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Friday, October 24, 2014


It has been 8 years plus and our teachers from our Public School - also known - by the "hated name" - SF Unified School District - has a track record that is - despicable.

More, when it comes to dealing fairly - with our Public School teachers - who are hard working - sacrifice so much - and are totally, stressed and traumatized.

All the statistics - all the fancy presentations by SF Planning Department and the consultants who are paid thousands - cannot and will NOT circumvent - the ONE - glaring fact -  starring the politicians and the SF Unified School District Board - in the FACE.

Why are our Public School Teachers - not paid well - and why have they not received a raise in the last 8 years, plus - commensurate with all the sacrifice, hard work, in very difficult conditions - putting in long, very long hours of work - these teachers endure so much and receive so little.

This is injustice crying to heaven for justice - and here we have Jane Kim and Hydra Mendonza - pussy footing at the Neighborhood Committee Meeting - at the SF Board Chambers - with no one from the public - giving public comment.

No parents, no supporters no one worth the salt - who know the real conditions - invited to speak to the Truth.

Jane Kim and Hydra Mendonza are individuals having no ethics, less morals, surely no standards - inept, spineless, stupid for sure - trying to say something about nothing.

There is not one decent teacher that approves our SF Unified School District Board that has failed to address the " pay issue".

That is simply the singular most important issue - that these two lackeys -  Jane Kim a Korean transplant from New York and Hydra Mendonza and American who hails from the Philippines - who continue to circumvent the real facts - and pander.

Both are seeking personal favors - and it is time the Federal Bureau of Investigation - looks into the details - of the back room deals.

Jane Kim rolling her eyes, speaking slowly - spewing diatribe - saying nothing - but sweet nothings - polluting the air - and we all dare to tolerate such utter - nonsense.

For how long can such nonsense go on - and why are we voting such despicable and idiotic so called representatives - who are shallow, inept, and talk from both side of their mouth.

In the interim our infants, our children, our youth, our young adult are suffering.

No world class City has a failed educational Public School System - as does San Francisco - with representatives on the San Francisco Unified School District Board - pussyfooting and pandering.

God is watching - and no one can fool all the people all the time.

Our children are in peril - and we just had two incidents - one very serious one 14 year old youth - stabbing another 14 year old youth - both of them once went to SF Unified School District - when the seeds were planted.

One move to Sacred Heart a private school to shine and go to a better place. But, the one who was in the SF Unified School District under failed circumstance - stabbed the student from Sacred Heart School - and fell prey to the fatal stab - and died.

Community leaders stopped further damage - and many of us had to intervene - and better sense prevailed.

The SF Unified School Board, the SF Board of Supervisor as a whole, the Mayor, Edwin Lee, his point person Diane Aroche, her side kick Henderson - must ask themselves - what practical, viable and sustainable role - did they play. NADA.

Our SF Planning Department has failed when it comes to quality of life issues. The last 3 Housing Elements - brought forth every five years - have gone to court.

Simply put the Housing Elements have not been realistic - and when it come to Quality of Life issues - addressing housing for low income and low income, sound transportation, safety, good schools, child care,  sound health institutions - the SF Planning Department and John Rahaim has been an abject - failure.

We do not need projections - projecting issues that we have no control off - going into the year 2040.

More from statistic from Association of Bay Area Government (ABAG) where I have posted links - so that all may understand - but few are astute to understand the finer aspect of Land Use, addressing Quality of Life issues, sound Planning - more to accommodate our infants, our children, our youth, and our young adults.

Right now in our City of San Francisco - we have failed when it comes to congestion on our streets.

Noise control that have risen to a point that people are getting crazy - getting no sleep - and factored in the equation our Senior, and others like pregnant women, people who are mentally challenged - and many of them report to me.

We have NO protocol on the City web - how to address noise. And we have no real sense of how entities can be cited - and if possible sent to jail.

Our City of San Francisco going to increase our Carbon Footprint - the Carbon Footprint in downtown increases - by the thousands in the increase of Carbon - with each monster, tall building - catering to the filthy rich.

On the local level all sorts of crime are on the increase.

Car and home break ins and all sorts of bodily harm done to our tourists and our citizens.

On another level there is NO plan to address sound career jobs for those that are the constituents of San Francisco - pay their taxes and pay the salaries of the politicians - none of which are worth the salt.

Our transportation system is a mess - more in the Southeast Sector - all sorts of meetings held - where the MUNI buses that matter are not running on time the MUNI bus 56, 54, 44, 23, 24, the  Third Street Light Rail  - filthy cars and all sorts of ruckus - making travel - a hazard. Ed Reiskin and his minions - must board the cars and travel - during peak time.

The SF County Transportation Authority is a joke having drab meeting linked to the Geneva - Harney so called improvement - having no knowledge about the neighborhood - and less about the current disparities the constituents are suffering.

The blind leading the leading the blind - the SF County Transportation is nothing much than an organization that has done - more damage and less good.

First we had Jose Mosvovich who retired having put his health in jeopardy - and now we Tilly Tang - a piece from the same - cloth.

The influx of immigrant children - is a crisis - and the SF Unified School District has failed to teach the children and more has traumatized the children.

The City Attorney, the District Attorney and more the State Attorney Kamala Harris must investigate the current nonsense doing on. 

Children taught on stair-steps - parents created with disdain - and all you got to do - is watch the SF Unified School District last meeting - parent after parent - crying tears of blood.

I really do not know what Hydra Mendonza thinks about this crisis.

If we do not give these immigrant children mostly Latino - an opportunity - the crime rate and the types of crimes - will be horrendous.

It is such situations that have created the most dangerous types of gangs - and we in San Francisco - know about this - but are doing nothing about it.

You cannot fail to pay our teachers for over 8 years a decent wage - then further traumatize them - by forcing them to teach children - who do not understand English - and what is home come from homes that are dysfunctional?

It is the segment of the population - that falls into the models that have been looked into - and modes created to address - cultural competency and related issues.

Hydra Mendonza and less Jane Kim - cannot understand these children and more their culture - these two women Jane and Hydra are panderers - more prostitutes that do the bidding of the highest bidder.

The situation is even worse when most Whites who are color blind - cannot factor the elements that truly matter - lined to culture and cultural competency.

Immigrant children are discriminated on a daily bases.

Never mind if Mayor Edwin Lee goes to Mexico and signs some agreements there bragging that our two Countries - when there is no investment worth the salt.

Why does Mayor Edwin Lee not go to Mission Education Center and let us see him - talk to the children - and be the Mayor of San Francisco - he ought to be - talking to those children?

Instead he will go the Marina Middle School - switch his moustache - talk from both sides of his mouth.

While all the time - FAILING miserably to address the sad state of affairs - when it comes to the - despicable way we treat our immigrant children - who come daily home - sleep and experience - nightmares.

Parents come and try their best to explain to the SF  Unified School Board of Education - to no avail.

The SF Board of Supervisors - and many of them were once on the SF Unified School Board - know better - but have failed - when it comes to viable and sustainable - educational practices - that can bring results and harmony to our great City and County of San Francisco - one of the richest cities in the world.

Jane Kim and Hydra Mendonza must stop the whoring and stop it now.

The private industry must be told that the SF Unified School Board and its Superintendent has FAILED - and encouraged to invest and bring about the complete - change.

For sure our teachers must be paid more - the Principals and Administrators - less.

We need an infusion and empower that brings about viable and sustainable changes that matter - that reflects the diversity of our City -  we must learn from our better private schools more those run by the Jesuits.

Thousands of decent parents have left our City of San Francisco.
These parents and their parents contributed a lot to the our SF Unified School District - and to the great City of San Francisco - named after Saint Francis Assissi - a Saint who always had - compassion - nothing that the many present political crooks - comprehend.

Scott Wiener, Jane Kim, Malia Cohen, Katy Tang, London Breed, and the worst of them all - David Chiu.

Over the years the SF Unified School District failed to maintain the auditoriums - the parents donated and so did I.

The playing fields - many parents donated and so did I.

The rest rooms, the canteens, lockers that have not been maintained - fallen to deferred, maintenance.

 I use to volunteer - and visit most of the SF Unified School District School - still have my card - and I have seen most every thing I need to know - first hand.

The many Safety Officers right now do not know how to handle - the many issues that these Safety Officers have to handle.

Youth bring guns to school, many bringing other weapons - all because of over crowding - lack of discipline - that cannot be maintain - because the teachers receive no support - with over crowded class rooms.

Parents will tell you that - and those that really know what is happening in our middle and high school - will tell you that.

We had a case of a Principal from Dr. Martin Luther Middle School in the Portola District sitting on a little Black girl - for no valid reason that required such a manner of acting - dealing with any student.

This case went before the SF Unified School District Board and nothing was done - nothing done to bring justice and warn this obese, heavy set Principal - who is still at Dr. Martin Luther King Middle School.

This same principal got rid of the music class, got rid of the musical instruments, treats the children with disdain.

Here we have Hydra Mendonza and Jane Kim - hallucinating  about some concept - that some one hopes to deliver and put in place in the year 2040.

Let us learn to solve the present problems - and woe to those that pander to Hydra and Jane - two whores and will do anything to accommodate the highest bidder.

One panders to TWITTER and that is Jane - the other Hydra to Salesforce - we know a "pandering whore" - from a long, long distance.

There is no change for the good in the SF Unified School District - the results are not worth the salt. The parents are forced to send their children to Public Schools - just because they cannot afford to send them to Private Schools - that are expensive.

Two whores - not worth the salt - trying to pander and confuse the astute constituents of San Francisco.

It is simply not happening. It will not happen. You folks are living in a rosy world - while our children, our parents, others who care about of students in the SF Unified School District - are suffering.

Parents daily crying tears of blood - scared that their daughters are not safe and in harms way - when the parents are forced to tell their daughters to take Public Transportation to some areas - that are dangerous.

Children forced to go to schools - that have safety issues - on the playing fields, lacking clean canteens, lacking good books and other essential - school materials. 

We must address these issues on a War Footing.

Who is fooling whom?

San Francisco Unified School District has some very serious issues - the standards have gone down - down the drain.