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Friday, October 17, 2014


There are some nefarious sleuths - so called "policy makers" who are busy planning to deprive the constituents of San Francisco - what we have enjoyed for a long time - clean drinking water, a watershed that we have preserved and free from much - contamination.

Good housing, sound Health services - and Safety for all of those constituents from San Francisco - that deserve the best.

We, San Franciscans had access to reasonably price rent controlled housing - affordable to most - a one and two bed room - no more.

A one bed room unit - now rents for over $3500.

The state of of our Public School is one that needs a lot of work - there is more talk and less action at the SF Unified School District Board.

Each SF Unified School Board member - each one vying with a hidden agenda - and none fully meets the requirements of the thousands of parents - who are constantly - stressed.

In the last 5 years - over 30,000 families left San Francisco - and this is a crying shame. We have a population of 805,000 - go figure.

Our infrastructure is old - very old - 85 plus years old - and it is common for huge pipes carrying clean drinking water - to burst open and spill - millions of gallons of water.

Our sewer pipes - more - in our dual system - carrying rain, the run off and sewer  -  many of these sewer pipes - compromised.

Recently we have had so many huge spills - millions of clean drinking water, wasted. Millions of sewer water - compromising our pristine - watershed.

We, San Franciscans - are experiencing our worst drought - and the nonchalant - San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - does not have much to say - but, nod their head - in dismay when the truth is revealed to them.

San Francisco is surrounded on three sides by water - once that expanse of water - was bigger - no more.

The Bay was in-filled and what we have today - has major constrictions - the engineering required is there - but, what is lacking is the leadership.

From the many fields from Sacramento and all the way to the San Francisco Bay - millions of tons of pesticides, PCB, mercury, lead, home pesticides, oil- spill residue, you came it - come and settle down in our Bay.

Our Bay is contaminated - with mercury mostly from the run-off from the many Mercury Mines - that have long been non-operational.

More, pesticides of all kinds, dog, cat, and other animals feces, residue from the many factories dealing with chrome operations - and other toxic operations.

The Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is a major culprit that leeches - millions of gallons of contaminants - mostly laden with high level of radioactive elements - leeching into the Bay.

The United States Navy is full responsible for the abatement, mitigation, and clean up - but this is not the case.

First we had International Technology not doing the clean up - stealing $300 million and declaring bankruptcy. Now we have Tetra Tech - crooks of the first order - got sending high level radioactive dirt - Class One - to our local landfills - that are not suppose to handle such contaminated - dirt.

Half-raw sewage spilling into our creeks - and ultimately making its way to the Bay - and causing all sorts - contamination and adverse impacts.

For the longest time the Mirant Power Plant and the Hunters Point Power Plant  - polluted the Bay and the environment - in the Bayview Hunters Point area - with lead, mercury, other dangerous chemicals.

Soot and dangerous particulates - spewing out of their tall stacks - and the City and County of San Francisco - turned a blind eye.

We advocates took a stand - and closed these polluting power plants - using mostly fossil fuel.

The struggle was long - and demanded thousands of man hours, sacrifice - with no help from the City and County of San Francisco, less from the SF Health Department and even less from the then City Department of Environment. 

Both power plants are now deactivated - but when they were active - they adversely impacted the lives of thousands.

The respiratory diseases in the Bayview Hunters Point Area and the Southeast Sector - is the greatest.

The San Francisco Health Department - has the empirical data - but it does want to address the present situation - on a War Footing.

In the meantime our infants, children, youth, young adults, and most elders continue to suffer - all this in San Francisco - one of the richest cities in the world.

Environmentalist from all over the world are even prizes by the mostly Zionists - who are amassed great wealth - among them Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein - the Goldman Foundation, others to many to name.

None of them look at their back yard - and the horrendous amount of damage done to our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our elders - those who compromised health - immunity. 

It is the same with increase of major heart attacks in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

Tumors of all sorts, still child-birth is on the increase - and with abject poverty - prostitution and an increase of Sexual Transmitted Diseases.

If there is freak accident and we get an Ebola case in the Bayview Hunters Point - it will take weeks - before our SF Health Department - can first trace the cause - and secondly curtail any further damage.

We do NOT have a Toxilogist on the SF Department of Health payroll - and most people who talk the talk cannot walk the walk.

It is not as if University of California San Francisco will come to our rescue.

They will not - everyone wants funding - and everyone wants one to have - insurance.

In other words - if you are ready to pay - you will be seen at the hospital - otherwise - no one cares.

The SF Health Commission pontificates a lot - with the Director of the SF Health Hospital - Barbara Gracia and others - talking from both sides of their mouth.

In the interim - those who address Violence Prevention and Violence Intervention - on the SF Department of Health Payroll - most people of color - are discriminated.

This nonsense must STOP.

Our infrastructure is vulnerable - and infectious diseases have spread quickly and we have NOT been able to stop them - having vaccines - and in many case where Penicillin and other proven medicines and vaccines were available and effective - today, we are got in a dubious - situation.

However, now with limited access - with people asked to show their insurance documents.

All sorts of documentation is being asked for.

We have seen an increase in discrimination and patients told to go elsewhere - told to fend for themselves.

Consider diseases like Ebola - in such a scenario - this happened in Texas too. This Black immigrant went for help - and was sent home. It will happen in San Francisco - with a large immigrant population - that do not have - insurance.

Charity care in all the hospitals are stalled - at a minimum - and this is what the people are experiencing.

Those that have a better "Health Insurance" - have to pay more - far more.

Every year - the Insurance Companies - increase the premiums - they take the money - and then inform you.

Your option - use their insurance benefits - or go seek something - else.

The SF Health Department with a $2 Billion budget has been caught off guard - and with the poor leadership - today is bound to drown in the "cesspool" of its own creation.

The Sewer System Improvement Project is taking its own time with certain Primes - raking in the millions.

The smaller more astute contractors - are superficially taunted that there is work available - but when the time comes - stale, bread crumbs are thrown in their way.

One contractor having a Job Order Contract with SF Public Utilities Commission - after trying his best - umpteen times - was given a small job worth $10,000 - to fix some ceiling tiles - that Webcor a big prime - failed to address in the first place.

WEBCOR, AECOM, URS, JACOBS other Prime Companies - play to pay - Platinum Consultants.

It is amazing to meet - the so called movers and shakers - at the SF Public Utilities Commission - who participate in doling these contracts - one worst than the other.

The $4.7 Water System Improvement Project - is nearing completion.

The huge reservoirs within our City and County - be it at University Mound, the Sunset Reservoir, the one named the Sutro Reservoir.

The many water tanks that also hold water - one by McClaren Park on Manzell Street - the other visible at Protrero Hill - and there are others - all planned by those that went - before us.

Plans are afoot without any meaningful discussion - without giving the constituents a say - to introduce "ground water" - to compromise our clean - Hetch Hetchy water.

In the interim million of gallons of clean drinking water is used to flush our toilet. This must stop - we cannot abuse "Hetch Hetchy" water - the time to make the change is now - grey water to flush our toilets.

All the thousands of brand new units - should be mandated to use "grey water" to flush their toilets.

Also, the newer buildings - must pay more for clean drinking water - and the same hold good for - sewer services - and recycling services.

With all the talk - our Sewage Treatment Plants both at Oceanside - below the San Francisco Zoo and the one on Phelps Street in the Bayview - have been compromised by Sea Level rise.

Plans are afoot to address this situation - but, first those policy makers want to speed "gentrification".

The most disgusting factor to watch - are Blacks - those of the ilk of Willie L. Brown Jr., and others too many to name - all Black - are causing unfettered - damage.

We have sufficient energy from our two main sources the Jefferson - Martin Transmission Line - and the DC line from Pittsburg - Potrero. 

We consume about 980 MeggaWatts. 

We bringing in a 1000 MeggaWatts from the Jefferson-Martin line - and another 400 MeggaWatts from the Pittsburg-Potrero line.

We generate closer to 80 MeggaWatts - from solar and other sources - hydro-electricity from Hetch Hetchy.

Not once - have we had a transparent discussion. We are always talking in circles. Evaluated all our sources of generation - found out who is really in charge - compared the unit prices.

Do we have a Blue Print for a short term plan, a long term plan - or that the same "crooks" - the "policy makers" - taking money from the pro and con - and fooling us all - watching the - buffoonery.

 We continue in San Francisco to mention about Community Choice Aggregation in a nonchalant manner.

Np one has the capacity to deliver any viable and sustainable plan more less sound - leadership.

Some of us advocates have "proprietary technology" and can help the SF Public Utilities Commission - who toot their horn - and think they have the best technology - with little meaningful discussion with the community at large - time will tell.

Right now - at the rate we are going - our Quality of Life issues - are compromised.

Our Carbon Footprint has been increase in recent years by over 40 percent - the increase in particulates, the increase from all the over 65 projects - generating Carbon Dioxide - over 600,000 tons of Carbon Dioxide from Methane Gas - spewing from the landfills - mostly in the Southeast Sector - who is fooling whom.