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Sunday, October 12, 2014


Right now all over our Nation - the constituents of the United States of America - are bombarded with some emerging issues - while many other pertinent issues - are kept in the dark.

Looming on the horizon - our economy has been propped up - in a fake manner - and we know that the "crash" is imminent - and that it will be soon - as soon as two years - drastic.

Many of us forgot - what really happened in the year 2008.

Today, we print as much money as we can in the United States - simply because we can.

Other countries cannot - because other currencies are not tied to their currency - and only the U.S. can make the drastic moves which we make - simply because - the dollar is tied to other currencies.

The Federal Reserve Bank is a private bank - and most Americans do not know that - established in 1913 during the Christmas Holidays.

The dollar is really worth 4 cents - it takes more money to print on dollar paper bill - and the value of that printed dollar is less. Few understand that - but what can I say?

The economists can come out with all the rosy pictures - about this and that -  no one can deny the " current economy" is fake - has no sound viable and sustainable - foundation.

Already, much like the year 2008 many have a taken a big loss on their financial portfolios.

You have to pay to play on Wall Street - if you win you win - and if you lose you loose big.

In many ways our economy is tied to the Chinese Economy - and the Chinese have means to artificially prop their economy too -  only short term - they simply will back it up and prop it up - but for how long?

Today the Chinese from Main Land China - do not have the connections the United States has - with countries like England, Germany, Brazil, India, many countries in Africa - other countries that are more benevolent to the United States. 

That is till now - but that could rapidly change - China has built goodwill stadiums in the hundreds all over Africa - donated huge tankers to ferry oil to China while giving seed money to countries like Sudan - and that sleuth operations goes on - while most of us - are asleep in the cockpit.

Right now large Cities in China - are built but no one is living in them. Large ghost cities - twenty, thirty miles long - and in width too - amazing, baffling, and also haunting.

The filthy rich Chinese and those with some extra money - betting on the Real Estate - thousands of vacant units. Fake stores with fake names - and no customers.

The Chinese developers hoping against hope - that those that have invested in the Real Estate - do not experience a "BUST" - the bust is looming and is round the corner - and a revolution - impending.

Cities like Shanghai in China - are booming - booming so fast - that it is mind boggling - we in America still have it all - but in a another more controlled - way.

As I point out again and again. We in the United States have a population around 315 million. We have 3,717,812.8 square miles of very productive land.

Land that was cared for and kept pristine by the Native Americans - and we all who immigrated here must respect the First People - some of us do and will be blessed - those that are greed - will fall flat on their faces - we see it now - unfold before our very eyes.

On another note we have 250 million Internet users - and about 152 million FaceBook users.

Our hospitals, universities, churches, our farms, our ability to invent and be innovative is second to none - on this precious Earth.

Our resources many - once clear lakes, rivers, mountain with snow, forests that were bountiful - the frogs singing and proclaiming our health the environment was - now particulates in the air - and vain talk about Climate Change - but who truly contributes the millions of tons of Carbon Dioxide?

Who refuses to be a signatory to the many pertinent agreement signed by other countries - which is comes to the reduction of Carbon Dioxide - paradoxically the United States of America.

Our compassion, our hope in our Nation is still high - and the American people are revered all over the world - as worthy of good and kindness. 

God Bless America.

Not so our American politicians who are mostly NOT respected in our Nation - the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein.

The divide between the rich and the very poor - is so great in China - that past leaders the likes of Mao and others - would be totally shocked.

The divide in the United States is the same - and our Founding Fathers who not appreciate the mess our government has created. The Americans will revolt - there is no other way - to bring about change.

And even as Europe, the U.S. of America, China, India, many countries in Africa - in other parts of the world - too many to mention - face emerging diseases - that have brought many Governments - to their knees.

Here is the United States - the Center for Communicable Diseases (CDC) - keeps sending out press releases - many of them - drab. 

"There was a breach in protocol" what does that mean - being careless.

Samples of many diseases have been sent to places within the United States - without proper process initiated - this has happened - many times - telling us that the CDC - is vulnerable - and that their standards - have been compromised.

In the United States - we have compromised our standards on other levels too.

We have the capacity to deliver - but poor leadership is daunting. In many other countries - they simple to not have the capacity.

Many governments have some idea about emerging diseases - but they do not have the capacity and more the astute leadership - to see outside the box. We are blessed but the leadership is constantly eroding in our Nation - why?

Many countries - more developing countries - do not have a Blue Print - with immediate, short term, and long term goals.

With transparency and accountability.

Many countries look to the United States - and we have come to their rescue - no other Nation in the entire world can do that - at quick notice - face any issues and bring about some resolution to bear - and most of the time - resolve the issues with stunning - results.

The introduction of  "the plague dipstick" an affordable diagnostic tool - to confront the "Bubonic Plague" - which has been a dark cloud hovering over countries - we know about it but we do not.

Much as we do not want to speak in public - the United States has experimented with diseases on human beings to attain some evil purposes with intent.

The United States did this during World War II - experimenting on Blacks - with Sexual Transmitted Diseases.

With our beloved Native Americans - giving the Native American - contaminated blankets - contaminated with Smallpox.

We know a lot about how AIDS was introduced in Brazil and in parts of Africa.

And there is more - the experiments and other ploys and machinations - are conducted right here in San Francisco - with University of San Francisco - California -participating - much as they have done before.

Right by Palou in the Bayview - inside the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - experiments are conducted and have been conducted for the last 60 plus years - and few in San Francisco know about this.

Similarly experiments were conducted at the Presidio of San Francisco - a National Park - huge batteries - underground - the size of two or three football field - using all sorts of bacteria as experiments - more as weapons. Battery Wagner.

The Nike Battery - well known for atomic weapons and related experiments.

Escherichia Coli 0157:H7 caught some off guard - on the East Coast - more during the holiday season -  what triggered this factored - adversely impacting the constitution and health of many - Hazel Nuts.

It is such breaks all over the world that will define our capability to confront such diseases.

We must now unite with Scientists from all over the world - a United Nations - committed to aid any Nation - at quick notice.

 Chinese, Indian, Russian, European, South American, North American, Canadian, Australian - other Scientist and Experts - must unite - and time is running out.

No one can explain any variable problem - many innate with a fixed cause - where is the international leadership - it does not exist?

The many Billionaires we have in America, China, Europe, India, South America, Canada, in other countries - must now create this Center - to help all humanity - much like the United Nations - but more with the determination and fortitude - the likes of "Doctors without Borders" - backed up by "Centers" - that can analyse unique diseases - run complicated test - and bring about quick cures - or at least - keep plagues at bay.  

Anthrax that is found naturally in many countries - propped its ugly head with domestic animals - in Northern India - transmitted to human beings - that died in large numbers.

We had an Anthrax here in the United States and are still on alert -  Cipro was sold - and still many keep some in store - just in case.

Influenza that can kill hundreds and in many cases thousands.

In China and other populated countries -  the consequences  of such diseases - constantly mutating -  all these reports are available for free - on many medical Internet sites - some you pay for - and others for free.

Thousands of our Veterans are dying - they are simply committing suicide and no one wants to the address this situation - haunting our souls - that is those that have a conscience.

Many of them were exposed to toxic substances - orange agent, in Iraq more during Desert Shield/Desert Storm - our Veteran suffer a lot - but the analysis available is kept under the lid - and much of this information - when the truth is told - will be - shocking.

The Main Media controlled by forces that do not have the interest of our Veterans, having no standards, less ethics, morals, and lacking fortitude - is nothing to look up to.

Despicable to say the least - less investigative reporting.

We really had no moral right going to Iraq - but we did. 

George W. Bush has been silent - as the repercussions - of that "dirty move" has triggered - so many complicated facets - and more to come.

Believe me ISIS or ISIL is just the tip of the iceberg.

Right now thousands are being killed - Syria bombing its own citizens with - barrel bombs - and children and our Elders - dying a slow but very painful death.

These cries to heaven - will have repercussion - all over the world - for many, many years - Karma.

President Barack Hussein Obama - is losing on all fronts - and the Democrats keep spewing lies.

The lies of Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi - included.

These politicians - these folks are for themselves - raking in millions - but not for long. They are spiritually - bankrupt and not worth the salt.

God Bless America, the First People whose land this is - the decent constituents of America.

We still have compassion, we still rally to the aid of others - that is what truly makes America - great. Aho.