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Thursday, June 5, 2014


We cannot just go on contaminating our land in San Francisco and then pretend to address the Carbon Footprint, and talk about Greening and other forms of progress - in San Francisco - without empirical data. Also failing to respect the Ohlone whose land this is - that was stolen from them - and on top of that make a mockery of this and that - when someone with intent - contaminated the land. Who is fooling whom?

We know that some policy makers - are wasting millions of dollars - stupid decisions and arrogance reigns supreme in many quarters - just because these fools have tax payers money in the Billions to spend - and they keep wasting - millions. All tax payers money - with little to no - accountability and transparency.

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) money give grants to entities that have nothing to do with the Sewer System Improvement Project - have nothing to do with factors that improve San Francisco in general - pandering and wasting tax payers money.

All the time - in the interim - we waste Hetch Hetchy pristine drinking water - millions of gallons of precious water - our aged clean water pipes - leaching - long over due for total replacement.

Even within the City of San Francisco - we have not met our goals - every time a question is asked - we have excuses. We have our City agency - who are polluters - but because they are not trained to collect the data and more to study the data - no one bothers - and so the damage is done.

Gone are the days - one could talk the talk and try to sell - snake oil. We have folks like that now in our City - corrupt to the core - and even though the Ethics Commission has warned them - continue to cause damage - and adversely impact our great City of San Francisco.

We have 47 hills that we know - some say 54.

Those that should have kept records on our hills, streams and river and lakes - did a poor job. 

These catchment areas and the valleys are long gone. The many streams and rivers that we had once - all contaminated in large measure - and portions of rivers now running underground - they must be brought on ground and day lighted.

The concrete and the asphalt now cover most of San Francisco - shaming Mother Earth. The asphalt, concrete, the many contaminants that are washed into our dual sewer system is horrendous. These many chemicals and waste of all kinds - they pollute, contaminate, and send contamination of the worst kind - down our manholes - to our treatment plant - and half-treat so called secondary effluents - into the Bay.

We have empirical data about this - but, no one really cares.

Add the pooh of the over 12,000 dogs that reside in our City.

More cats and other kind of pets - some very small and other large - a large portion of their excrement -  goes to the three treatment plans - one at North Beach, the other near the San Francisco, Zoo - and of course the aged and failing Phelps Sewage Treatment in the Bayviw - that takes in the sewage from the Presidio, 80% of the San Francisco's sewage, that of Daly City, Brisbane, and so on forth - and few know about this - fact.

From Twin Peaks to Islais Creek once ran rivers and streams - right by Dolores Park - and even now if you visit the Mission High School - you can hear the stream running - if you are permitted to go to the basement of school - and check it out.

At the Presidio still runs the Lobos Creek - and Riparian efforts have restored the El Polin Springs - also in the Presidio of San Francisco. Giving those that care - what once was found all over San Francisco.

It is a shame when because of greed we destroyed and contaminated our streams, our rivers, demolished our many hills, large ample of acres once covered our great City - that was before the strangers came here and screwed it all. Now, we have so called experts - talking from both sides of their mouth.

It is a JOKE to hear these black and whites folks speak and no history. The mentality of these folks - defies logic and what is more - is a slap on the face - decency, standards, ethics, sound education in no where on their horizon. And the make good money - spewing diatribe - but let us see - how long this nonsense goes on.

June 19 is a day most Blacks that have some sense of history - gathered in places to remember - the day slaves were free - but Texas was slow to receive the news. Years later it did - and in Texas and is other places - as it will be in San Francisco - Juneteenth will celebrated.

One June 19, 2014 as if it does not matter - Juliet Ellis and her team - will hold one of their Green Meeting - at the Hall of Flowers at Golden Gate Park - another slap to Blacks - and another sign of lack of sensitivity. 

Today this City and County of San Francisco which has over 36,000 trees that the City has come to a conclusion it cannot take care off. We now have mandated the owners of the homes in our City - where the trees are - to take care of the trees.

When it comes to our trees and to the trees we plant in our City -  there is no planned maintenance - viable and sustainable measures in place - and  no one worth the salt - wants to talk about this situation at hand.

You many plant a plant - you need to nurture it - water it and maintain it - speak less of doing something - and act and do what is right by all our trees.

The trees do not speak - but one single tree can contribute a lot - in terms of the higher standards of the environment. Some know about this but most are ignorant of the basic facts.

There is talk about Greening - but no one wants to take care of the large Watershed - from Lobos Creek to Lake Merced.

It took the advocates who love Lake Merced to come up with a report - that they paid for - only for those that should take care of Lake Merced to mock the report.

Shower disdain for those that should have been lauded. We have been following the deliberations - going to the meetings - and watching the crooks like a hawk.

 All the while those at Recreation and Park - the SFPUC - the City and County of San Francisco - those policy make - continue to make small talk - spew diatribe and do nothing.

Now, suddenly the crooks - when they smell - forget about history - forget about those advocates who do real work, forget about those that love our City - crooks get the money - and it is very concerning that Juliet Ellis is in charge - of making some decision when she is not ethical and has no standards.

The very corrupt  who cannot fathom the worth of our Watershed want to tap into the large Watershed - without a Blue Print that has been vetted - by the public at large.

We have educated and astute constituents in San Francisco that know more than the City knows - and especially more than the crones who earn large salaries - and are corrupt - many of them working at SFPUC.

The large Watershed that we have not tapped  for a long time - because of the ample pure water we get from Hetch Hetchy which caters to our needs. We have a population of about 805,000 - day time population - a million and a half.

We need to listen and more work with folks like Gregory Braswell and  Yoseph Ashur to address the matters above. Some of us do not know the role they played and less about their experience. There are crooked people - with no education - they have access to information but no education - messing our City and County of San Francisco.

If these idiots want to debate me - let us have a open forum - it will give me an opportunity to expose the many levels of corruption that is going on in our City and County of San Francisco.

The youth and young adults are fed up. That is what they tell me all the time. Our City Fathers are testing their patience - but not for long.

Even at Hetch Hechy we have failed miserably by failing to upgrade Mountain Tunnel - we spent over $4.6 on the Water System Improvement Project - and are still dealing with Calavares - because we were not careful - failed to take the proper action at the proper time - linked to Mountain Tunnel.

Julie LaBonte did what she always did best - stay under the radar - and jumped ship - when it was hot in the kitchen. She was the former Project Manager of the area and the project linked to Hetch Hetchy and Calavares.

It is the same with Juliet Ellis - I saw her recently talking from both sides of her mouth - at 1800 Oakdale - the woman is shallow and inept and a disgrace to anything decent.

Juliet has no history, less facts, does not have access to empirical data and even when that is given to her - her cannot figure out the basics. She has less engineering expertise - knows nothing about hydrology and other issues that are pertinent to the Sewer System Improvement Project - yet she is on the front line - pretending that she does. Juliet Ellis a transplant from the East Coast and from the East Bay - knows less about gathering information, discern and filtering the right information and even less analyzing the information linked to the Carbon Footprint, contaminants, the make other environmental issues the plague the Southeast Sector .

As far as character is concerned Juliet Ellis should have been fired - for her misdeeds - with intent funneling over $200,000 to Green For All. She worked for them before working for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

Those who openly say the Juliet Ellis plays a vital role in the workings of the SFPUC must be out of their mind. Time for the Federal Bureau to step in - and charge her under the RICO ACT.

She dared  bring her supporters to come and defend her at the Ethic Commission. Creating a commotion - disrupting the hearing - and proving to the public at large that they had NO manners.

There is nothing good about Juliet Ellis - when it comes to morals, ethics, standards, and plain etiquette.

We must always remember that this land is Ohlone Land - and the land belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone.

 I represent them and so I monitoring these good for nothing jerks - who pretend they know something little about Greening, about the Carbon Footprint, about things Riparian - when all of them are far from capable - understanding the basics.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission for years - use to release Methane Gas from the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant. Tons of Methane gas in a residential area in the Bayview.

One ton of Methane Gas - equals twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide. Juliet Ellis would not know about this - she does know about dividing the community. Creating the worse kind of divisiveness and all this will and must come to an end.

No one who is not connected with the daily operations of the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building should be housed in the trailers - by 1800 Oakdale.

The trailers were paid for by tax payers money - to house the operations linked the 1800 Oakdale  operations - the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building - and not some non-profit that panders to Juliet Ellis and her cronies. 

There is this in your face defiance and we who are watching will see how far the SFPUC plays this game.

No non-profit however noble should be operating in those trailers - at  the expense of the tax payers. No favors - and no right in your face - defiance.

This matter was brought to a higher ups attention who is in charge of the area and the site and the trailers - but again - open defiance.

The land belongs to the Ohlone - and not a mention about them in all the vain talk linked to the Water System Improvement Project. The same with the Sewer System Improvement Project.

The resources were stolen and this is recorded.

The Raker Act of 1913 spelled it all out - the hydro-electricity was to be used by San Franciscans - aiding the Municipal and Military operations.

This mandate has been negated by policies that go against the Raker Act of 1913.

The pristine Hetch Hetchy waters are used now more for flushing the commodes, swimming pools, the many tech companies and other industries - and for less money. Who is fooling whom? 

You stole the land, you stole the water, and do not follow the mandates and the policies - and now you think you can fool us all - by creating a Commission, some committees, some Work Group - shenanigans, machinations, and ploys.

These fools who have no history, less the ability to discern, creating Working Groups - no one in the Group is an engineer, no one is an Environmentalist, people are put on the Group who have just come from New York, some are on that group who are sell outs - doing the bidding of those at City Hall - who have no experience what so ever.

We must always remember that the land belongs to the indigenous people - the First People - the Native Americans - this Nation once called Turtle Island.

The San Francisco area and beyond - belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone. The Ohlone maintain this land and all there was that flourished. Then came the Strangers and messed it all. Aho.

We are watching you all like a H A W K .