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Monday, October 27, 2014


Year after year - do we dare to live a legacy
So here it comes - with cards and wishes
Year after year
So what is it that makes us live a year
When the next one comes
Do we make good those goals - do we let it be
Do we dare to live a legacy, really?

Life they say is for living
Not for the living dead
Yet when those drag, drug, demean
Thinking of escaping
Again and again - they wake up to reality
Do we dare to live a legacy
Do we really dare

We all are on a journey - on this Earth
Have traveled and seen the world
Taken chances - faced death - and more
With God on your side
There is nothing to FEAR
Do we dare to live a legacy 

This man an innocent man
Was sitting on the that fateful bench
Just chilling out - eating his tasty, burrito
Out from the woods - came the po pos
They aim, shoot - they shot him dead
They failed to give him a chance
Nieto could not live his legacy 
They cut it short - without a thought !

This fight about gentrification
Is an on going fight 
Only those educated on issues
Can speak with some might
It is all about land - the land of the Ohlone
They stole the land - every bit of the land
The raped the women - killed innocent children 
They LIE to the indigenous - that they are right!

In our world of sorts - we have the right
To stand tall and be educated on issues
Our rights - as laid down in our Constitution
Gentrification is a ploy and there will be more
Our strength comes from God 
With God on our side - our actions - will soar - an overcome
Sky is the limit - laser beam focus

Each day, each week, 52 weeks
Then comes this day
Wow! another one to ponder
If we work hard, with determination
We have something to show
If we pander - that fluff  - does not count
Do we dare to live a legacy

In all these years - so many changes
There are few who remember
The good days - when most of us smiled more
The changes are here - the poor fear
The rents soar - the children - uncertain of their future
The teachers try -  no pay raise - 8 years and more
San Francisco - with all the billionaires
Has little to show - when it comes to compassion

San Francisco's skyline is changing
Changing for the worse - too many towers of Babel 
This is not Manhattan - the land of the Ohlone
The "greed" knows no bound
We few advocates - toil, write, decide and speak to the Truth
In the Mission, SOMA, Excelsior, Bayview
The Avenues, Fillmore, Mid-Market, Marina
Here, there, everywhere
Do we dare to live right and leave a legacy

Francisco Da Costa
October 27. 2014