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Tuesday, October 28, 2014


This glaring debacle between the salient and non-salient parties - trying to decide - what is good for City College of San Francisco - is becoming - boring. Protests and Court proceedings - that are stressing innocent - folks out.

Those who want to close City College of San Francisco down are - using ploys such as -  City College of San Francisco does not meet standards and so on and so forth - all of which - begs the question.

The Accrediting Commission that came to this conclusion - themselves failed to follow their By Laws.

When this glaring  flaw was pointed out to them - the  Accrediting Commission - the Commision changed the By Laws - but failed to admit they were blatantly wrong - in their screwed up - adjudication.

Adding fuel to fire - the kept "in toto"  the "tainted adjudication" - and now want to create more confusion - by just beating around the bush. Such are the deeds of those - that are full of it.

City College of San Francisco has great potential.

I have met with the teachers - I have met with focused groups - I have met with the front line advocates and more.

All of these "good people" - would not be making sacrifices - if the did not see much good coming from the services offered by City College of San Francisco.

If they were not thankful for the blessing received - if they did not bond with those at City College of San Francisco - who do so much - the teachers, the administrators, the many others - who make City College of San Francisco - tick. God bless them all.

We all know who created the spiraling of the economy in the year 2008 and a few years before that. None of those crooks or charlatans - went to jail.

Truly speaking around 2008 - City College of San Francisco - was in financial trouble. Many financial obligations by the State of California were slow in coming. With no money left to pay their bills - City College of San Francisco - was forced to borrow money from the City and County of San Francisco - that obliged. Some know about this fact - all should know about this fact - because this bond - helping one another is important to note.

 As most public Learning Institution are - they do not have access to large Foundations and by default - have less flow - when it comes to large amount of money.

We do know institutions that receive large donations - such as University of San Francisco a private university and Stanford a public university - but one that does well. You get my drift.

City College of San Francisco has chosen to give everyone an opportunity. It has traditionally not shut its doors to those that need help most. 

It has permitted those that are handicapped to take few units at a time - and the result is - that many alumni - are forever grateful to City College of San Francisco.

 Many San Franciscans take some classes just to better themselves much like some colleges and learning institution offer classes to those that are working - or left college - with getting a degree - but now can make up the units - and have a degree. 

That is the way to go - fulfill the potential of those that want to get a degree.

At the same time accepting the fact - if hardship or need - did not permit one to complete - one's education - the fact that some learning institutions are considerate, compassionate, understanding, accepting - care to give one a chance to complete one education.

All this and more - goes a long way - to spread good vibrations - in the learning field - most recent institutions are just getting it - City College has always given its best - in opportunities - and those that have received - are grateful.

Not only students from San Francisco and the Bay Area - but from all over the world. Some great leaders - all over the world - studied at City College. The Accrediting Commission - must be cognizant of this fact.

Other students take the required units to further their education - often going to San Francisco State University and transferring to other stellar institutions Nationwide.

In sports City College of San Francisco excels too - and many alumni have supported the many recreational facilities - state of the art - that City College of San Francisco can boast about - with pride - today.

The football field is well laid out and maintained. The brand new gym offers the best amenities. Other sports get sufficient funding - and there is more that can be done. Some one must live within one means.

It is not for a few vested interests - to change the way City College of San Francisco - is operated - without any meaningful dialog.

All this talk to drop the students taking a few classes - students who want to better themselves.

Trying to further and impose the model of two year courses.

Turn out students - who do get a certificate - but find it difficult to transfer. Other shenanigans may sound good - but it is the student - that must have a say. Dialog is a two way means - that bring sound - report.

There is nothing holistic, viable, or sustainable with the Accrediting Commission - fake as they are - with their heads in the sky - far removed from the realities of life.

The Accrediting Commission seem fired up - to maintain that their sole decision and tainted policies - rule the roast.

Well, as I said  -follow your By Laws, learn to follow your own rules and guidelines - you folks are so blinded - that you make the changes to the By Laws - but leave in place an adjudication that is totally flawed.

You folks are so full of it - that you failed to ratify the mistakes you made - failed pathetically - to admit that you do - is talk the talk - but failed to walk the walk.

Truly speaking the students do not have time to protest - and while away their time.

Many of them work two and three jobs - I know that for a fact.

These folks who busy  themselves in "dirty politics" - such as the Accrediting Board - were caught with their hand in the cookie jar - and their pants down.

They must get out of way - and learn that the 'COMMONS" - will fight - tooth and nail - to maintain our rights - given to us by our Constitution and our Founding Fathers.

We all have the right to sound education. We all have the right to justice and fair play. We all have the right - to sue those that take the licence to abuse freedom.

Abuse of freedom is license - and the Accrediting Commission - needs to be censored - replaced by one - that is just and fair.

City College of San Francisco has touched thousands of people all these many years.

There is not a San Francisco family that is not grateful for what City College of San Francisco - has done - to someone in their family. More in terms of providing a sound - education.

Here come the "developers" who want to take over the City College - not to run it as a stellar educational facility - but to tear down the buildings - and build a "gated community" - with condominium - CBRE and Richard Blum behind the scheme.

San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera and Mayor Edwin Lee - took the right decision - to help City College of San Francisco - and must fight this case - and will win this case - hands down.

Those charged with maintaining the highest standards failed.

Those seeking to discredit City College of San Francisco. Instead of upholding the law - follow vetted processes - they themselves failed to abide by their own By Laws.

On another level you have a husband and a wife - making decisions -  a conflict of interest.

The Judge who has adjudicated before in favor of City College of San Francisco - will adjudicate this case again in its favor. There is nothing so complicated - accept the ploys and machinations - that have been revealed - plain to see - and make sound conclusion.

In the interim - these shenanigans, ploys, and machination have take a heavy toll on the students.

More the immigrant students - who want to make something of themselves.

Life is already hard for them - and here come the vested interests - greed crooks - who want with intent - want to deprive - the minorities of their right to learn and educate themselves.

God help America and God help City College of San Francisco.

I took some time to train my good friend and confidant Shannel Williams - in sound advocacy and strategy that pays - dividends.

I will protect her if anyone messes with her. In the interim Shannel Williams and others too many to name - have their work cut out. You will win - and you all - will make us proud. 

This issue is moot - but those that are EVIL - will take a moot issue - and blow it out of proportion - time will tell.

To the students, teachers, administrators, and others who make City College of San Francisco tick - I say - God be with you, all.

May you all be blessed and be very strong.

Truth will prevail - and those with intent who tried to destroy City College of San Francisco - will pay a very heavy price. Aho.