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Thursday, October 9, 2014


Three major water spills in our great City and County of San Francisco - thousands of gallons of water wasted - one on 19th Avenue, the other at Mission Bay - the other on Ingerson Street in the Bayview.

All this happening on October 8, 2014 - the day the moon displayed itself - in orange color - more attuned to the colors of the our base-ball team - the Giants.

I was very busy at work - and in the midst of my work - had to field calls - about a major clean water pipe bursting not far from my office.

Those on call and responding to this water spill responding in a - nonchalant manner not concerned about the deep adverse impacts meted out on the constituents.

Many at home and others who were not at home - came home - to suffer the loss of property and damage to their homes.

It is the one major Water Break on Ingerson Street and Ingalls in the Bayview that shocked the home owners - and there is more to come - hence this reporting.

When the spill occurred - those that responded and sought help from the City and County of San Francisco and the drab dispatch system - were totally baffled.

While garages down the hill - were flooding - there was no one - capable of first analyzing the situation at hand - and secondly bring about some quick - solution.

While the Department of Public Works - truly can address the situation at hand - or so is the general agreed knowledge.

It is the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission pretending - that it has the situation under control - because this agency is the funding agency - using our Bond Measure money - wasting it on Big Primes and treating the constituents the tax payers of San Francisco - with utter - disdain. 

The SFPUC has control of the Public Relations - and often when some one like Tyrone Jue is not there - to address the pressing concerns - well trained by Tony Winnker - who now advises the Mayor of San Francisco - on important issues - no Tyrone Jue and pandemonium - strikes - galore.

Shelly Jones well known in the Bayview was affected the most - the damage caused by the break of a clean water gushing and flooding her assets and those neighbors on her block.

Not far away but further up the hill -  safe from this horrendous episode affecting more her long time friend Shirley Jones and not Dr Espanola Jackson.

Dr Espanola Jackson - was concerned -  about the situation at hand and reached out for help - to aid her friend in distress. Why was there no one in charge - so when she needs help - more someone to resolve a issues - she tends to bring her deep concerns to me.

Thousands of gallons gushing out - the lower floors and garages in jeopardy - and the crew that came on the site - were making nonsensical statements.

" We have another major water issue at Mission Bay and that is where the priority is placed" - shocking statements like this - to those present at the scene - watching the buffoonery - unfold before their eyes.

When such episodes take place - I have my contact - Tyrone Jue - but he was on vacation - he is the SFPUC - Communication Director.

Tyrone Jue does a great job - and must be commended - much like the others -  who cannot do their work - more up to standards and must be written up.

So, I was forced to text the General Manager of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - Harlan Kelly.

First apprising him of the situation at hand - and secondly asking for some required and necessary attention on behalf of the community at large and more Shirley Jones.

My office is not far from the site where this incident happened - and so I got some clear reports, quickly - to back up the calls that I was receiving.

All this on a very busy day at work - attending to other essential and important work.

It took sometime - but Sam Murray - who has worked forever at SF Public Utilities Commission - had to come to the scene - more to address the concern of constituents like Shirley Jones - who has lived in the area for over 40 years.

The Public Affairs Department in such cases which comes  more under the Communication Department -  at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - handles such cases.

This time Tyrone Jue was on vacation - and this void was felt deeply.

The Communication Department comes under Juliet Ellis who is the Assistant General Manager - and does not have a clue about such matters. Formerly Juliet Ellis came from the Non-Profit organization in the East Bay - where pandering and shenanigans are the norm. Joined by her side-kick Kay Fernandez - whose husband inherited Juliet Ellis' job as Director - of Green For All.

Juliet Ellis and her minions - all hired from the East Bay.

Shirley Jones knows Sam Murray - and Sam Murray assured her that all would be well.

That was  nice - but the under lying causes - have yet to be revealed - and judging from the second - major pipe burst in the Bayview in the recent days.

The one more serious serious than the one that took place at Ingerson Street - was the one that happened some days ago - last Friday - at Keith and Keys - off Third Street.

In recent weeks - there have been a lot of such incidents - where clean water pipes - have given way and burst - and precious water in the thousands of gallons - compromised.

For those that need a reality check - we are in a "severe " - drought - but you would not know this - the way such incidents are addressed.

Let us make this very clear - the Bayview needs some serious attention and top priority on matters linked with clean drinking water and sewage.

In the rest of the City - 60% rent but in the Bayview 60% are homeowners - they pay taxes - but the services they get are not to par and this must be improved. It can only come with education - being educated on issues - which is something lacking at the SF Public Utilities Commission - all round ignorance and more arrogance.

Now, if you all want to disturb the "hornet's nest" - you are welcome - we are familiar with City Hall.

The so called representatives that do nothing at all - like Malia Cohen has no clue what is happening to District 10 - as a Supervisor her performance is - pathetic.

It is easy to blame the buffoons - and we will not go there - even though the SF Public Utilities Commission has failed miserably with the Water System Improvement Project - a $4.6 Billion upgrade - done nothing much and more significant to note - at ground zero in San Francisco.

More in Bayview. Suffice to say - raw sewage pipes too break - and feces running down the street - some one has to address these incidents - but as I said - too much talk and less walk.

The clean water pipes are old - and we all know that - 85 years old - plus.

By Candlestick View brand news homes - have newer pipes - water gushing  through these pipes - and the older pipes - wanting attention - less pressure and leaking.

Various pressures - water is a force to be reckoned with - and of course the dummies would not know that - less Malia Cohen and those that support her.

Malia Cohen has no clue - about Quality of Life issues - less about infrastructure.

Even less about transportation, still even less about health and safety.

She has filled her campaign coffers - raking in more than $250,000 - other candidates - far behind - and the devil has had a good reign - hopefully not for long.

It is this waiting game - deferred maintenance that has caused havoc. The right hand does not know what the left hand is doing.

When an employee on the site - of the major clean water break pipe -  made that "fateful statement"  at Ingerson Street - about what was his priority - he was not wrong - he just spoke to the fact and what his superiors - brag about.

Rich folks get the attention and the so called poor - treated with disdain.

The employees at the scene - stated to those present - "I have to attend to Mission Bay - that is my priority"  this is the City's ongoing policy - you folks can wait and see more.

If not do something about this type of sordid mentality - now.

This statement and this episode sets a precedence - when the Big One strikes - no one will come - to the rescue of the Bayview.

The filthy rich and as in this case Mission Bay - was chosen higher up the totem pole - and those that have clout - will get some immediate attention. The poor left to fend for themselves.

Do not  get me wrong - all these City Department have Public Relation Officers - but if you knew the TRUTH - one worse than the other.

All well paid - but when the person who really does the work - is not there - no second tier person - to handle the responsibility and deliver.

We must establish Quadrants -  divide our City in well established Quadrants.

When such incident happen - at ground zero - within the Quadrant set with a working Chain of Command - the Point of Contacts trained and knowing how to take real responsibility - can make good things - happen.

Our City can fare well and the constituents who pay their taxes - well assured that they will be taken care off - we must learn to think outside the box and be innovative.

Central Dispatch trying to figure out what is happening and contacting some one at SF Public Utilities Commission - who has no clue what is happening - is madness - and such pandemonium - takes place again and again  all the time.

Some of us have direct connections - and I really do not like to mess with the failing system - only in a worse case scenario will I call the head of the Department Head.

I must say all of them are very good to me.

However, the laywoman and man - do not have that ability - and we should study the situation at hand.

More when there are other First Responders but they have to follow protocol.

So, in many cases recently - thousands of gallons of very precious - clean drinking water is wasted - and no one will do the analysis - evaluate the situation at hand - and posted it on the Internet - more to offer Accountability and Transparency. 

Believe me such incidents negate the conservation that many San Francisco are adhering to - using less water - at great sacrifice and hardship.

We the constituents cannot take our Hetch Hetchy water supply for granted - the water comes  from some 160 miles away - stolen from the Native Americans.

Even in this drought we do - and that is a crying shame - when we witness this blatant - waste of water - with poor response time - and even less to stop the gushing water on to the streets of San Francisco and into the gutter.

That water truly belongs to the Native American - it was stolen from them - the Miwoks, the Piutes.

Other indigenous people that have been disrespected.

Many Native American tribes - their elders - consider Hetch Hetchy water at its source - precious and sacred water.

The Mayor, Edwin Lee cannot see beyond his nose - may be his moustache is interfering with his vision - our infrastructure is in very bad shape and must be fixed on a War Footing.

With all the drab, shallow, nonsensical meetings held by the Office of Emergency Services - each one patting their behinds.

When episodes such as the three clean water pipes bursting open  - huge clean water pipe release thousands of gallon of water.

Not one City Official - worth the salt - has visited the site and reported the incident - in real time.

We tax payers - in this digital world - must get real time analyzes as to what is happening in general at least. No need to give detail analyzes.

This is not happening. This nonchalant attitude must stop - now.

Again and again SF Public Utilities Commission has failed - the website has nothing much on the recent spills - and this fact is very alarming.

We the tax payers who agreed to pay the Bond Measure - linked to the Water System Improvement Project (WSIP) - mandated the SFPUC to do a better job.

First upgrading our clean water system. Having conservation measures. Having a sound infrastructure.

Prime contractors - the same - raking in millions - screwing us all - the tax payers.

Small contractors are NOT given any opportunities. These upgrades and repair - can be given to those - who have the Job Order Contracts ( JOCs.)

Again on the actual incidents and the thousands of gallons of precious water spilled - the reporting - real time incidents - must be disclosed to the public at large. 

We, the tax payers vouched for the $2.6 Billion dollar Bond Measure - and we give you an F- for your shoddy - performance.

In all $4.6 billion - $2 Billion coming from our Region partners - to whom we sell Hetch Hetchy water.

We still have no clue what is happening at Mountain Tunnel - closer to Hetch Hetch - and more at Calavares Dam.

Millions of dollars expanded - and companies like AECOM and URS raking in the millions - with change orders - who is fooling whom?.

We the tax payer have been let down in areas far away like Hetch Hetchy and Calavares - and now treated with disdain at ground zero - in the Bayview. 

Anyone wants to interview Shirley Jones - I dare you - she will tell you the truth.

Shit happens they say - but when it comes closer to home - and more adversely affects an advocate - watch out you buffoons.

Do not get me wrong - I understand infrastructure - I understand good Management Practices. Our City has failed again and again with a system that begs the question?

Who is in charge of our Infrastructure? 

Who truly owns it and maintains it? 

And who really does the repairs? 

What type of emergency protocol do we have -  as in this case at Ingerson Street - where Shirley Jones makes her abode.

 There were more Police Cars - than emergency crews - who came to the scene.

City crews who can evaluate and repair such damage - stop the gushing water - clean drinking water wasted in the thousands of gallons.

All this when we have a severe drought.

Again before the Big One strikes - we need to divide our City in Quadrants.

Within the Quadrants smaller ones - a Chain of Command - with experts in charge in major fields - Doctors, nurses, engineers, electricians, plumbers, pastors - who all can address their field of expertise.

On another important level have heavy equipment ready - and engineers with maps - that they can have ready access to.

In this digital world. You send a peon to the site - and he does not know where his nose is?

 Then on top of that you have dispatch making harsh statements - to people affected - more a Senior Citizen who has served this City well - and treats her with disdain. This is totally uncalled for.

Missing in action in toto - Malia Cohen - this woman is something else - she has no clue - and she needs to go.

As for SF Public Utilities Commission - all we can do is pray for those in charge.

Most of them caught up in their own - madness - many of those in charge thinking with their "little head" - and allowing this growing madness - to consume and adversely impact - their sensibilities.

We have these minions from the East Bay - the like of Juliet Ellis who has no experience when it comes to logistic, less with emergency protocols, even less knowing about - Public Affairs.

She comes from the Non-Profit world - where they beg and pander.

Even as a so called Environmentalist  - which is my forte - never heard of such a character before - not worth the salt.

As often happens - such folks love pandering.

So called Black House Negroes - are fucking up everything - including those basic requirements and protocols - that are in place.

Making a mockery of  Quality of Life issues.

What once was a rather smooth running operation - with a better back up monitoring system - has now gone to the dogs - down the gutter into the cesspool of the SFPUC own creation.

We must have a better way - in this day and time to run our operations and address our emergencies and more our government.

This is Ohlone Land - and see what we have done with it - we talk the talk but fail - each and every time to walk the walk.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

Other important issues to note about the neighboring area - now known at Candlestick View: