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Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Two years ago there were over 20,000 units vacant - by owners who chose to keep them vacant - rather than rent their units.

Today, we have more units vacant - about 40,000 and many of them - owned by folks who do not live in the City and County of San Francisco. They call them Summer Homes, other fancy names - but they are vacant for all the world to see.

The San Francisco Planning Department has yet to adjudicate on the thousands of rental units - that the Academy of Art University bought - and converted most of the space within these rental units - into dormitories - to rake in millions from foreign students. 

Once gone to the greedy developers - who in this case rent the dormitory space to foreign students. Never mind the certificate or degree that the Academy of Art University issues - is not worth anything much.

The foreign student - find it difficult to live - the rent and tuition too expensive - so they sell what God gave them free - and the underground world of prostitution among foreign students - must also be on the agenda - the Status of Women Commission - that make too much of "domestic violence" - while they themselves spread the worst type of hate. Butches who cannot stand man - coward who will attack men - when they are in numbers.

Again our SF Board of Supervisor the likes of Jane Kim, Malia Cohen, David Chiu, London Breed, Scott Wiener, and Katy Tang - talk the talk - and do not have any viable plan - to build affordable units - more to cater to low and income income - individuals.

Three Housing Elements have gone before the Courts - each of them faulty - and the shameless SF Planning Commission - conducting business as usual - siding with sordid developers the likes of Lennar Urban - spewing high levels of Asbestos Friables in the air. 

San Francisco is hurting and in the last 5 years over 20,000 families have left San Francisco. That is father, mother, and children. One bed room rents for over $3500 and no one wants to rent to families with children.

Among all the leading cities in the Nation - San Francisco has least amount of children - we have less Open Space - less trees than any of the cities - and for all the talk - our Carbon Footprint is on the increase.

The paradox in San Francisco is there are more dogs than children - according to one count over 150,000 dogs.

For sure more cats - and a great percentage of the cats- feral cats. Of course - the policy makers - would not care about this fact.

Tons of excreta from these animals - acidic in nature - going to the Sewage Treatment Plant - and much of it - in another form - flowing into the Bay.

The fish and other life in the Bay is affected - and some people swim and others eat the fish that they are not suppose to eat.

The Bay is polluted also with Mercury - run off from the many Mercury mines, lead, and other heavy metals - that abound from the vehicles emissions - in the thousands of tons.

The rich are everywhere - and even in the Bayview you now can witness people - walking their poodles - others talking funny - fish out of water. 

These folks have bought homes - bigger homes - much bigger with big backyards - once occupied by the French, the Maltese, those Blue Collar workers - who not only built large homes - but had large families.

Small hundred square units are going up - all over the City - and folks like Scott Wiener favor such units.

He likes it small - where he and his dog - can sleep and relax.

Scott Wiener has no clue - about the wants of families - and less about families with children.

Those making high six figure salaries - can afford to live somewhere and occasional - invade San Francisco - and take succor - in one of these filthy rich condominiums - that lie vacant and are used occasionally. 

I visited some of these condominiums in the Financial District and some at Mission Bay - the air is polluted and foul.

You truly see the traffic - you can see Oakland and beyond - and the Bay looks good - the clouds are there - but it is dirty.

There is more - and I will spell the details - another time.

The Chinese are all over the place - buying up Real Estate and handing over hard cash.

Never mind if the condominiums cost $2 million or even as high as $5 million.

Compared to condominium in Shanghai and Hong Kong - the condominium here in San Francisco are cheap - the climate moderate - and the cuisine from all over the world - can be had for cheap and with that the best wines in the world.

Those that have money - lots of money - are buying condominiums - much like they would buy stocks and shares - such equity they think - will serve them in good stead.

In the interim in the Mission, in the Excelsior, in the Avenues, in the Tenderloin, in Western Addition - people are living - five, six, seven in one tiny room. It is the same in the Bayview, and in the South of Market Area - and of course the Castro.

The San Francisco Planning Department does not take into account Cumulative Factors that adversely impact Quality of Life Issues. The Land Use rubber stamps - all that comes its way - we do not have anyone - representing - they are all sell out - Malia Cohen, Katy Tang, Scott Wiener, and Jane Kim.

In some areas - people are "couch sharing" - that is using a "couch" as a bed and sharing it with others.

In some places - renting a space on the floor - it is that - or a shelter - and with the public shelter come bugs, noise, the unruly, and pandemonium - galore.

Many choose to sleep in the open - facing the inclement weather.

We have over 70 cranes in the air - congestion on the roads - particulates spewing and an increase in respiratory diseases. More children suffering - and our elders gasping for breath and no one cares.

Barbara Gracia who has a $2 Billion budget has failed to address the toxic hots spots. Failed to work with the Bay Area Air Quality Management District - and less the Regional Water Board.

The Environmental Protection Agency has been written off by most decent people - and the Department of Toxic and Substances Controlled - adjudicated and drastic changes made to this failed organization. Some now called it the California Environmental Agency - whatever that means.

Greed that brought thousands to steal gold from Native Americans in California. Steal the land. Cut the Redwoods and kill the Buffalo for their skin and not for the flesh - making a mockery - of resources - that God gave us - for good - but as I said greed rules - when power goes to the head - and the conscience - numbed.

Today - it is the high skyscrapers - our SF City Planning , our Mayors, our policy makers - encourage this nonsense - building skyscrapers that do not suit our skyline.

This is not  Manhattan in New York - nor the Bronx - where millions live - and the life is hectic - we are more relaxed, peaceful, and welcoming.

The 600 foot high building at the Transbay Complex - that Maria Ayerdi- Kaplan and Jane Kim - salivate over.

The shape of a huge phallus - destroying our skyline - what a mockery - in the land of the Ohlone - the First People of the land - that I represent in San Francisco - on matter linked with Infrastructure, Land Use , Planning - there is not one legal  document that the thieves can produce - that authorizes them to have possession of the land.

Thousands are leaving San Francisco - and some of us - want to do something about the sad state of affairs.

The filthy rich - they are like whores - they will sell their wares to the highest bidder - never mind the repercussions - Sodom and Gomorrah.