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Saturday, October 11, 2014


Those San Francisco Supervisors - who do not represent  this is your clarion call - you must step out of the way - for sure Jane Kim, Scott Wiener, and Malia Cohen.

Malia Cohen - shameless as she is - brags that she is the only one chosen by the drab Democratic Party - among all the candidates running for District 10.

Really, does she know that no one worth the salt cares for the Democratic Party in San Francisco?

Those that really care for San Francisco - and any one will tell you - are the Independents - watch out for the results - and you will learn quickly - how to clear the chaff from the good - wheat.

Malia Cohen is "trash" - has no standards, no ethics, and absolutely no morals.

Anyone who takes money - from those that evict the poor and seniors - is a person that has no conscience.

Malia Cohen - must understand this - if she has NOT - by now.
No decent person that I have met endorses her - I listen mostly and do not give my opinion.

I have to listen - what truly is happening at ground zero - and more with a sell out like Malia Cohen.

Those $10,000 large signs - with Malia Cohen's picture - more, with the grin - says it all - the woman has lost her mind.  All she says is the Democratic Party - which no one respects today - has endorsed her. WOW!

Malia Cohen is the same one that with intent put our children in harms way - putting a Wellness Center for children - stark naked in a "hot spot" - 3450 Third Street, in the Bayvew District - closer to Cargo Way.

This woman again - worked with some others - to go against the  homeless.

Paradoxically most of of them are Black - like Malia Cohen is - and Malia Cohen has no compassion- for those that have fallen on bad times - the indigent.

I wonder how she was raised - and this is a deep reflection on her family - who I understand tried to instill in her some manners - some etiquette - but Malia Cohen has turned out to be a monster - thousands of innocent people - have suffered - because of her nonchalant - behavior and sick, mentality.

 Malia Cohen fought to stop building a 100 bed facility - paid with grants from the State of California - so that Mother Brown - who does good work - could have this facility.

The community at large had to come out and support Trent Rhorer, Bevan Dufty, others who support the Mother Brown's Organization - to make Malia Cohen understand that she has lost her mind - and more sound values - fought and installed in place - more, during the Civil Rights - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Malia Cohen has lost her mind - putting her posters on San Bruno Avenue - all of which is District 9 - trying to hoodwink the people.

This woman has done nothing - nothing what so ever - lives in Potrero Hill - loves the different kind of people - who only care about themselves - selfish to the core - a disgrace to the human race.

This woman is totally for Lennar Urban  and has  received tons of money from them.

Lennar Urban poisoned our children and Elders - not a word from Malia Cohen about this fact.

Parcel A where homes are built now - is a toxic dump. Depleted Uranium was tested on the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - that has not been totally conveyed to the City and County of San Francisco.

Parcel E2 is so toxic and so dangerous - that experts - predict that when the Big One strikes - the entire area - will be impacted - including Candlestick Point and Cove.

Now, while Lennar Urban is building homes -  the daily reports - that some of us get  - show high levels of Asbestos Structures - but Malia Cohen could not care less.

Not once has she spoken about this face - simply because she is ignorant and very arrogant.

This shameless woman - given the opportunity - talks from both sides of her mouth - each and every time.

Hundreds of decent people have come to me - complaining about Malia Cohen - Malia does not have an "open door policy".

Malia Cohen cannot address Quality of Life issues.

The worst statistics linked to killings and shootings, other  Class One crimes.

Lack of decent transportation, the worse type of hospital service,
educational services, Elder Care in a clean environment, infant care, good playing fields - Quality of Life issues are neglected in District 10. 

So why is this despicable Black woman - a panderer running for office?  She must fade away - fade into oblivion.

There is on one health service from the clinics  that offer standard services to the constituents of District 10 - and this is a crying shame.

Saint Luke Hospital that once used to cater to the indigent - now bought by Sutter Hospitals - the same organization that gave Malia Cohen and another Black Jamaican woman $4 million to operated the Wellness Center.

Saint Luke's today discriminates and turns away - hundreds of patients - that and indigent and require  "mercy care".

We have people gunned down in District 10 and Malia Cohen is not on the scene.

We have had major water spills - large clean drinking water pipes bursting and not a word - from this "air head" - what she does best - is grin - like a jack ass.

All her life she has been fake - those that went to school with her - say so.

All the time she hung in District 9 - where her sisters and parents live - she has been utterly, selfish.

I know what I am talking about.

Even now she is trying to hoodwink the public - advertising in areas - that are not District 10. Always doing things that are awkward - and wrong.

Her campaign managers and supporters are White - and Malia Cohen a Black is a sell out - she will fail this time - and remember you heard it first - here.

One of her old campaign managers - from the time she was first elected as a Supervisor - by a measly 200 votes - because of Rank Choice Voting - told me all about this woman.

 I could not believe the crap she told me about Malia Cohen - this campaign manager - who did so much for her - and was not compensated.

Malia Cohen feels nothing to use anyone like a dirty rag - and throw it away.

District 10 is changing and the demographics reveal more Asians and Pacific Islanders, more Latinos, more Whites - the few Black that are left are confused.

Those Blacks that are tying to run for office - including Malia Cohen do not have the support of the constituents that VOTE.

Two candidates are vying for Malia Cohen job - Marlene Tran and Tony Kelly - both say they are for the people - and that may be true.

We need candidates that totally understand Land Use and Planning. Housing for Low income and No Income.

Understand Transportation issues.

More health issues - AIDS, Asthma, many sorts of respiratory diseases.

Infant mortality, diabetic patients in the thousands, hypertension prevailing in large number among the infants, youth and young adults - because of the many "hot spots" - very contaminated sites - all make living in District 10 - a hazard.

Malia Cohen could not care less - always thinking that she knows it all - bragging that she do something - when she has been a disgrace to say the least.

Imagine at the last SF Board Election - this idiotic woman - put her name to run for President of the Board of Supervisors. Then she withdrew her name - just like that - making a fool of - herself.

Malia Cohen then proceeded to name Jane Kim for President of the SF Board of Supervisors - then Jane Kim withdrew her name. Now some one may think - that in our democratic process - such type of ploys and machinations - are fine - NO.

David Chiu who once had a something going with both Malia Cohen and Jane Kim - was elected by the SF Board of Supervisor - not to create added problems - like what happened previously at the SF Board of Supervisor in San Francisco - in Room 250 - where the SF Board have their regular - meetings.

Politics today can be likened to whoring and pimping - and this is what Malia Cohen and others like her who pander - are known for - the constituents in District 10 are fed up with Malia Cohen.

Malia has set a very bad example - those that adhere to her - are panderers - you see them - the well is drying - the pay roll dwindling - and Malia Cohen will not go anywhere.

Simply put this Black woman - has turned her back on those that helped her - she cannot be trusted - Malia Cohen is a disgrace to the human race.

In my over 35 years of advocacy - I have never seen a fake, spineless, uneducated on issues, no sense of decency, a panderer - like Malia Cohen.

This time around - she will receive - what is really deserves - it is called KARMA.

Some of us know all her dealings with former Mayor Gavin Newsom.

We know how she panders to the useless SF Democratic Clubs and Organizations - that back the nonsense that Malia Cohen is known for. You all must be ashamed of themselves.

Things will change drastically in the House and Senate on the National level.

One of the reasons is because on the local level - we have crooks, corrupt to the core, panderers to big money and developers.

People who say they will fight for our infants, our children, our elders - but spit on them - as does Malia Cohen and Jane Kim.

These representatives - so called SF Board of Supervisors must step down - and allow others - worthy of better causes - that must be fought for the good of the COMMONS.

We, the people united must adhere with fortitude - fight and win - to serve the people, the COMMONS - better. Aho.