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Saturday, October 4, 2014


It should not come as a surprise to those cutting ribbons at events - standing on the steps of City Hall - shallow and spineless and talking about events - that really do not display the best this great City and County of San Francisco - named after Saint Francis of Assisi - has to offer and display - for all to see.

They say we are a City that knows how - but, not anymore.

Judging from sordid and putrid issues - that some purport to affect all - but really are the maladies of a few - lost - lacking spirituality - and trying to point fingers at others.

The foundation and stability of leaders from a former time - has been eroded - and now perverse and shallow ways are eroding what once was admired - but no more.

Really, do you think we care for our children in Francisco?

Do you think we care for our youth and young adults?

If we did we would be thinking hard - what really is happening to our children - I mean infants and those up to the age of 5 years old - nothing much.

We have a population of over 150,000 dogs they get more attention. Feral cats and other cats more - feline in other forms - taking the stage and talking from both sides of their - mouth.

Some of us are watching you all - like a hawk. We will get you all on  the rebound. Make no bones about it - right now talk all you walk to talk - your day is coming - in fact has already - arrived.

Families must join together - and speak out - to all the "nonsense" these fringe groups push for.

These dysfunctional folks - not all but most - display their sordidness on the steps of City Hall - with the Mayor among them - talking about our tax payers money - being spent in the millions - without any meaningful deliberation - from all sides - the constituents of San Francisco that - matter.

I was in the MUNI bus the other day - when this woman who looked mean - wanted to take on this aged gentleman who needed a sit.

These obese woman took a full two seats and a half - and sat with an air that she owned the MUNI bus. Then she thought in broad daylight she could beat these elderly gentleman up - with all the passengers -  tolerating such nonsense.

I took out my iPhone and took her picture - and the next thing you know - at the next stop on Potrero Avenue - closer to 18th Street - she got down - and gave me the finger - on the way out.

I was not going to allow her - to beat an old man - and less tolerate such belligerence from an obese butch - suffering from inferiority complex - on many levels. Such acts happen on our MUNI bus, in other areas - all the time.

Someone is assuring such folks - mostly who have immigrated here from New York and elsewhere - that anything goes in San Francisco and California. Sorry  - you all are mistaken.

This type of attitude - thinking that because we embrace all - including those that cannot find solaces elsewhere - in many cities in the United States - do not take  our hospitality for granted.

Divisiveness and uncouth rudeness must stop and be nipped in the bud.

This is your clarion call - that those that think they can get away with murder - must realize the time to end your " uncouth ways more in the public areana is now".

We San Franciscans saw this in all its "sordidness" when some of these vicious individuals - ganged up against our Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi.

With intent trying their best to destroy his family - and having no consideration whatsoever for Ross and his wife - and more for his little son.

Thank God all over the world there are more individuals - blessed women and men - who care and are relish the union of being a real women and a real men - rearing and nurturing children - brought forth in a natural biological manner - infants, youth, and young adults that come into our world to be cared for - as God intended it to be.

It is not any different in San Francisco - the only malady of the moment - are these strange weirdos given center stage - bragging that the Mayor, Edwin Lee has increased their budget - it is not their budget - it is our tax payers money.

We have had no part in those deliberations - that is we tax payers - so the Mayor may sign some sordid document to give you all the money.

What is important is that you all - act and bring about some holistic - progress. If there is no spirituality in the equation - it is all for naught.

It is time the San Francisco Police Department - post on the Internet - the many domestic violence cases - among Queer folks in San Francisco.

If these statistics are posted - it is mind boggling.

These fights are horrific - often leading to stabbing, beatings, and things that cannot be written less mentioned.

In like manner the SF Police Department must post incidents that come under the title of Domestic Violence - among so called straight folks - and let us compare and see for ourselves - what really is happening in our City - Baghdad by the Bay.

You all will be surprised.

In our schools now some folks are pressuring our children to learn about issues that they should know about -  let our youth and young adults wait for the right time - and let their parents be part of the equation.

More when they are in their teens or perhaps older.

Adults cannot participate in brain washing - by laywomen and laymen -  without the consent of the parents or those that are put in charge of our children, youth, and young adults.

Most tax payers, constituents of San Francisco are not aware of these sordid practices.

So with fortitude and steadfastness - we must unite to fight these evil forces - who seek lustful pleasure and push for actions that are NOT acceptable - against norms and standards - proven to bring about good character and more stability of the mind, body, and soul.

The many Queer youth that are suffering in San Francisco should be given solace more in their teens.

Some years ago - I would befriend a few of them - take them out to some eating place - and try to understand their concerns.

The concerns were many - the most important being - they had no long term place to live - some continuity so that that they could make sense of their newly found freedom in San Francisco.

Tom Ammiano, Mark Leno, Harry Britts, others too many to mention did all in their power - to help the Queer youth - today we have David Campos - but, not Scott Wiener - that person is as strange as they come.

Scott Wiener - trying to prevent the Queer youth from gathering in a private park in the Castro. None of his business but yet there he was pontificating.

So, Mayor Edwin Lee what are you really doing for our Queer youth?  Do you have time to meet a delegation - before you say stuff - when all the Mayors meet in San Francisco - next year?

We need good housing for our Queer youth - on a War Footing - and we are watching you - what you will do?

So Mr Mayor - Edwin Lee what are you doing for our infants - our children ages one to five.

The parents need help and you and your "domestic violence afferents" - are getting on our nerves - talking about their relationships and by inference - hating men - and creating - hostility.

Rent some auditorium and do your thing - stop contaminating the air-waves and pushing down your sordid ways down our throats.

It will not work - in fact - it is plain disgusting. Just watch your deliberations on television - not becoming at all.

What are you Mr Mayor doing about the on going Violence in our City and County of San Francisco?

Where is your Blue Print - and who are your point persons - who can explain to us - what really is happening and who really is in charge to execute - the Blue Print? Who is fooling - whom?

Alice Griffith also known as Double Rock is a cesspool.

 Over 30 million dollars is slated to improve that area - so what are you going to do - to those families - that a put - and think it is their fiefdom? 

The carry out violence and try to undo the good work of those that putting their lives on the line.

Do you think we can have a focus meeting for 45 minutes - with you and Chief of Police present - do not bring your minions - who purport to know something about violence prevention and more intervention - and know little if nothing at all.

Let us pow wow - just for 45 minutes - and put an end to the nonsense - happening - all over our great City - which must be know for good things and not the negative that you and some are contaminating the air-waves with.

All this in the land of the Muwekma Ohlone - land that was stolen, contaminated - and now we display the "sordidness" on our air-waves - we have taken it to another levels - and shamed ourselves - a few shaming the rest of us.

Fourteen year children - now taking matters into their hands - affecting entire neighborhoods - the killings.

Our San Francisco Unified School District has no Blue Print - their Safety Officers - marking time - they do not know who will bring a gun to school - and set the stage on fire.

Teachers at the San Francisco Unified School District treated with disdain. No one is paying real attention to them and more to their salaries. Para-professionals fed up - with the shenanigans - who will right the wrong?

 All the time while Salesforce and others - hoodwinking our children with iPads - the scores still the lowest in the Nation - and still lower still - when you compare to some other countries.

In mathematics, physics, chemistry, sociology, anthropology - subjects that make good engineers, civic conscious individuals - astute women and men.

Creators and innovators - that we have in the Bay Area - but if you delve hard - most from other countries.

Right now there is to much FLUFF - and we know it  - congestion on our streets, thousands of children failing to attend schools, thousands of families - father, mother, and children - leaving San Francisco.

Artists fed up - the rents are high and so are the non-profits - we are striving to do something - as long as we can think outside the box - but surving.

We have billionaires in our City of San Francisco - but they will not invest in our poorer neighborhood - where in some hot-spots the unemployment rate is in the double digits.

Our City Department heads, the City Administrator, others are sitting on a time bomb - their true colors will be exposed - much like the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. 

No one knows what is happening to Mountain Tunnel, less Calavares - someone wants to take me for a tour - I have been there we did the scaffolding, we did the fencing - with all the sub-contractors - our young adult from Bayview and surrounding area did the job.

We had to travel 150 miles each way and we did it for over six months. This City is a joke - taking credit for the work and concepts other do. Like the Contractors Center - other ideas that you give this "idiots" - to view on a platter - and nothing much - happens.

In the construction industry the Contracting Monitoring Division has no clout - thousands of outsiders come - rake in the millions - and leave.

On another note there are folks who want to remove our Fire Chief - Joanne Hayes White.

These firemen and women - most of whom do not live in our City - must be cognizant that you are paid by the tax payers of San Francisco - if you live outside you do not vote here in San Francisco.

So listen to me - if you are paid by us tax payers - learn to live and abide by some rules. For sure you folks do not vote in San Francisco - so be happy you have a job. Also comprehend you are NOT a true constituent.

If you think - it is too hot in the kitchen - get the fuck out of San Francisco.

Stay away from ploys and machinations - trying to remove our Fire Chief - Joanne Hayes White.

We have thousands of constituents - tax paying San Franciscans - that will NO tolerate your nonsense - more when the time comes to vote.

The Ambulance fiasco has been an on going one - and the congestion on the streets is not the making of our Fire Chief. 

The buying of new ambulances - is the making of the Mayor, Edwin Lee - tell him to create the fiscal means to procure  and working with the City Administrator and others like the SF Police Chief - Gregory Suhr - who can make things happen.

This crap about arbitrarily forcing our Fire Chief out will not work - just like ganging on our Sheriff who won more votes than anyone in that election - no one is paying attention to this fact.

We the tax payers - have had a lot of patience - and some of us that attended the many meetings linked to the trials and tribulations of the Sheriff, Ross Mirkarimi know what it means to be targeted.

We know the Machine and all about a "thug Mayor and others " more like Ali Baba and the forty thieves.

We few understand the workings of those "sordid" - appointments on Commissions - trying to create divisiveness - it will not work.

When is comes to the revolution at the ballot box - we will win - make no bones about it - and those steeped - in their sordidness - will have no excuses - but to move out of the way.

It is as simple as that - they will have to move out of the way.

That stage and all the fluff that now floats - will sink the cesspool  - its own gravity taking hold itself to the bottom of the cesspool. 

God made this Earth and all therein was good - we cannot some - the "sordid' steeped in greed, lust, and other foul elements - ruin it for all of us.

More for our infants, our children ages one to five - our youth and young adults - all of them are kept in dark. We are incurring expenses - expanding resources - we want our youth and young adults - to pay for our folly - and think all is well. Who is fooling whom? 

The time to act and remedy this malady is now.