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Tuesday, September 30, 2014


We all remember well when over 58,000 bodies from the Vietnam War landed on our shores - and how those of us that remember - hated that botched War.

Many of these dead bodies landed in San Francisco - and were processed at the Presidio of San Francisco - and the Letterman Army Medical Center - played an important role - in the post mortem process.

The Vietnam was a botched war and we learned little from that war.

Guerrilla war is not for the faint of heart - and mostly those who understand the terrain well - are best suited for the many surprises - from those that best use hand to hand combat - sleuth operations - that take one by utter surprise with horrendous casualties.

We saw this in Kuwait and Iraq during Desert Storm and Desert Shield - fine sand - like powder jamming equipment and playing havoc - with our operations and action. 

In that war our superior tanks and our stellar United States Air Force and Army and Navy - were no match for Saddam Hussein.

We defeated Sadam Hussein, saved Kuwait - and proceed to go back home - leaving Sadam Hussein - reeling with defeat - we had no mandate from the United Nations - to go to to Baghdad - and finish him off.

However, many soldiers who participated in Desert Shield - Desert Storm - went in healthy and returned suffering from adverse impacts.

Exposed to toxic material and air - known best as the Gulf Syndrome - it took us over 10 years to get some acknowledgement - to help our soldiers.

Our soldiers found - "mustered gas" - other cans of toxic material used in war - all labeled - Made In America. We know this - but we do not know this.

Since I was involved in this war - I know many details - and the more I think about the many soldiers I knew - the more I get flashbacks that do not make me feel good - about that war - the war we named Desert Shield - Desert Storm.

That war lasted fewer than two months - but in that brief period - the consequences borne by our beloved United States soldiers - women and men - was horrendous.

To this day many of them exposed to toxic materials - suffer - and that pain and suffering - know no bounds. They are women and men - who served our Nation - and still to this day - are slow to receive good care and less quality - services.

It was the first time - during Desert Shield and Desert Storm - Reservists went to war in very large numbers.

Our women soldiers played an unique role - with astute logistics and transportation. Often fighting the enemy - when surrounded by the enemy - and doing more than well.

We. further ventured to Afghanistan and that mountain terrain played havoc with our soldiers. 

Add to that the many poppy fields and other fields - where the Afghan enemy - laid in wait - played havoc with our soldiers.

It is not easy getting familiar to the various terrain, climate, difficulties - and the true soldier will tell you that - but, the policy makers mostly - "drab politicians" - know little abut the many difficulties that our soldiers endure.

More their families - when they return from their many tours - mentally, physically, and psychologically adversely - harmed.

Many wounded serious from bombs injuries - it too us ages to re-enforce our Hummers - provide better detecting devices - to prod and find the bombs hidden on roads and by ways.

We learned little from Vietnam, still less from our brief encounter with the enemy in Kuwait.

When we when to Iraq the second time - the enemy was there waiting for us - hardened in Afghanistan and the frontier territories between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

In Iraq our beloved United States soldiers suffered too many injuries - and one has just to visit Walter Reed Hospital - to understand and more to ponder - why do we treat our soldiers - with such disdain.

It took years - as many as 10 years before - we got to the bottom - heads of the Veterans' Administration making promises to do this and that - but with intent - creating "fake schedules".

Fake schdules - that put hundreds if not thousands of innocent veterans - women and men - in harms way.

It saddens me - more makes me very angry - many good women and men - had to put their lives in harms way - for the love of our Nation.

Ten had to wait - "Waiting for Godot" - died - simply because our Nation - FAILED to help them - in due time - failing to provide the best  medical aid - we as a Superpower could have - but did not.

We are a Superpower -  what Superpower  fails its warrior citizens?

Citizens from mostly poor families - who are prodded to go to war - put in harms way.

Come home to the United States - injured - in many cases losing their limbs, an eye, loss of hearing - and the Veterans Administration failing to provide our warriors - with much needed, urgent, and qualitative medical treatment.

I have spoken to many soldiers - and I know what I am talking about.

Our United States soldiers must be given the best treatment - and those in power know that they have failed our soldiers - and must be ashamed of themselves. This is not easy to state - but someone must - and in due time.

At the Presidio of San Francisco we once had two well established medical facilities - the Letterman Army Medical Center (LAMC) - and the Letterman Army Institute of Research (LAIR).

Both these institution have a stellar record having served and cared for our soldiers - during the many past wars.

Often time when visitors - would come to the Presidio and I worked for Sixth U.S. Army and Presidio of San Francisco - I would accompany the tourists to these institutions.

Those that were cared for in these hospitals - the many wounded soldiers - in the course of many years.

Many in the main buildings - others in smaller buildings - always had something special to reveal to me.

Often shedding tears - much like when I accompanied them to the Veterans Cemetery also situated in the middle of the Presidio of San Francisco. Precious moments - that one treasures - all one's life. 

We in San Francisco have forgotten the role played by the Presidio of San Francisco. More about the role played by Letterman Army Medical Center (LAMC) and Letterman Army Institute of Research (LAIR).

 Our politicians those that are now on the SF Board of Supervisor - drab, inept, shallow, and spineless - know little - many of them - nothing at all.

I have mentioned them before - and will not taint this article by mentioning their names.

We do have an active Veterans Hospital in San Francisco- but it is nothing compared to the quality of care that LAMC and LAIR offered.

Added care provided by the doctors and interns from the University of California San Francisco - provide some quality service and medical care.

The many doctors at LAMC knew me.

I got to know - a lot about the Letterman Army Medical Center and the Letterman Army Research Institute - totally forgotten because of - sordid politics in San Francisco.

Closer to home we cared for thousands of soldiers - all these many years and we did well.

Born of War - the Sixth U.S. Army and Presidio of San Francisco - that I served and love - won many battles - and many of them with segregated Japanese United States Citizens - fighting for the United States,

Segregated Blacks fighting for our Nation - the famed all Black Buffalo Soldiers - and more.

Sixth U.S. Army did well in the Pacific Theater - and I have documentaries that I watch - again and again - that always being tears to my eyes. Long live Sixth U.S. Army - that once was headquartered at the Presidio of San Francisco - deactivated in the year 1999.

Our soldiers must always be given the best.

To this day - our Congress has been very slow - our President could have issued an Executive Order - to speed up the care of our soldiers. 

Instead we spend millions - bombing and maintaining war weapons and equipment - and failing to care for our soldiers.

It had to take some deep investigative report to reveal that officials high up - in the Veterans' Administration.

Some of whom are still pandering - were instrumental - in failing to provide medical care on time - that led to the slow and painful death - of our injured and suffering soldiers. More casualties from Iraq and Afghan - wars.

The families of the injured soldiers, their friends, their supporters - have endured a lot.

All the while some politicians have fought hard for our soldiers - not those that pander - unlike those that fill their own political campaign coffers. We have a couple in San Francisco - they proclaim they represent - but their are the scum of the earth.

If we dare put our United States soldiers in harms way - we must provide them and their families with the best.

Also change the mentality associated with the two words Government Issue (GI) - those days are over - and times have drastically, changed.

Our Military Officials at the very top - need to provide the best services - to those that put their lives on the line.

President Barack Hussein Obama once again revealed to us - that we have underestimated ISIS or ISIL.

We with our billions spent on intelligence - underestimated ISSI or ISIL - well, what am I to say.

God Bless America and God Bless our United States Soldiers and those that support them in any way. 

Our United States soldiers - in the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines - the Special Forces and others too many to name - deserve the best and they all deserve the best - now.