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Sunday, October 26, 2014


San Francisco has always had that unique advantage over most cities - each neighborhood - San Francisco has been blessed in many ways - its terrain, the hills, the climate, surrounded on three sides by water - this and more has put the City in many favorable - positions.

In recent years - filthy rich developers, property managers, brokers, insurance companies - headed mostly by Zionists - want to take control of most - everything in San Francisco.

Now, in recent years - San Francisco City Planning has encouraged "developers" to intrude and destroy the uniqueness of our neighborhoods.

This nonsense is happening before our eyes - and there are but a handful who can see through these shenanigans. The present Director of SF Planning - John Rahaim - has failed San Franciscans.

We have seen the drastic changes for the worse - in the Mission, in the South of Market Area, in the Excelsior, in the Southeast Sector of of our City - and elsewhere.

Behind, the fiasco that City College is going through - there are plans - initiated by "greedy investors" to destroy this educational institution - that has impacted and helped - practically every constituent of San Francisco - in one way or another for - good.

 It is the likes of Richard Blum - who happens to be the husband of Diane Feinstein - who has designs to discredit City College - to let City College fail - so that he can - in one scoop purchase City College - and build - a large housing complex.

City College next to a large reservoir, close to Public Transportation, even closer to the Freeways - with Supermarkets, good restaurants, childcare, the State College, even the Zoo for those that love animals.

Tons of recreational facilities, Lake Merced, sound playing ground, gyms, swimming pools. Such are the designs - of those that do not care about the Commons and education for the poor.

They want it all - and to hell with imparting education, taking the poor to a better place - helping those that most need it - the Middle Class and the Commons.

It is the same with Nancy Pelosi and her husband Paul Pelosi - these two have amassed great wealth. Since 1992 - Nancy Pelosi will lecture to the world - about what she deems fit for her and her cockeyed world that she and she only is cognizant of.

Since 1992 she does not want to debate anyone that opposes her - her District that she has misrepresented with intent. Her family on the East Coast - has deep, Mafia connections.

She has a large estate in the Napa Valley - and Nancy and those close to her - could not care less about San Francisco and San Franciscans -  less about those that work hard - have two and three temporary jobs - more the poor who are irking out a living.

Nancy Pelosi played a key role in the formation of the Presidio Trust - once Sixth United States and Presidio of San Francisco - was deactivated.

The Presidio Trust - a quasi-Federal entity - with crooked folks making hay while the sun shines - which is more like a Corporation - run by the Mafia.

Craig Middleton who now runs the Presidio Trust - once worked for Nancy Pelosi and he is totally beholden to this evil woman.

More and more - these forces - evil to the core - are controlling our neighborhoods.

The name of the game is - you have to pay to play.

At the center is Willie L. Brown Jr. a former Black Mayor of San Francisco - and if there was ever a "thug" - Willie is one. Willie is a conduit - the bottom line - if Willie get his cut - the rest can be taken care off.

We often hear of the word - "MACHINE" - the folks - mostly from the Democratic Party belong to the "MACHINE" - the movers and shakers - who have access to tons of money.

We really saw the MACHINE in action - when Matt Gonsalvez - from the Green Party - entered the race, late - for Mayor of San Francisco in 2004 - but still gave Gavin Newsom - a sordid Democrat - a run for his money. Matt lost by a measly 4 points.

We have many Independents - and I suppose we need the backing of some rich Independents - to select our candidates and back our candidates.

Those that vote for scumbags - keep sending the "two hags" - Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi - to represent in the House and Senate - they really should fade and fade into - oblivion.

How can these two hags - who have messed so much in the Democratic Party - treated the constituents they represent with contempt - be tolerated?

It is the Media - controlled by the Zionists - who prop these two hags - with lies and more lies.

Again and again you have the Zionists in San Francisco - take control of our Parking facilities by Fisherman's Wharf.

The Business Center on Old Bayshore in the Bayview - building that once belonged to MACY's.

Our soccer play grounds - surfaced by artificial turf by the Fishers - artificial turf - known to harm our infants, children, youth. young adults - containing harmful chemicals - that these "greed bastards" care not to take note off. 

These filthy sordid characters - that have only one interest - amass wealth - and discriminate against the poor.

At City Hall you have to be savvy to see how the Zionists have positioned themselves - some as Heads of Departments - and others in key positions - to process anything quickly - these nefarious folks want - to suit the needs - of their EVIL plans and machinations.

Our schools are suffering and our immigrant children are treated with disdain. 

Health Care is expensive - and anyone may say what they want - the way the Obama Health Care is written - puts the burden on those in the age group from 24 to 40 years - to pay the premiums - high premiums - so that the rest of the population - may get some basic care.

The Insurance Companies mostly run my the Zionists - get their money one way or the other.

Our United States Government - does not care to investigate these thugs - who prey on the citizens of the United States of America.

Much like these same vermin the Zionists were involved in sub-prime loans, derivatives, other ploys and machinations - to bring our Nation down - and the many large financial transactions and institutions - down. 

Ordinary people lost billions of dollars - while President Barrack Hussein Obama - bailed Wall Street, the large financial institutions, entities like General Motors - but failed those that lost their investments - linked to the Senior, many who worked hard and lost most of what they had in the many crooked and corrupt banks - Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citi Bank - you get the drift.

None of these mostly Zionists - were penalized - and this is a crying, shame.

To this day these Zionist have access to large sums of money - for zero interest - while those who took loans using their Credit Cards - to save their homes - and survive - have to pay as high as 27% interest. Why is the justice and why do we have to protect and look the other way - when it comes to the scumbags?

There is nothing wrong to point out the TRUTH.

Here is what is politically - correct. Just if you feel - that you are afraid to use the word - ZIONIST. Here is the rule of thumb. 

 There are some good Jews who are not Zionists.

 Every Zionist is a Jew - but not every Jew is a Zionist.

Even in Israel the young and those open minded - have fully understood - the demeaning ways of the Zionists.

So, Americans must wake up - right here in San Francisco - and monitor the activities - of these very sordid people - who will kill and destroy - not so much because of reason - but, just because they have our U.S. planes, our U.S. supplied bombs, our U.S. technology - to do what they please.

Zionism is a philosophy that cannot and must not be tolerated - much like the the philosophy and mentality of those that are - fanatics.

We would be foolish to embrace the philosophy of some renegades - like ISIS or ISIL. The simple reason being - we decent  United States citizens do not approve killing children, forcing people to convert to ways that have nothing to do with true Islam.

Again and again when we see "big developments" - in San Francisco.

Many of us are ignorant - who is behind the behind.

The Transbay building - was in its design stage - when a Zionist bought a building next to it - got the plans and City permits - and pretended he was going to build a building - going well that he could make a lot of money - when the appropriate day - arrived.

Those involved with the Transbay were asleep and suddenly realized that this building next door - could not be built - it would compromise - the underground designs - as the foundation of the building proposed by the Zionist - would be compromised.

The only way out was to buy out the Zionist - and he made a hefty 200% percent profit.

Such are the ways of those who will do anything to make money. Even sell their mothers for a nickel.

All over San Francisco - the major owners of our commercial buildings - are Zionists.

These Zionists now want to invade our Districts - we have 11 Districts - and work with mostly frail folks to divide our Districts and the constituents who have live there for decades.

Constituents - who have no understanding of Land Use, less of the Master Plan of our City, even less about Quality of Life issues. Constituents who think their Representative will be there for them - you will get no help - from sellouts like Malia Cohen. 

Or for that matter Scott Wiener, Katy Tang, London Breed, Jane Kim, and David Chiu. Time will tell.

I worked at the Presidio of San Francisco - and encountered some of these evil people - Zionists.

When they want something - they act rude - something I do not tolerate.

These Zionists will do all in their power to get it.

Well, I put a stop to that - had them put whatever they wanted in writing. 

Guess what - they went through their attorneys - went at great length - to try to circumvent the laws.

The laws within the Federal Government are strict - the laws and ordinances in our City and County are lax - these scoundrels - could not get the best of me.

Outside the Presidio Gates by Arguello Blvd is a gated community - controlled by the Zionists.

For a long time - in all those property documents - there was so called legal statements - barring Blacks and Minorities from owning property - in the area we called Pacific Heights - reminiscent - of the days of Slavery. 

Most San Franciscans are naive - and will remain naive unless - we are educated on issues.

A San Francisco Board Supervisor Sandoval who is now a Judge - will tell you how the Zionists - targeted him without cause - and nearly totally brought him to his knees and destroyed his life.

That story is known to a few - more should know about it.

The roads are well kept in these areas - in and around the Pacific Heights - most everything is spotless - these folks many a time pay no taxes.

They have lawyers that are savvy in all sorts of write offs - mostly ploys and machinations - to own a lot and pay little - Capital Assets - that they can claim as a write offs.

At Mission and Silver in San Francisco - you have the "Jewish Home" for the aged - with State of Art facilities and amenities.

In and around the Jews Home for the Aged - are minorities - practically no Jews - yet here - the Aged Jews - enjoy the best climate - with top security - while those in that neighborhood - the aged - are offered - nothing, much.

Had some minority community built a "Home for the Aged" near a gated community where mostly Jews lived - there would have been a hue and cry.

The United States has been compromised - and the enemy is right herein out midst.

Exploiting our resources - exploiting our Financial Institutions, thinking that most of us are dumb - we must address these vermin - whose allegiance is elsewhere - whose main aim - is to ruin our Nation.

Financially - we have seen this - but are SLOW - to comprehend - the seriousness - of the current issues linked to finance and financial institutions - and the deep claws and tentiacles - slowly
squeezing - the life of all that is - good - by these many evil, scum bags and the even more - nefarious - activities - with intent to compromise our ways of living.

This land - Turtle Island - that belongs to the Native Americans. Aho.