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Monday, October 20, 2014


We have some very evil people in San Francisco - the likes of Willie L. Brown Jr and the Zionists in San Francisco - lurking everywhere - and screwing up San Francisco - in broad daylight.

This land is Ohlone land and those that think they can use "greed" to make money - any which way  - and fail to be responsible - all of them - in toto - will  have to deal with - KARMA.

The politics in San Francisco has reached such a state of affairs - that all the major players - pay to play.  Bribes and more bribes - is the name of the - game.

The majority of our San Francisco Board of Supervisors are sell outs - Scott Wiener, Katy Tang, London Breed, Malia Cohen, Jane Kim, and of course the worst of them all - David Chiu.

David Chiu - became the SF President of the Board of Supervisors - because of a "power play" and Chris Daly should regret - for the rest of his life - and this one play - created a monster.

It is the same with Jane Kim a Korean American - dubious in nature and not to be trusted. 

Malia Cohen with a Jewish name - another major sell out - when it comes to representing those that need help most. She is inept, spineless, shallow and what should be noted - despicable.

I am watching Mayor Edwin Lee - let us see how many ribbon cutting ceremonies get him- some where - he is now drowning in the - " cesspool of his own creation".

It is a shame that this man cannot make up his mind - and has to have his minions the likes of Diane Feinstein and Willie L. Brown and some dubious in nature - in the China Town community - Rose Park and others - prod him to do things.

You have to have the BALLS to do right - and as the Mayor - you must have the ability to discern.

Few people who purport to be leaders - have the ability to discern - and less of them - have common sense.

Our teachers in the Public Schools - the San Francisco Unified School District are suffering.

In the last 8 years - most of our para-professional teachers, our certified teachers - have not got a pay raise. They teachers work hard - and those in power - and jerking the teachers, around.

Any one worth the salt - who cannot respect our teachers and give them "living wages' - to live comfortably in San Francisco - those that purport to represent - our politicians - who spew diatribe and cannot support our teachers - are the SCUM of the Earth. Make no bones about it.

The SalesForce magnet - may pander with Hydra Mendonza and Mayor Edwin Lee handing over $100,000 checks to the Principals of the SF Unified School District - to do what they have to do.

SalesForce may hand over iPads to our middle school students - and that is as good - as any developed country - has the ability to provide and support technology, education, and progress.

Fundamentally, we must comprehend and fully understand - the teachers, the educators - are the ones that make the difference. The teachers must be treated right - all other things are - secondary.

You have information and you must have the ability to discern. 

There is a lot of information in cyber space. 

Only those that can filter the best information - discern - can educate themselves - and comprehend this fundamental way of learning - succeed and can do to a better, place.

Not so our drab, spineless, inept politicians - that are not educated on issues - lack ethics, morals, standards - are dumber than dumb. That is why most of them act like morons of the first - order.

The Mission Neighborhood Center and all the poor amenities offered this school - must be brought to light. 

Hydra Mendonza  and the weasel SF Unified School District, Superintendent - should spend  a week at the Mission Education Center.

Please do not think you Hydra with all your shenanigans can get away with murder - in broad daylight - you are as FAKE - as they come - keep  playing musical chairs.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation must step in - the Mission Education Center - is in the worst shape ever - and children being taught in spaces that are unhealthy and inferior - is something that must be addressed.

Those found guilty - sent to jail for a long, long time.

Parents come to get advice to the Mission Education Center - only to witness - surroundings and an environment - where there is no privacy.

What is this Superintendent of the San Francisco Unified School District Garrrranzzzza doing?

Smiling like a jack-ass and treating the immigrant children with the utmost - disdain?

We need to send this jerk - who I have been monitoring for some time now - packing.

He could do well but he has chosen to do wrong - by our children, youth, young adults - and keeps stressing and insulting the parents of our children, youth, and young adults - putting them all in situation that adversely - impacts them - and more brings about their slow - death.

I am sending this article to Esther who works for the SF Unified School District - she know me and I know her. Please distribute this article to all the SF Board members - and do not forget the spineless - Superintendent.

One of these days - I will make my way to 555  Franking Street - where I use to go and give Public Comment - 3 minutes and more - the crooks have reduced it to 2 minutes.

In San Francisco we have more dogs than children - about 130,000 dogs and growing.

We generate a lot of "dog pooh" and even more "feral pooh" - and think nothing of this fact.

The standard of the education in California linked to our High Schools - is the worst ever.
When compared to International Standards - ranked about 148th - this is pathetic.

We cannot call our City and County of San Francisco - a world class City - when we treat our children, youth, and young adults - in our SF Public Schools - with disdain.

We cannot call ourselves a World Class City - when in the last 5 years - over 30,000 decent families and their children - have left San Francisco.

We cannot call ourselves a World Class City - when the divide - between the filthy rich and the poor - grows wider and wider - the One Percent Filthy Rich and the Ninety Nine Percent - making it on little and many on nothing - our indigent.

Finally this is Ohlone land and I represent the First People of San Francisco. 

We have "greedy" bastards - depleting our resources - you are strangers - and you do not have the blessings of the Ohlone.

Especially the Zionists - so pay heed - when I say you are worse than the "Ebola" disease - you change your ways - and if do not - you will pay the price.

We do not want those tall skyscrapers - using clean drinking water - Hetch Hetchy water to flush their toilets.

All newer buildings - built from the year 2009 must pay more - and all newer building from 2011 - pay even more - we do not need $5 million and $10 million condominiums - for those that - do not represent our values. Go fuck yourselves.

Daily our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults are dying - more from the contaminated hot spots - some 5000 found all over San Francisco.

We have the SF Department of Environment -  and another Environmental Division under the Sf Health Department  -  they are pussyfooting around - no one doing what they must do - represent.

We have the Mather Ordinance on our books - no one pays attention to that valuable Ordinance.
More pertaining to liquefaction and flooding - landfill areas - many of them contaminated.

We have the Precautionary Principle - many have NOT read it.

Wake up San Francisco and do right.

Stop ganging up on Ross Mirkarimi our elected Sheriff and our Fire Chief - Hayes White - want to take me on - you dumb asses - bringing it on.

Our standard is going down - congestion on our roads, our air and land polluted - and our politicians think nothing of it.

Do something - or get out of the way.