and those that have sound, education know what I am talking about.

There are reports of school children playing hooky and attending parades - this absence costing the SF Unified School District over $200,000.

If you question the SF Superintendent - he will have an answer - as does every alley cat full of fleas - not worth the salt.

There is one Principal in the Portola District - heavy set - who sat on a child - trying to intimidate the little girl - and imposing her large frame and discriminating against her.

This matter was brought before Superintendent Richard Carranza - and he looked the other way.

Some of us protested - when a Security Person - steped in and prevented the child from being further harmed.

This obese Principal - had the audacity to terminated the Security person - who had a stellar record for over 30 years - within the SF Unified School District.

This matter went before some arbitration - and was settled - we who supported the Black child and her grandmother - had to make many - sacrifices - in this quest to bring about justice.

Steve Zeltzer, Dr. Espanola Jackson, Cati Hawkins - we all had to take a stand - together with another Black woman teacher - who was targeted just because - she was smarter than the Principal from Dr. Martin Luther King Middle School - in the Portola District - in San Francisco by San Bruno Avenue.

I am making this point - because there are a number - not all Principals within the SF Unified School District who are a pain in the ass.

It is always interesting to watch the SF Unified School District Board - patting their asses - and talking and talking and talking - about nothing at all on government - television.

In the last 5 years over 20,000 decent families have left San Francisco - that is Father, Mother and children. What have these idiots who must do something about this situation - have to say?

There are some strange SF Board Members - many of them are not interested in our children - they are interested in issues that are best described as - mundane - what in some circle are termed and noted as - down under.

These SF Board Members who must represent the teachers, the parents, and most of all the school children - have failed us miserably - and the time has come for a complete - over haul.

There is a big difference between children who go to private schools, parochial schools  and those that go to the SF Unified School District.

Strictly speaking the standards at our SF Unified School District are pathetic.

The parents are fed up - the Principals do as they please - not at most of the schools in the SF Unified School District - but in some.

Back to the Portola Middle School - named after Dr. Martin Luther King - that obese Principal got rid off the Music Classes - and of the instruments.

What type of person would act in this manner? And if the Principal acted in such a manner - why is this heifer still around? 

It has been some years now - that at Thurgood Marshall High School - the Principal could not handle a small altercation - and called in the San Francisco Police Department - SWAT team.

The SWAT team beat many student - cracked the head open of one student - other incidents all documented - all of which were heard by the SF Police Commission. This was not too long ago - but this history is needed - to comprehend the on going - shenanigans.

That story is well known - and Hydra Mendonza was not as well known then.

She only got into the limelight - when she pandered to Gavin Newsom - who took the time to visit her at home - when she lived in the Silver Terrace area - in the Bayview District.

Amazing the whoring that goes on - to make a few bucks - and compromise the teaching standards of our students - one own standards - more, within the San Francisco Unified School District.

Superintendent Richard Carranza better get his act together - and write more pertinent op-ed articles about how rotten  -some of the SF Unified Schools have gotten - pathetic to say the least.

Stop attending the ribbon cutting and get back to work - improve the standards - when it comes to our immigrant children who are treated with disdain.

Stop busing our children - one sibling east and the other west - when we can do better. Often putting our children in harms way - compromising their safety.

Many public schools in this filthy rich city do not have good books - less materials for the teachers to work with the students. 

The teachers are paid less -  are forced to dig into their own pockets - to procure books, pens and pencils, and some basic materials - why?

The tax payers of San Francisco with the rainy day fund created by then Supervisor Tom Ammiano - has saved hundreds of teachers - mostly at the last moment - when the teachers - have been given pink slips and stressed out.

We the tax payers do our job - the SF Unified School District - a State Entity - has failed our children and failed our City and County of San Francisco.

Who are the folks behind these gimmicks and why are we tolerating the SF Unified School Board members - many of them having no clue - about normal families - father, mother and biological children.

Crap that should NOT be taught to our children are fed to them.

The children - explain to me - how this nonsense is done - keep that stuff to yourselves - when some of you go down - your sordid ways are disgusting to say the least.

Some of you can choose to stay down there - and out of the way of our children - do not adversely impact their morals, ethics, standards, and ruin their character.

The present Superintendent Richard Carranza, the Board member who represents Mayor Edwin Lee - Hydra Mendonza - some others who are always talking about life-styles, domestic violence, and other such topics - must be warned.

There is a place for those topics - trained personnel more certified should explain such issues - not folks who are dysfunctional and themselves need some psychological help.

Know less about ethics, morals, standards, sound education - funny talking people who have sordid minds, come from dysfunctional families - and influence our children in ways that harm them in the short and long run.

Come on San Francisco - these morbidness must stop - go down under all you want at home - do not display this arrogance and ignorance - on SFGOV TV 26 for all the world to know and see.

If you think you represent the better aspects of education in San Francisco - more in the Public School - give fair wages to our teachers, our para- professionals - those that have sacrificed and contributed to the sound welfare of our children in the public schools.

None of you who sit on the SF Unified School Board - are worth the salt - if you do not represent, well.

Right now you all look like a bunch of idiots - always pandering - with that lollipop - in your mouths.

You can wag that tongue all you can - but what do you know about leadership and education?

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.