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Sunday, June 15, 2014


Under our so called watchful eye - right now - three or four seasoned Iranian Revolutionary Guard battalions who are in Iraq - are helping the failing regime of Nouri al-Maliki who has let down this people through corruption and nepotism.

Very little has reported about these season guards - Quds Force - much like our season Special Forces -  who have and can put the fear of God when they attack the ISIS renegades - who are aware of them and avoid them at all cost.

The ISIS renegades fled the seasoned Iranians guards - better known as the Quds Force - who have already taken back 85% of Tikrit. How exactly this was done - is something our Intelligence Forces are gathering - but little if nothing at all - available on the Main Media. Always keeping the tax payers, the constituents that must know - in the dark.

Our Main Media keeps feeding us stale news - but no one but the better independent news outlets have confirmed what some of us receive from independent and trustworthy news sources.

Of course most of the media who have not been to Iraq would not know the importance of Tikrit or that of Mosul or that of any other City where thousands of our American soldiers laid their lives. Thousands others who are injured and will suffer for life.

Nouri al-Maliki has been milking Iraq and showering gifts on his immediate circle of relatives and friends. He has been caught with his bloody hands - and we the United States still continue to do business with him.

The Quds in the person of Quassem Suleimani know to many as the single most powerful operative in the Middle East is now helping the frail Iraqi government - "manage the crisis" in Baghdad.

These Quds Forces outclass ISIS on the battle field.

This intervention by Iran is significant - while we have been watching the gradual erosion for over two years in Iraq.

We have being getting reports about the Iraqi soldiers not being paid - their Superiors inferior and lazy.

Nouri al-Maliki - nonchalant - and now he is totally beholden on the ground and at ground zero to the Quds Forces  - to help him get of this mess of his own creation.

This recent episode has now become a crucial point of no retreat - it has become a war - between Sunnis and Shias. It will spread to the entire region - and our United States experts have deemed it fit - for the Sunnis and Shia to go at each other - and spread the violence and blood shed. Time will tell.

Our Intelligence Community now has fully come to fathom - that we have forces in Iraq of Iranian origin - that can control an entire area - if they want and in this case taking control of Tikrit at very short notice.

The other sacred cities for the Iraqi government - Iran has proved once and for all - who truly has control in all  matters - both in Syria and Iraq.

This war is a serious war with the Russians actively siding with Syria - the Iranians are already in Iraq and Syria - and the paradox is right now Iranian Generals are conducting the logistics in Baghdad. 

The Iraqi government had failed and more Iraqi army in Baghdad and elsewhere.

The Billions of American tax payers dollars that has gone into the Iraq war - has not been worth the salt.

It has been proven once again that if we - we the people - in the United States do not fully comprehend the culture, the deep mentality of these Nations in the Middle East - tribes who have been feuding for thousands of years - we should stay out - and remain out of their business.

When will we learn - Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan - beg the question.

As much as President Barack Hussein Obama is barking at the tree - no one in Iraq really cares.

The puppet Nouri al-Maliki has treated the mostly Sunni population with disdain.

Most do not have clean drinking water. Most to not have electricity that is reliable. Most fear for their lives - and the richer folks have private security guards.

We removed Saddam Hussein and put in monsters who prey on the Iraqi people who in the majority had nothing much to do with the dirty - politics.

Caught in the fray the thousands of innocent children - innocent men and women - who long for peace and have had no peace of mind for over 25 years at least.

Our Nation helped Saddam Hussein fight Iran - we who have our eyes open know this.

We created Saddam Hussein -until he turned his back on us - trying to give us a dose of the same medication we meted out to Saddam Hussein.

Truly on all levels today Iraq has been destroyed - there is rampant corruption - and even our Military Forces had to resort to bribing the war lords - before we left Iraq - more, to maintain some peace - we all know this but we still - cannot connect the dots.

The renegade ISIS forces - not more than 7000 - took on the over 250,000 so called trained Iraqi force plus armed police - and have overwhelmed the Iraqi forces - who deserted their posts.

The Iraqi military has tanks, air planes, helicopters, and more. 

In Mosul for example the 30,000 Iraqi forces could not battle the 800 ISIS fighters.

The Iraqi forces simply ran away because they did not want to fight and die for the corrupt Nouri al- Maliki government - many of them did not want to fight their fellow Sunnis who happened to be ISIS - forces.

There have been thousands of desertions in the many months before the ISIS forces invaded Iraq and we have known about it but not informed the American " tax payers ". 

We the United States better learn from this lesson.

Our hard earned money paid for the billions of dollars worth of military equipment - and now they are in the hands of the ISIS renegade forces. The will use them in their fight in Syria and in the extended - region.

One Iraqi General gave an interview and stated that all his men Sunni simply deserted - the results tanks, guns, vehicles, rocket launchers, you name it - all of his stockpile was taken away by the ISIS forces.

Sunni Muslims do not want to fight Sunni Muslims.

What does this tell us the United States - we still cannot understand that we have no business in these sectarian wars - this is not the United States of America.

We are unique and even here we have not been fair with the owners of this land - the Native Americans.

We have the Native Americans on Reservations - we have failed in our own back yard - but - want to maintain peace - world wide.

Do we think for a second that some Iraqi military forces can go back into Tikrit, Mosul and the other cities that fell prey to the ISIS forces - and get some respect?

The Kurds to the North are semi-autonomous - they are mostly Sunnis - well armed and a force to be reckoned with.

The over 250,000 Kurdish peshmerga (militias) who do not answer to Baghdad are well equipped and trained - the ISIS fear them.

The Kurds have cared for their people and have kept the Iraqi government at arm's length. Even our American military forces have respect for the Kurdus - from early on they maintain peace - and have protected their people - in Kurdistan.

It helps theKurds have oil fields and have maintained them and operated them to the best of their ability.

The Kurds have taken advantage of the recent chaos to occupy the city of Kirkuk.  The ISIS forces cannot take on the Kurds right now - and the Kurds are watching ISIS - diligently remain out of the current chaos and embroilment. 

Both are Sunni and they have agreed not to fight each other.

Our United States Main Media keeps feeding us rubbish - and most of us who have not traveled to these countries - less understand the culture - are at a loss.

The diverse population in these regions - that we in the United States fail to comprehend - who have thousands of years of history and even more of in fighting among themselves - we are at a loss -  what to make of this recent - embroilment. 

Well our government has a solution - use the drones to do their dirty work.

Remote control - kill more innocent children, men and women who really have nothing to do with this present confusion.

In the interim Nouri al- Maliki has moved millions of dollars to off shore banks.

All with the full knowledge of our intelligence agencies - a puppet who must be ashamed of himself - a disgrace to his Iraqi people.

Nouri al- Maliki is a disgrace to all things decency - his Iraqi people who do not trust Nouri al-Maliki - less care for him and his family.