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Saturday, October 25, 2014


In San Francisco in recent years parents are "fed up " with our Public Schools.

The Public Schools that are really controlled by the State of California - the local entity known by the "hated name" - San Francisco Unified School District - has its role - but has failed - in the last 20 years - badly.

Primitive methods are used to bus our children to far off places to foster "diversity" - that was needed at one time - but no more.

The reality is that children - are traumatized - taking mostly Public Transportation - that is poor - never on time - and imperils the safety of our children - most young girls - by bullies and other unruly, characters - mostly - youth.

In our classrooms today - many students are fed up - and we are busy creating "monsters" - in circumstances that are hellish.

I will touch at the end of this article - the repercussions daily treating our youth and young adults with utter, disdain. Make no bones about it.

In proportion to the way we treat our children - we will reap our fruits.

You treat the children bad - you will be held - accountable. We see this all the time - and some of us that understand these factors - we, advocates do what we can - more because we love San Francisco.

We plead with the authorities - do something - they hear us - but do nothing.

We are now - experiencing " hatred " - and we who hear the youth and young adults out - know what is going to happen - and that will NOT be pretty.

Again at the end of this article - will reveal something - history repeats itself. We do not want San Francisco - to be know for something that is horrendous. The present politicians - are creating this atmosphere - and you all are put on notice.

Again, I take Public Transportation - so I know what is happening - and since I am very well known by the youth - often times I can stop the taunting and bullying - on the MUNI buses.

Many a time I come to the rescue of the youth - mostly young girls - who are vulnerable to - horrifying - bullying, taunting, and sometimes youth with weapons.

The City pays some "Yellow Hornets" to deal with situations that I have described above. The "Yellow Hornets' are busy - whiling away their - at eating places and where they make - small talk.

The Mayor. Edwin Lee is touting about Proposition A - making promises about sound  transportation and so on and so forth - all talk and no walk.

In recent years our San Francisco Public Schools are in dire straits - deferred maintenance - have brought about the detriment of our Public Schools.

Walls peeling, lockers in disrepair, filthy and broken toilets, the students lacking proper books and learning, materials to learn.

In short our Public Schools - and the way the are operated - must be totally revamped.

The Principals send for short term and long term orientation at their own expense.

Good and trained Principals put in place - where we can see - time proven - changes - for the good of our youth and young adults.

The San Francisco Unified School Board are a bunch of "morons" who have no clue about education.

The matter of fact is that the San Francisco Unified School District is failing - and decent families - will not allow their children to go to these -  "failing schools".

As a result in the last 5 years over 35,000 families - have left San Francisco. Our City and County of San Francisco - has a population of about 805,000.

It does not help that those on the SF School Board do not possess - something essential to all representatives - something that can be looked upon -  " sound character".

Most of them have a self crisis - which to be politically correct - borders on what - we can call " self identity crises".

Yet these pathetic folks want to make policies - linked to the very lives of our children.

Most of the SF Unified School Board members - always - talking in generalities. 

Always talking about some data that is not relevant to the students.

Often - giving away thousands of dollars - badly need to help the students - to sordid consultants.

Consultants - who present graphs and other statistics - that circumvent the issues at hand - and  to make many matters, worse for all the youth, young adults and the parents and supporters. 

Right now in our Public School - many teachers and para-professionals do not want to teach - at the SF Unified School District's - public schools.

The simple reason - they are not paid well - have not receive a raise in the last 8 years - plus. The conditions at the Public School - lack the environment for progress - and something must be done - on a War Footing.

This fact that the teachers and the para-professionals  have not been paid well - and have treated with disdain - in over 8 years - also impact others - the students for sure but more the parents - that spend - sleepless, nights.

Truancy is on the increases - and in San Francisco we have 10,000 students who are truant. Many of them sleep anywhere - they can. We also have students in "shelters" - who attend school - and fail to attend to schools - because of the state of affairs - that hinder them - getting a sound - education.

This one fact - has to be looked into. Mayor Edwin Lee follows his so called "education adviser" - to some schools - while failing to visit the middle schools, especially like Mission Education Center, El Dorado, Visitation Valley Middle School - and like middle schools.

Hydra Mendonza -  a panderer first appointed by Mayor Gavin Newsom - who himself - did nothing for our Public Schools.

Right now there are 80 vacancies in our SF Public United School District. The main reason again - no one wants to work as a teacher or a para-professional - and paid. a measly salary. 

The SF Unified School District brings in the money - linked to attendance.

You can get a chance to review past reports on attendance - as recent report are not forth coming. The statistics are mind boggling.

The lack of attendance - linked to our students in middle school and high school - is increasing.

If you go the Youth Guidance Center - and get an opportunity to talk to the youth and young adults incarcerated there - you get a sense of the youth and young adults - and their main concerns.

There is a relation between those incarcerated - the segment of the population that they belong to - ethnicity - culturally competency issues - and what is going on - in these communities - and in our neighborhoods that are loosing their identities.

There are more Blacks, Polynesians, Latinos, and Whites incarcerated - in that order.

In our neighborhoods in San Francisco - there are drastic changes happening - in many Black neighborhoods.

Once San Francisco boasted 25% of the population as being Blacks - we are now to 3% - and that population is diminishing.
Many Blacks have fallen prey to drugs, alcohol, other chemicals that bring about - slow death.

Not to mention living near a Superfund Site - where all kinds of radioactive elements are found - in very high levels.

The infusion of Asians and Latinos -  taking over neighborhoods - vying for low and no income - linked housing, units.

Blacks mostly have been the victims - in common parlance they call it "gentrification". Removals of the Black - never mind what befall them. This nonsense must STOP - now.

Paradoxically, these same factors - adversely affect the Polynesian - in San Francisco the Samoans.

 I saw the adverse impact - when I visited the Youth Guidance Center - and more when I visited the schools - regarding the Samoans.

Blacks and the Ploynesian have been targeted in Public Housing - evictions are higher in this two groups.

The adverse impacts - transfer in area linked to Public Schools - and the Black and Polynesian youth - skipping school.

Often times I stop them and take these youth to a place where I can talk to them.

Most of them - are traumatized - they seek some solace - hanging out - smoking - and often committing petty, crimes.

The are very respectful to me - often remembering some occasion.
some event, some football or basket ball game - especially those that I know - from the time they were young. 

If I know these youth - deep enough - I make it a point to take them to some restaurant - to gather information - and have been doing such interviews - for my personal enlightenment - for the last 35 years.  

Our City and County of San Francisco - has failed mostly our Black and Polynesain youth.

This is a clarion call - to appoint a Black or Polynesain educationist and facilitator. This position deserves a good salary -  - to bring about a holistic - change.

The City and County has been using some point persons - who pretend to represent the Blacks and the Polynesian.

These point persons - are sell outs. Meaning they use their offices - to rake in money - to fill their own - pockets.

In the past I have named these sell outs - and if need be I will name them again and again.

I have a good relation with the Blacks and the Polynesian - daily I interact with these two communities on many levels.

Recently I took upon myself to help an entity that deals with Violence Prevention and Intervention - giving this group - an opportunity - to consolidate their organization - in a 3000 square foot area. A office that has all the basic amenities - and an environment that is positive. Free parking and surrounding that are pleasing - with a view of the Bay waters and more.

I have seen a change - and hope to see - increased positive changes - to understand the various issues that matter.

If these entities that deal with Violence Prevention and Intervention - do not understand Land Use, Planning, Transportation, Education with all its aspects.

Childcare, Sound Training that leads to Career Jobs, every aspect of Law Enforcement - and dig deeper into Realignment - and other programs - in the short and long run.

These entities that involve themselves in Violence Prevention and Intervention - that aim to bring progress - in the field of Violence Prevention and Intervention - will fall short.

For sure spirituality plays a key role - and just as we care for our body with good food, educate ourselves and take care of our mind - most importantly when you deal with Violence and all sorts of crime - and negativity - spiritually - one must be very - strong.

In our schools - we have children who are failing - for the simply reason they are surrounded by folks practicing - failed policies - failing to move with the times - playing in the hands - of those that discriminate and do not want "minorities" to do well.

Time will tell.

One case history is the Mission Education Center - the school was doing well - until there was an infusion of " Immigrant Students".

Such infusion or elements cause havoc and confusion.   It behoves the authorities  to understand and study these issues that adversely impact the students. Talk to the students and to understand their - plight. I have done that and will continue to do that.

Children in middle school are vulnerable to many factors - one of them sudden change.

The children at these schools - where drastic changes take place - look at their fellow Latino students and they immediately notice - those born in San Francisco or California or any where in the United States of America - can easily understand and make friends - with one another.

The immigrant children are left to fend for themselves  and speak little or no English.

The many factors that are handicaps for the "immigrant child" - is something we have to be - very, very, very sensitive to.

Again and again history has taught us a lesson. Adolf Hitler had issues at his school in Austria. Hitler was an Austrian not a German.

Throughout out his life - he took is very personal when his "art" was looked down upon.

Made fun and and finding it difficult to socialize.

In stature - not too tall - but he made it up with his rhetoric - and mean remarks - against the Jews.

Hitler rallied the crowds - more after the defeat of Germany in World War I -  Hitler riled up to crowds to the unsavory situations.

Pointing fingers to the Jews have tons of money, living in mansions, being loan sharks and so on and so forth. Much as some of us look upon the Zionists and those who do not care about America - but about their own - pockets.

History repeats itself - some child taunted will - bring about changes not for good - but for what was done to this child. We already have "monsters" - we deal with them - we try to give them a second chance.

This City and County of San Francisco - has taken upon itself - to have disdain for our children - and play the poor and favor the rich. This crime is crying to heaven for justice - and you all are warned. Aho