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Sunday, October 19, 2014


San Francisco use to brag that we are a City and County of San Francisco - that - "knows how". This is NOT the case anymore.

Of paramount interest is the history of San Francisco when it comes to emerging diseases - people may not know it - but in the past - innocent citizens of San Francisco have been experimented upon.

The secret operation used as part of the World War II effort - adversely impacted the entire City of San Francisco. Planes used to spray the City of San Francisco with a mist. The information is there to read - for those who know - how to access it.

At the Presidio of San Francisco, at Treasure Island, at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - all sorts of experiments were conducted - on large animals and unfortunately - human beings - mostly, minorities.

In many cases innocent people working at these institutions - were experimented upon - and this crime is horrendous and point to the worst type of discrimination.

The paradox is that today in San Francisco - we know about emerging diseases - and we do not have a viable and sustainable plan to address a pandemic or an emerging disease. This is no irrational speculation - in many case it is reality - and we can stop it - only if we are educated on issues.

Our San Francisco Health Department lacks standards, protocol, with Standard Operating Procedures in place - not under Director Barbara Gracia and her side kick Thomas Aragon - to confront "emerging diseases"

In recent months the Marine Corps, and a host of so called experts from University of California San Francisco and others so medical experts - have been having work shops - on emerging diseases - in San Francisco - talking a lot - it ends there - hot air.

The San Francisco Health Department does not have a paid Toxicologist on its payroll.

The morale of the nurses and other medical staff - is at a all time - low - and this must be address first.

This is the Achilles Heel - where "good for nothing" folks who have no leadership qualities - who are panderers - have continued to erode rapidly - the standards we once had - but have now reached a all time - low.

It started with Mitch Katz - the former Health Director of the SF General Hospital.

The most despicable Director of Health, Mitch Katz - it has continued to erode very rapidly with Director Barbara Gracia and her side kich Tomas Aragon.

We have a Health Commission - most of the appointees have no leadership qualities and few are known well on the National and International level.

What they are good at doing is contracting or out sourcing - paying so called consultants - millions of dollars - for drab information.

We once had a Public Hospital by 15th Avenue in San Francisco - where we could deal with infectious diseases.

Few people are aware of this hospital. We had two more hospitals in San Francisco - that really could handle - emerging diseases - no more.

Few in San Francisco know about the role of the Letterman Army Medical Center and the Letterman Army Medical of Research. Two excellent medical institution - that were demolished - more because of politics.

Folks like Nancy Pelosi have had long and deep connection with the Mafia. Few of us comprehend about the Mafia - those connected with Nancy Pelosi and those connected with Diane Feinstein and her husband Richard Blum.

How do these folks amass so much wealth - while trying their best - to put hurdles and make things difficult for the ordinary citizens and constituents of San Francisco.

You do not want me to spill beans to you? 

Nancy Pelosi has a large estate in the Napa Valley - and Diane Feinstein has two large mansions in the Pacific Heights Area - her latest addition - includes City property - that she took illegally - but has since agreed to landscape the area and maintain it. 

Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi do not represent the people - they amass great wealth.

They have been in their sordid position for for so long - these two hags.

It is mind boggling - why so many continue to vote for these two drab, inept, shallow - hags - who continue to let us down.

Nationwide - is it no mystery that many hospitals continue to receive LESS funding both  State and Federal - to the tune of 40% less.

Here is San Francisco we have umpteen billionaires - and these political leeches - keep on acquiring millions to fill their campaign coffers pandering to those that acquire wealth - illegally. 

These include most of the Democrats who represent on any level - they all want money - you bribe them and they will do your bidding. If you pay to play - go to the Democrats - immoral, unethical, having no standards - spineless and worthless.

This inherent corruption spills over and when it comes our health, the education of our children, youth, young adults, and our citizens in San Francisco.

These so called representatives - the likes of Barbara Boxer, Diane Feintein, Mark Leno, Nancy Pelosi, and most of our San Francisco Board of Supervisors - are corrupt.

For sure David Chiu, Jane Kim, Malia Cohen, Scott Wiener, Katy Tang, and London Breed.

They all are beholden to the Machine - and they do not care - about the constituents - less about health issues, the education of our constituents, sound housing, transportation, safety - in short Quality of Life issues.

If Ebola hits the Bay Area - it will hit Oakland hard but it will affect San Francisco the most.

We have some institutions in San Francisco that will step up their game - but they have no experience with "emerging diseases".

An emerging disease like "Ebola" mutates.

That is you never know what you are dealing with - much like a moving target.

Such a scenario drives those that follow some drab instructions bunkers - we have many in San Francisco - who fall into this category.

The Office Of Emergency Services, the Director of Health Barbara Gracia, Tomas Aragon.

The SF Health Commission - all of them - folks, who think they can handle - emerging infectious diseases.

At the City Administrator office, the Mayor Office, the Mayor Office of Housing - all lack sound education, logistics, and have no clue - how to address "emerging diseases" - on a war footing.

Right now the United States Army and Navy has the capability - because their way of thinking and acting - is pro-active.

The folks at our City Departments and more the heads of departments - are stagnant, have no incentive to produce - and are mostly panderers - we tax payers pay their salaries.

In is normal for most City Department heads - who are involved in "policy making for the constituents of San Francisco" - to be stagnant, docile, dormant, lacking the ability to be viable and sustainable - think outside the box.

Recently I visited the San Francisco General Hospital - and was shocked to see - the haphazard manner in which ordinary procedures were conducted - dealing with patients - more indigent - patients. Pathetic to say the least.

When is the last time our San Francisco Health Department - conducted a "frank" survey - when it comes to "satisfaction" of our Registered Nurses.

The hundreds of other orderlies, the intern doctor, the professional doctors, the other health workers - no one wants to conduct such a survey - no one want to even go there.

If such a "survey" was conducted - all would come to a grinding - halt.

Barbara Gracia has been warned before - with intent - mostly Black workers - are targeted.

More those that work hard - in the area - when they offer succor - in the field of Violence Prevention and Intervention.

Some have left their jobs - targeted and harassed - and constantly treated like dirt, spied upon, and micro-managed.

Mayor Edwin Lee is busy cutting ribbons - which makes no sense - and has no clue about the sad state of affairs at the San Francisco Health Department - with a $2 Billion budget.

We have 5000 toxic hots spots - where the increase of particulates, contributes to the increase of the Carbon Footprint by over 40%.

The congestion on our roads, the increase in hyper-tension and related disease - heart attacks and more - and Mayor Edwin Lee is busy cutting ribbons - making light of the more urgent and important issues - that are taking our City and County of San Francisco - down the drain.

We, in San Francisco continue to build skyscrapers for the filthy rich - no one has the empirical data - where the clean drinking water will come from. 

It is normal to flush our toilet with clean drinking water from the Hetch Hetchy reservoir - that water Sacred to the Miwoks and the Pieutes.

The land and water stolen - by those that used the point of the gun  - to kill, rape, and steal - land and its resources - from the Native Americans of California closer to Hetch Hetchy Valley.

The emerging diseases much like AIDS man made and introduced to target a certain segment of the population - played havoc in San Francisco and elsewhere.

San Francisco rose to the occasion - with an organization Shanti and Dr Silverman and others - using innovative methods - and medicines called "cock-tails" - to keep AIDS at Bay.

Those of us that participated in keeping this disease at Bay - saw first hand - who really cared and who did not.

In the 1980's - many queer  men I knew - died - so many - that it made me think - deeply.

I am straight - but what made it think - was the fact that when I was two years old - I had polio.

Polio, left my entire left side of my body - paralyzed.

I over came this disease, learned all contact sports - including boxing - and today most people - know something about the way I wal - but few know I wear - leg brace - one of a kind and how that came to be.

Polio left me thinking all the time - how best to achieve and compete - and today be it at City Hall or at my office - I am determined to contribute the best I can - as if there is no, tomorrow.

I would often attend memorial services - for those that died of AIDS - and would read my poems.

Polio and AIDS - and now Ebola and there are so many "emerging diseases" - and we know some about them - and less about those who are in charge of keeping us safe.

The San Francisco Health Department will NOT be able to handle any major "emerging disease".

The San Francisco General Hospital lacks standards - and has been used Notice of Violations many times - too many to count - put on notice and monitored - to bring the hospital on track.

Millions of dollars wasted - our Hospitals that serve the public - must first cater to those that work hard and sacrifice for the patients our nurses, the orderlies, the doctor, the medical technician, the many that cater to the sound operation of the hospital. 

This is the norm to judge any hospital.

As things stand today - the San Francisco General Hospital gets an - F - that is minus F.

Mayor Edwin Lee is not aware that he has but a few months to improve the drab standards at our Public Hospital, at our Public Housing, addressing situation linked to MUNI and our Public Transportation.

When the Mayor from our Nation visit San Francisco - let us see the report card Mayor Edwin Lee gets - when it comes to things that matter - not pandering to the minions - who have not contributed anything significant - to the good of San Francisco.

Our San Francisco - Office of Emergency Services - is pathetic - you must just watch these "morons" - spew diatribe. Most of them lean on consultants - consultants that are not worth the salt.

God help us - especially those in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco - when the Big One - strikes.

Ebola is a clarion call - but there is more to come.

If an emerging infectious disease - hits us when the Big One strikes - we will be in deep trouble, for sure.

It is anyone guess - today as things stand -  if we no one worth the salt in San Francisco - who has the leadership to bring us out of such a horrendous - mess.