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Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Let me sound the "clarion call" - it has been a long time coming - and time and those that count - are here in numbers - worthy and decent San Franciscans are on our side - all that is left - is that CLARION Call.

Judging from the prevailing "madness" - going on in San Francisco - no amount of cajoling will stop those that have decided - with plans afoot - to screw as many innocent people as they can.

For example the 16 wicked land lords - using their properties - to accommodate tourist - failing to pay back taxes - and hoodwinking - decent San Franciscans - all this in broad daylight.

Something, will give - and the time of action - is now.

There is a crisis when it come to decent and affordable housing -  more housing for low and no income constituents. Those that work very hard - two, three jobs to survive and pay their taxes are treated with disdain.

It is common now to rent a "couch" - a space on the floor - in this City and County of San Francisco - one of the richest in the world.

All the time over 30,000 housing units are vacant - because our SF Planning Department, the Department of Building Inspection, the Mayor's Office of Housing and Olson Lee - are pussy footing around.

Suffice to say thousands of rental units have been destroyed by folks like Academy of Art University - gobbling up buildings with rental units - that come under rent control - converting them to dormitories - to accommodate foreign students.

Once we lose this rent control units - and have lost them in the thousands - you can dream of the past - we have lost it all.

We have a population of about 805,000 today - and if we have lost 5000 rental units - why had there been no hue and cry. Even today the scum bags at City Hall - more the SF Board of Supervisors - have NO clue what I am talking - about.

The are suppose to represent - but, they are a disgrace to the human race - Malia Cohen, Jane Kim, London Breed, Scott Wiener, Katy Tang, and leading the pack - David Chiu.

This madness has been going on for years - and the SF Planning Department and John Rahaim has been fast asleep - allowing this madness to continue even now - at this late - date.

Our infants and children are suffering. One in three go to bed hungry.

One in two Seniors go to bed hungry.

Do you think - we must accept this - in this City and County of San Francisco - named after Saint Francis of Assisi?

This is Ohlone land - and the land was stolen - and I represent the Ohlone.

Out with those that are immoral, have no ethics, less standards - and are scum bags of the first order.

The sordid and putrid politics is too much - and there is NOT one single Supervisor ready to represent, well.

The Supervisors all with no exception are not educated on issues - spiritually weak in the knees - Jane Kim once thought nothing about respect our American Flag - until I think her godfather - told her to go with the flow.

They talk too much - Scott Wiener, Jane Kim, Malia Cohen, Katy Tang, London Breed and David Chiu.

On all fronts - more fronts that matter - on Housing,sound education, Transportation, Safety, Child Care, Health Care, Career Jobs - these good for nothing scum bags - talk a lot - but have nothing viable and sustainable to offer.

No one can hoodwink - all the people all the time - and the time for action is now.

Those that care for the people are many - we have heads of Departments now - coming to us for help.

It does not help that some are ganging and trying to get rid of our Fire Chief - Joanne White-Hayes.

Chief Joanne White- Hayes is for the people and that matters.

She works very hard and that matters.

We cannot say that of London Breed, less of Malia Cohen and less of those that are corrupt - sitting on the fence and do not want to take a stand for those that are decent and hard working.

We tax payers pay the salaries of these buffoons - stupid to the core - even though they attended some Jesuit institution - the University of San Francisco - got scholarships, pretending to be indigent - and learned nothing at all.

By inference - thousands that vote - the Irish are for us - and for our Fire Chief - Joanne White-Hayes.

Those that have traveled that path of trials and tribulations -  well known by those that wear Green and respect the Clover.

Many of us have stood shoulder to shoulder - all these many years - all over the world - less said more action - and we are ready.

The Polynesian - the Island People - are with us - and when we sound the "clarion call" - it will not be pretty - those pretending to to tell us they know nothing at all - of what we are talking about today - the discrimination, the disparities -  well you knew it - but you did not care.

The Latinos, Native Americans, the Black and Whites and the enlightened Asians - who in the past took orders from China Town.

In the recent years - now comprehending for the first time - the dictators can only do so much - each individual counts - more those educated on issues - and more on matters of choice and voting your conscience.

We see it in Hong Kong but we need that spirit right here in San Francisco. 

We must vote but we must exercise this great honor - with dignity - subjectively making sound decisions.

Having the ability to discern - not like those that pretend they know - read the notes - given to them by their minions - mostly unfit for other jobs - and hired by the City and County - through favoritism .

In voting following some SLATE -  following boiler  plate orders - some sordid format - that the corrupt use - to gain control.

There are hardened "morons" all paid by the tax payers.

Mayor, Edwin Lee, our City Administrator Naomi Kelly, can do good but have chosen to look the other side and take the easy route.

Other despicable so called leaders like those I have mentioned - that cannot represent - the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - who think we the people - are not educated and more astute - and further can teach the morons - a thing or two.

As I said time is on our side - and you make pinch yourselves and fail to understand - time is running out - and I have the pulse of the people at large.

The Transbay fiasco, the nonsense happening at the Old Schlage Lock Company on very contaminated land and the surrounding air that is toxic - filled with high levels of particulates.

The building of housing units on Parcel A - on very contaminated soil and with high levels of Asbestos Structures present in the air.

The high level of congestion on our City roads, disrespecting our Fire Chief who is doing her job - we the people - are not going to stand by and let the "morons" - tell us what to do - we are not - puppets.

Pushing with a nonchalant attitude the building of housing on toxic land at Pier 70 - not aware of toxic hot spots - over 4 Ammonia Spills hot spots.

1 million tons plus of coal tar that will cost in access of $500 million to clean up - and folks talking - as if all is well and endorsing such a contaminated - project - Forest Hill.

Joe Boss and Malia Cohen thinking we know little - when the voters will reject the Ballot that favors the development at Pier 70.

Never mind if the SF Port is pushing for his conceptual dream that will be their worst nightmare - following on the heels - of the Washington 8 project - the voters spoke their mind - loud and clear.

These fucking politicians are losing their mind.

Suffice to say - other more convoluted jerks - are trying to hoodwink the tax payers with other Ballot Measures - few of them vetted - in the neighborhoods - by the constituents who must be informed and more treated with respect.

Your vote is important - and more important is your conscience. Do you allow yourselves to be led by the demons - who purport to be on your side - but are devoid of decency, character, spineless - weak in the knees.

The constituents - busy trying to make a living - and those with money to burn - playing with our lives - on issues linked to health, safety, our food, our education, transportation, less focus on our education, our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our Seniors - less addressing Quality of Life issues.

In San Francisco how can our para-professional survive with making a meager $30,000 and less a year - with rental units going for over $3500 for a one bed room unit?

With food prices sky rocketing - everyone is feeling the pinch - milk, butter, fruit, fish, bread - you name it - go shopping and you will not be trilled. 

San Francisco once had representative that were compassionate - no more.

We have morons trying our patience - and when we act - it will not be pretty.

We will hit you where is counts.

It will be all non-violence - we have the expertise that you may think we do not have - but we do.

We brought the Rogue Developer Lennar Urban down - it fell on its face - and has been reeling - down, down, down the cesspool of its own creation.

The Sell outs know it - the well is dry - mostly the Black sell outs in the Bayview.

Nothing Lennar Urban touches - will be good - they are tying their best - and experiencing the - worst.

Mayor Edwin Lee must be a leader - who must  make decisions quickly - and with sound judgement.

Good leader know the way, show the way, and go the way.

No good - will ever come by  contaminating and raping the land -  hurting the people who live on Ohlone Land - the land that belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone - not the to corrupt who think they own it.

All these filthy Market Rate units - do not bring about a sense of progress - they bring no solace and peace.

We must work on project  - where all enjoy and participate - as is the American way.

Corruption and Greed are cancers - we see it a lot in San Francisco-  greed begets greed.

The forces that are trying to buy people with sordid and filthy money - bribes of a kind - will fail.

The will and have fallen flat on their faces. Make no bones about it. We must unite now - some of us have - others have forgotten the past - the Civil War and the consequences were harsh - millions died - and so did they - whenever - one had to stand for right - right here in San Francisco.

San Francisco knows better - and cannot succeed with the sordid representatives in place - many City officials - who pat their behinds and know little.

On many fronts that we are monitoring - millions are wasted.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - is slow with the Planing and Development of the Sewer System Improvement Project - the Digesters - a $2.6 Billion Project - under going Design and Planning - over 18 month have passed - and there has not been NO - progress report.

We, the people have proprietary technology and can bring about the necessary changes on this project. We speak up but we have NOT been accommodated - fairly.

We have participated from the initial stages - and are treated with disdain.

Well, we are reaching out - one more time - and will expose the current stagnation - lack of meaningful progress - that is lacking with Primes and Consultants raking in millions - and delivering nothing to the constituents.

We the tax payers are funding the $7 Billion - Sewer System Improvement Project - and we have crooks many of them embedded in the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - paid by us tax payers - doing nothing - nothing at all.

In the mean time the community is experiencing the worst type of "gentrification" and Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Willie L. Brown Jr., AECOM and others think - they can hoodwink us all - no way.

In all of the talk - our infants, our children, our youth, our young adult, our Elders are being adversely impacted.

SF Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) is all about fluff - spending bread crumbs to get some media attention - and failing us constituents - where it really counts.

Others embedded season crooks such as Juliet Ellis caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

Trying to funnel $200,000 to Green For All.

While on the SFPUC  pay roll - being paid by Green For All - still carrying on ploys and machinations - thinking all is well.

No, nothing is well - you and those minions from the East Bay - that work with you - must go. Fade into oblivion - you are no good - and the area you work in and visit - stinks to high heaven.

Mayor Edwin Lee has been slow to look into this situation about Juliet Ellis.

He will back some groups - and what is evident, has been evident for all decent people to judge.

He will look away pandering to some who are whispering sweet nothings in his ear. 

What is missing - both the Fair Political Action Committee and the SF Ethics Commission - declared that on several counts Juliet Ellis - had broken the law - so what is the Mayor waiting for?

The world wants to know.

And when I spell out the truth - the Mayor has told me - he has read the tirades - well, these are facts - to be told.

It behoves any one - speak to the TRUTH -  with morals, ethics, standards, a conscience to do the right thing.

In this City named after Saint Francis of Assisi  - but also Muwekm Ohlone Land - that I represent and can speak and write with authority. Aho.