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Thursday, October 30, 2014


We, San Franciscans are blessed to have won three world championships in baseball - in the last five years - 2010, 2012, and 2014.

Madison Bumgarner literally took it upon himself to control the game - more in the later part of the game.

With a little help from Pablo Sandoval  (Panda) who has created a niche - as a world class - third baseman - who makes good things - happen.

Some say now as a "free agent" our beloved may move on - judging from what the authorities say - Panda will stay - we know how to treat right - those that deliver with  "dignity". Panda has won three  world series with the Giants.

Hunter Pense a powerhouse of "pure joy" and Buster Posey - salient signals - making magic - happen - before our very, eyes.

This seventh game that most feared  -was as routine matter for the Giants manager  - Bruce Bochy - calm and recollected - his mind is full of nuances so subtle and so inspiring - that it baffles the minds of those - that wonder - how he pulls it off - again and again - more with his back against the wall.

While most were worried - certainly most fans did not take to heart to the 10-0 loss to the Royals - the day before.

Giants manager -Bruce Bochy has a way to communicate with his players - they know him and he knows them - and when the time comes to deliver - magic takes over.

I am not die heart baseball fan - I understand it some - I understand more a pitcher that has laser beam focus and with pitches, reaching ninety five miles - the over sixty eight pitches - in game 7 - and fifty of them strikes - by Madison Bumgarner - is something - that will do down in history.

What a arm and what a focus - a world class pitcher - and I saw it happen - and have a better love for the game of baseball.

Kudos to Hunters Pense, Pablo Sandoval (Panda), Buster Posey, Jake Peavy, Tim Hudson, but most of all to Madison Bumgarner - what a class act.

In this 3-2 win over the Royals who tired their best and beat the Giants 10-0 - just a day before.

It was no mean feat for the Giants to face the Royals on their own home field in Kansas City - and prove to the world  - who truly deserved to win - the world championship - under circumstances that most other teams - would pale.

The San Francisco Giants beat the Kansas Royals - and beat them royally.

Again Bruce Bochy - using a mix of subtle changes in the batting line up.

Brought in Madison Bumgarner - our hidden talent and supreme force - the best pitcher ever - who proved again - that San Francisco and our beloved Giants - are the best, ever. 

We will have the parade on Friday - City Hall and most other venues in the City by the Bay - will see a lot of orange - three world championships - in five years - and more to come.

Kudos to Larry Baer, the entire Giants staff who do such a great job - the grounds folks, the security folks - the many behind the scene that we forget - that I as an organizer know - sacrifice so much - when such a victory comes - what a relief!

130 years of Giants baseball -  the New York Giants won the world baseball championship in 1905, 1921, 1922, 1933, and 1954.

The San Francisco Giant won the world championship in 2010, 2012, and now in 2014.

Go Giants!