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Friday, October 10, 2014


Willie L. Brown Jr. the former Mayor of San Francisco - that I affectionately call the "thug Mayor of San Francisco" - is chuckling beneath his breath.

Willie L. Brown Jr. has in place his anointed puppets - much like puppets on a string.

These good for nothing folks - panderers - who Willie L. Brown Jr. can control - remote control - more, on the Joint Transbay Transit Board.

There is not a single person on the Board whose expertise is sound transit operation, an engineer worth the salt with evaluated, experience on the latest systems, operations, capacity building, long term and short goals that work.

More has any qualified experience that is noted by entities that operate High Speed Rail worldwide - on the many complicated facets - connected with High Speed Rail - better know in Germany, France, Japan, China and other budding countries in this field. I repeat not one.

What we have on the Joint Transbay Transit Board are folks who speak in generalities.

Who consult people who know some - and who have not bothered to have a check list that matters.

We all saw the mess that happened recently when all things came to a halt on all matter linked to the Transbay Transit Center - all over a Tax Deal that went sour. 

The Community Facilities District - enjoined to the Transbay Transit Center down town San Francisco - needs the consensus of the Developers.

Developers such as Boston Properties and others - do not want to have anything to do with our City and County of San Francisco - and folks like Scott Wiener and Jane Kim talking - from both sides of their mouth - infringing on their rights - without any meaningful discussions.

The last minute changes linked to the Mello Roos district where developers are charged an annual local tax assessment that will help pay for the necessary infrastructure improvements. One of them the High Speed Rail - the platforms - and the many other facets - connected with these operation - including capacity building and fiscal responsibilities.

The tax assessments were proposed two years - we were just beginning to recover from the Economic Spiraling of our economy  that we all experienced - in 2008. The developers than decided to put their best foot forward - only for someone to stab them in the back.

Two years ago in exchange for some zoning allowances the developers were allowed to build higher skyscrapers by to 1,200 feet -  in an area that once had - caps on heights - in that area.

At issue is how much these developers have to pay now that the City and County of San Francisco - is dependent on the Mello Roos money - more, to help build the $2.6 billion rail extension - from 4th and King to the so called State of the Art - Transit Center.

What is amazing in all of the many meetings - and I attended the earlier ones - until I got fed up.

Idiots talking from both sides of their mouth - and now with Jane Kim as the Chair of the Joint Transbay Transit Board - who knows nothing much about - the finer points of transportation.

For sure - absolutely nothing about the finer points - of any High Speed Rail system - its operation, specification, capacity, scheduling, maintenance, state and federal transportation laws - constantly changing for the better - which the Joint Transbay Transit Board is lacking - in its entirety.

The same holds good about Maria Ayerdi-Kaplan - and you just have to read her resume - to see how she loves to pat her behind.

I have know both women - and following their ploys and machinations - is simply unbelievable.

How we permit - in our great City and County of San Francisco - the land of the Muwekma Ohlone - such drab, shallow, ignorant and more arrogant - folks to be on the Joint Transbay Transit Board - that should help thousands but under such drab leadership - is seriously, questionable.

The two main presenters at the last meeting - had serious faults and more misinformation.

The only person that made sense was Mr Saaga - pronounced  - "SAAAA -GA" - not "Sage" as Jane Kim called him - more since she sits on the SF County Transportation Commission - rubber stamping stuff - without thinking much. Has heard his name pronounced hundreds of times - but, does not pay attention,

The Joint Transbay Transit Board - does not have a viable and sustainable - Blue print - linked to the High Speed Rail project.

The Joint Transbay Transit Board - has no clue about the height of the various platforms - and how they perform, the many variables that come with the higher platforms - and how best these standards can increase capacity and performance. 

The Joint Transbay Transit Board  - talks in generalities - does not have a real sense about the many deep complications, and even less technical, social, and engineering difficulties - so critical to understanding quality control, logistic, scheduling, capacity building, income generation, marketing, and of course all this has to come with stellar - leadership that is painfully - lacking - on the Joint Transbay Transit Board.

More comprehending the width of the cars and their capacity. The length of the High Speed Rail Trains - and the various impacts that come from such operations.

We have four systems in the area - and the Joint Transbay Transit Board - does not have at their finger tips - how to come to a sound consensus - streamlining the various elements - the width of the cars - the width of the platforms - building some much needed - consensus.

The capacity of the cars - will all the passengers sit down - or will there be some standing. And if there are passengers standing - what are the adverse, impacts.

If we do have a Blue Print - how are we going to implement them - a plan may be approved - to have all all the stations in place -  without any one knowing how to execute and more with little, money.

These meetings and building consensus takes time - much more than the 60 days - now suggested. Time will tell.

There are serious Americans with Disability Act (ADA) concerns - on the platforms - on the cars themselves - other salient features - that the  Joint Transbay Transit Board - are just now being made aware off.

There are many other issues - that I can reveal but we ought to wait - to see how these representatives - adhere to sound leadership and bring about consensus and find solutions.

Few San Franciscans attend these meetings - and the comments made during Public Comment - are pertinent - but the Joint Transbay Transit Board - continues to talk in circles - and the two ignorant and arrogant Board members Jane and Maria - have a long way to go - before they see - light at the end of the tunnel.

There are many experts who cannot stand the arrogance of these two women - but no one has the guts - to tell that to their face.

Only recently - at the last meeting - I heard Jane Kim - utter some pertinent words - " I am not an engineer and as  a lay person - I need to know more" - as last long - lighting has struck - and at last there has been some awakening. 

Right now there is minimal work going on at the Transbay Transit Center - if there is no work - this large development - will be best be known as a - large hole - in the ground - to behold.

Plans were afoot - to build a roof top garden - at the contemporary Transbay Transit Center in downtown San Francisco - then suddenly cancelled.

At the many - public meetings - much was made about the roof top garden. Once the constituents were hoodwinked to agree - suddenly this much sought for addition - Open Space - was cast to to the wind.

They say to save money. Millions continue to be wasted.

Governor Jerry Brown wants to leave a legacy - and if the High Speed Rail is built - that would be nice.

However, we need astute leaders on the Joint Tranbay Transit  Board in San Francisco - women and men - who are experts and can think outside the box.

Not folks who have closed door meetings - than bring that nonsense - to the public meetings - wanting the Joint Transbay Transit Board - to rubber stamp the faulty decisions - pretend they have consensus - when all they do is display confusion and pandemonium.

This pattern has been going on for a long time - forcing some astute Board members - to leave the Joint Transbay Transit Board. We are watching like a HAWK - and know what we speak of.

A couple of decisions - made by the past arrogant - Joint Transbay Transit Board - were taken to Court - much to the surprise of the crooks who are working behind the scene.

Procedures were not followed and this had to be brought before the Joint Transbay Transit Board - they did not like to have been told they crewed up - and the swallow the biter pill. They have not learned anything much - the arrogance, continues.

Right off the top - all those working on this quasi-State agency - that is the Joint Transbay Transit Agency - made sure they all secured their health benefits.

More, their pensions, any and every benefit - that matters. 

We advocates are watching - and no one wants us to speak at Public Comment - about such matters - just to save face - it will not be nice.

Millions of dollars have been wasted - the Federal Stimulus Money - some folks thought they could position themselves - to grab all they could get - I am talking money or green - but not for long.

Nancy Pelosi loves to be at the ribbon cutting - all she cares is to amass great wealth - her vineyard with acres of land in Napa - two homes in San Francisco - getting insider knowledge on Stocks and Shares - the VISA scandal. Her husband Paul Pelosi Sr worse - raking in million in American Samoa.

Over $3 Billion has been approved for a short line - built for High Speed Rail in the Central Valley - laying high speed rails from Sacramento to Modesto - Modesto to Bakersfield - that plan is moving - but not as fast as was expected.

Here is San Francisco - we will first chose puppets - not true leaders - folks that pander - beholden to Platinum Consultants - who can deliver any project - " you pay to play". No consideration about "standards" and less about delivering - a standard product.

Bottom line we need astute leaders - who have proven knowledge - more engineers - to sit on a Board and make good things happen.

We do not need Jane Kim and Maria Ayerdi-Kaplan - who with their ignorance and more arrogance - will screw things up - further.

Right now we have several major hurdles - and not one of them can be solved.

Recently Willie L. Brown Jr. was paid $100,000 to bring the developers - connected to the Transbay Transit Center - and the tall building - to resolve the Mello Roos issues.

Willie L. Brown Jr. could not help bring about any solution - worth the salt - he took the money for sure - and is looking for more opportunities - in the future.

The developers are faced with a moving target - and all sorts of intimidation by Supervisors Scott Wiener and Jane Kim.

These panderers want the money from the Developers to fill their campaign coffers  - and take any opportunities to try to hoodwink the constituents - who they do NOT represent - sincerely.

Next month at the Joint Transbay Transit Board - this matter linked to the High Speed Rail, the many Train Platforms, the kind of trains that we aspire to purchase.

The height of the platforms, issues about capacity, maintenance - and a host of other issues - that the buffoons find difficult to first jot down, prioritize, comprehend, have time-lines, dead-lines, goals evaluated - all these and more - that many on the Joint Transbay Transit Board - fail to fathom.

This is a clarion call on the matter at hand - we want to move fast - we need a Blue Print that can make that possible - with very, vey high standards.

More information on the High Speed Rail proposed from Sacramento to Bakersfield - check it out: