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Monday, October 6, 2014


Our Supervisors the likes of David Chiu, Jane Kim, Malia Cohen, Katy Tang, and Scott Wiener - all speak from both sides of their mouth.

Notice none of these "sordid" so called Supervisors - have never, ever called for a hearing on the SF City's Housing Element.

Every 5 years a Housing Element is created - with input from many areas and spearheaded by our inept, spineless, and unethical San Francisco Planning Department.

To add fuel to fire the last 3 Housing Elements all have gone before the courts - to correct false information - and fake statistics.

While it does take time to ratify these mistakes - our San Francisco City and County and our Mayor Edwin Lee - is busy pushing for Market Rate Housing - while pretending to understand the woes of those that cannot afford a shelter above their head.

Jane Kim, Malia Cohen, Katy Tang. Scott Wiener are pushing for smaller units - so called affordable housing - on land that is contaminated - they call them Brown Fields - but they are contaminated all the same.

The site by the old Schlage Lock Company is contaminated.

Right now it has foul gases emitting from the supposedly abated site - but such are the doing of the agency that was in charge - the Department of Toxic and Substances Control - now known by another name - California Environmental Agency.

The DTSC is being completely revamped - many of the employees were caught with the hand in the cookie jar. Much like many of the politicians from City Hall - they say one thing and do another.

By the old Schlage Lock Company - right now - every morning traffic is backed up - for miles.

The vehicles spew dangerous particulates - fifty feet away from the proposed project - do you think Malia Cohen is aware of this fact?

Malia Cohen who wants her seat back - while being a sellout - taking money from folks - developers - that use the Ellis Act Eviction - to force and evict our Seniors and those that need housing badly - to survive.

Malia Cohen and Joe Boss are pushing for development at Pier 70 - raking in thousands from the developers - who know little about contamination at Pier 70.

Once there were power plants  at Pier 70- and there remains right now - over 1 million tons of coal tar - to be abated.

No word who will do the clean up. It will cost upwards of $600 million just to do this one clean up. You cannot cap this site - it is already leeching this toxic liquid tar - into the Bay - adversely impacting life.

Where is the enforcement - the Precautionary Principle?

Why does not the Mather Act - come into force - land prone to liquefaction, flood, and contaminated to the hilt.

 4 very toxic ammonia spills - impacting four large site at Pier 70 need abatement. These site were contaminated - when Pier 70 - was a key site used in the building - of ships to help our War Efforts - during World War II.

The many idiots who are endorsing so called affordable housing - in the November 4, 2014 Ballot Measure - know little about these facts. They all will fall flat on their faces.

80% of those endorsing the Ballot Measure to develop Pier 70 do not know what they are endorsing - but someone was put in charge - of bribing the "idiots" - and these "idiots" at City Hall come - dime a dozen - one worse than the other. Trash!

All over San Francisco - the character of the neighborhoods has been compromised. 

San Francisco City Planning - is looking the other way - while thousands of rental units - have been converted to "dormitories".

The culprit is the Academy of Art University.

The former Zoning Czar was responsible for this mess - Larry Badiner - and he still continues - with his ploy and machinations - often appearing before the San Francisco Planning Department - as a consultant.

Larry Badiner - was fired as I said by the San Francisco Planning Department.

While working for the SF Planning Department this sordid Zoning Czar - on City Time - was distributing pornographic - material.

Such are the sleuth operations - going on - in some departments - right now - at the San Francisco Health Department for sure.

Professional people such as teachers do not want to work in San Francisco - simply put the SF City and County of San Francisco talks the talk - but cannot walk the walk.

Folks like Hydra Mendonza the other SF Unified Board - those sitting on this Board - do not represent real, decent families.

Closer to home they have a hidden agenda - and most of them - have no families - in the real sense of what a family is suppose to look - like.

There are many Full Time Employment positions vacant - as many as 75 right now - at the SF Unified School District.

Salesforce, other private organization, are busy distributing iPads to the children in middle school.

 Hydra Mendonza, the Mayor who is busy twitching his moustache - can request the developers, the private company like TWITTER who has got breaks - at peril to the tax payers of San Francisco - pushed by Jane Kim - to build units for our teachers, our professional people - nurses, City Workers and so on.

Malia Cohen is making some vain attempt during the meetings at City Hall - when the full Board meets - talking more from her clap - talking from both sides of her mouth - faking trying to say something - and making a fool of herself.

She is pathetic liar - has no conviction - will speak against some groups - but fails to adhere to the basic requirements.

Again and again adversely impacting our children - who she agreed to go and be treated - to a Wellness Center at 3450 Third Street - one of the most toxic - hot spots in San Francisco.

Malia Cohen chose to go the SF Planning and change the Zoning Code - in an Industrial Area - so that a Wellness Center can be built. 15 Blocks were impacted and our SF Planning and Land Use agreed to this nonsense.

 She another person - both of them Black - got $4 million from the  California Sutter Hospitals and $300 thousands from the 49ers.

It is such pathetic Black - so called politicians - that bring disgrace to the human race.

The field that is now trying to vie for the District 10 seat - does not have one decent Black - who has character and more is educated on issues.

None of them has a clue about sound legislation, none of them attended the Restoration Advisory Board meetings to the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, none of then are well versed about Land use and Planning, and none of them can answer - a question posed - about any of the Housing Element documents.

And there is more - you ask them a pertinent questions - and they look for answer elsewhere - uneducated on issues - and they want to represent? Shame on them.

One clown forgot to pay his fees on time - not know what is takes to run for any Supervisor's seat.

Now he thinks - he can just write his name in - it is such "idiocy" ripe with ploys and machinations - that some Blacks instead of doing good - have with intent - ruined true representation - and failed our "democracy".

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

Our neighborhoods are hurting - and we do need sound, holistic representation - to bring about some normalcy.

But here we have the clowns - pandering - these are the clown like Jane Kim, Malia Cohen, Scott Wiener, David Chiu, Katy Tang - who are bought lock, stock and barrel - political pimps and whores.

Today in San Francisco - on many fronts - we are suffering - mostly from lack of affordable housing for low income and no income.

It is not a pretty site to see entire families - facing the inclement weather - and sleeping on the streets of San Francisco. While some folks dream of building 30,000 so called affordable housing.

Right now we have 30,000 homes - kept vacant - all over San Francisco - so that they can be used as leverage - to make more money. 

10,000 added market rate units - that are rented - 30% during the year - the rest of the years they are kept - vacant.

Here is the paradox - this land we call San Francisco and the Bay Area - was stolen from the Muwekma Ohlone.

The greed the strangers are displaying - defies all norms of decency. 

These folks ought to burn in hell - for all eternity. That hell is here on Earth - and you will see it happen - and remember my words.

No one can produce one single document proving that the land was given or bought by those that purport to own it now.

The Native American Tribes of California including the Bay Area - signed 18 Treaties - where millions of acres of land were promised in exchange for more land that those with arms and ammunition had stolen - none of the 18 treaties were - ratified.

None of those that pretend to represent know this facts.

Hence a befitting title to them all - political whores and pimps - you are the scum of the Earth - do not have anything to do with these folks - and less do not trust them.

The people united - with morals and ethics - can defeat the scum of the Earth. Aho.