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Monday, October 13, 2014


In San Francisco - the Mayor Edwin Lee and his side-kick Hydra Mendonza - are reassuring that all is well - with ploys and machinations - at the SF Unified School District - our failing Public School system.

The fact of the matter is that over 80 positions for teachers - in the San Francisco Unified School District - which comes under the State - are vacant.

The fact of the matter is that parents are fed up with their children sent miles away to public schools - where, the lives of the children are put in harms way.

Parents go before the SF Unified School Board - at 555 Franklin Street - and now one hears their pleas. Yet, Hydra Mendonza and the Mayor - Edwin Lee - are trying to hoodwink - talking to our children in generalities - and failing to improve the current educational standards in San Francisco.

We may be a world class City - but our educational standard - is lagging behind - many of the world class cities.This is a fact - not a joke. 

So, let us get cracking - and attain the high goals required of any world class city - worth the salt.

These are not tirades - this is a salvo - a clarion call - walk the walk more and less - talk the talk.

Now, this fact where teacher cannot fill the many vacant teacher position is not the case only in San Francisco but all over the Bay Area and beyond.

San Jose too has a chronic problem too - with many certified teachers - many of them baby boomers - retiring.

Here, is San Francisco we do not want to face the problem - we have NO blue print - worth the salt - to bring about some sound  solutions. 

We do not have a system - a proven system - to retain our teachers. 

Every year we make sure we issue our tenured teachers pink slips - and think nothing of it - now we have to face the music. Karma.

The San Francisco Unified School District prefers to traumatize the teachers - handing them Pink Slip.

Out of the blue -  failing to give our teachers some much needed some respite - more respect, more compassion - trying to keep our good teachers - and respecting the future of our children, our youth, and young adults.

Our City and County has failed to adhere to sound Quality of Life issues when it comes to Education, Health, and Safety.

Our Environmental Impact Studies, our California Environmental Quality Act - are all manipulated and tweaked - to suit the needs of the corrupt and greed developers.

The developers pay to play - working with corrupt consultants - like Platinum Consultants - and crooks like Dwayne Jones - who works for nefarious - entities.

Thousands of dollars are spent - training our teachers in San Francisco. Yet our teachers - do not know much about their fate - each and every - year.

The problem is our Superintendent Carranza who is a Joker.

For how long - will he go on - pandering to corrupt politicians - who are playing with the lives of our young children, youth and young adults?

These dog and pony shows - going on in some of our Public schools.

Bragging that their "safety programs" are working - other trivial programs - are just ploys.

What we constituents are truly interested is how well our children are taught - and what is their future?

When is comes to education - can we compete with some of the best educational facilities and standards - worldwide - South Korea, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, even China and India.

If not shut up - stop the ploys and machinations - and raise the educational standards - comparable to world - standards.

If we cannot do it - folks like Hydra Mendonza - other shabby and dubious SF Unified School Board members - must go - go where you cannot compromise the standards and school of our children.

Do it now - before - you have to deal with the wrath of the people - now you are warned.

How are we treating our children, youth, and young adults when it comes to morals, ethics, standards, inspiring our children, youth, young adults - building their characters?

How can Hydra Mendonza and others imbibe such values - when she herself - keeps on changing her husbands - talks from both sides of her mouth - and panders to benefit - herself.

She and other SF Unified School Board members - funny looking people - with values that are not in sync with normal families - father, mother, and children - brought up right - more upright.

It is troubling how our immigrant children are treated - with cages in one corner of the class room - where the young - are put in and told to keep mum - for hours.

Principals who receive $100,000 from companies like Salesforce - companies who are involved with making deals with the Joint Transbay Transit Center.

Deals following apart - and using extra money to buy favors.

Some of us are monitoring Salesforce - never mind if the founder says - he loves San Francisco and has lives here for sometime.

This is Ohlone land and what has Salesforce and other companies that rake in the millions - done to foster a good relationship with the Muwekma Ohlone - whose land this is.

Says a lot of the SF Unified School District that has not incorporated in its curriculum - sound information about the Muwekma Ohlone - whose land this is.

Less about Native Americans - all over California and Native Americans - all over this Nation.

Why are our Native American on reservations - whey this is their land? Why are we tolerating the adverse impacts meted out to our Native Americans - even here in San Francisco.

The City and County of San Francisco - every year - celebrates the Native American culture and history - celebrating Native Americans.

Knowing less about protocol - missing at these events - the Muwekma Ohlone? Why?

Native Americans in general - will always respect - and honor - the host country and those tribe or tribes that have jurisdiction. In San Francisco - it is the Muwekma Ohlone:

Our children, youth, and young adults in San Francisco - are kept in the dark.

The history and contribution of the Native Americans all over California, the Blacks, the Chinese, others that contributed so much - more minorities - all over California - has not been incorporated in our school curricula - by the SF Unified School Board.

We are in the year 2014 - and with all the doling out of iPads - other technology - that allows you access sound information - many children, youth, and young adults - are not taught - how to discern, how to filter - how to have the best information - using he Internet - more, in cyber space.

Ever thought why the Whites do not want the true history to be taught?

Why is there no information about 18 treaties that were signed by the United States and the many recognized Tribes - 18 treaties and not one was ratified in California?

Do you know there is not one legal document that can be found that states - that the land was handed over, bought, traded - the land we called California. 

Whites follow legalities only when it suits them - thieves of the first order - they stole the land - and they should be ashamed of themselves.

California named after a mythical Black Queen.

many proclaim and say we are Californians, we say we are San Franciscans - we fail to respect the Native Americans - I like to call them the First People - the Muwekma Ohlone.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - and those in power in San Francisco - have heard me tell them to their blank faces - folks who are spiritually bankrupt.

I look the crook in the eye and state - that they stole the land - all of San Francisco and beyond - and should be ashamed of themselves.

Much before Columbus was born there were others - from other countries - having better navigation skills than did Christopher Columbus - but the Whites love to proclaim that Christopher Columbus - discovered - America.

It is the same with other pertinent facts - a lot that is taught to our children, our youth, and young adults - is drab, false - and many a time - information that is - disinformation.

We would like to know why  the majestic redwoods were cut - and old growth laid barren?

We would like to know who contaminated and dammed our rivers, lakes, and streams - and ruined so much - in the name of greed?

We would like to know - how come in two hundred and fifty years - all that was pristine - our mountains, our lakes, our rivers, our forests, our watershed, our air, our land - was contaminated and why so?

In San Francisco the pertinent information is left out - the Whites are now realizing too many children, youth, and young adults - know about the LIE.

The children, youth, and young adults do not respect the LIARS - of course the politicians do not admit that they are liars.

The politicians are the worst LIARS -  they will look you in the eye and lie. They will sell their mother for a nickel. 

We need good teachers who are paid well and who have sound housing - sound amenities - teachers who can teach a curricula that brings about sound education - based on empirical data.

In our SF Unified School District - the children lack good books, other materials to aid in their learning - and here we have Hydra Mendoza and her minions - pretending all is well.

When the Mayor invites other Mayors from all over the Nation - next year - let him tell the TRUTH.

What has he done - truly done to bring up the standard of our education and that of our children, youth and young adults - comparable to some leading Nations in the world.

It is true that this Ohlone Land is a world class place - but look what greed has made of it.

A one bed room renting for over $3500. Many of the para-professional teachers earning less than $30,000 - go figure what is wrong with this situation.

We have over 10,000 truant children in San Francisco - we have a population of of about 810,000.

We have over 120,000 dogs in our City and County of San Francisco. 

Suffice is to say - we have less children. Go Figure!

Every single year - we hoodwink our teachers - with ploys and machinations.

On this day let us respect our teachers, our parents, our children, youth and young adults.

Let us respect our Native Americans - whose land this is - the Muwekma Ohlone who are our hosts.

As for those that pander and do not respect Mother Earth and more decent human beings that deserve the best - what can we say?

No one respects the crooks, the politicians  - they are the scum of the Earth. Aho