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Monday, June 9, 2014


Malia Cohen and before that Sophina Maxwell two despicable Blacks - who with intent worked against the Black community - and today are responsible for the stark results we see at Hunters Point - gentrification.

Recently the shameless Malia Cohen chose to honor an architect who worked for the John Stewart Company - the same John Stewart Company - reminiscent - of the horrid Geneva Towers.
Drug selling, prostitution, killings, shootings - and what have you.
That was before the Geneva Towers was imploded.

Good riddance of very bad rubbish - and the John Stewart Company moved to San Diego. We thought of good riddance.

Only for the John Stewart Company to return and take control of thousands of housing units - at the Presidio of San Francisco, Treasure Island, Hunterview, Northridge at Hunters Point.

All over the Tenderloin, in Santa Cruz and a dozen other places - it employs thousands of people - who target the poor and rake in millions. It is a nasty Property Management Company that has left a bad taste - with thousands of innocent - renters.

Why is our City and County of San Francisco doing business with this entity? Backed by the Pacific Heights Mafia. They come cut the ribbon - and back this monster that takes advantage of those that cannot defend - themselves.

Of course Malia Cohen who panders to the developers would not know anything about this sordid history. If you give her money - she will open all the doors.

The time has come to bring Malia Cohen to her senses.

While most of us know of Malia Cohen and before that Sophina Maxwell -  their devious acts -  fostering divisiveness - none of us want to stand up and take a stand - in numbers. That time has come - because the window of opportunity is here - and now.

The Pacific Heights Mafia calls the shots at Huntersview in the Bayview.

Phase I at Hunterview had windows that were leaking, the vents not working, the rooms too small, the floors coming apart - inferior construction. Who is fooling whom?

The John Stewart Company received over $500 million from the State of California and another $300 million from the City and County of San Francisco. There are Black construction companies that could have done the work - why this devious Property Management raking in the million - adversely impacting thousands.

This nonsense must stop - now.

Here we have Malia Cohen - at this late date - not knowing the facts pandering to the John Stewart Company. Trying to rake in thousands - while encouraging another entity to build 1700 units on contaminated ground - at the old Schlage Lock Company - by Old Bayshore and Arleta.

Her commendation to this woman, architect - at the last SF Board of Supervisors meeting - who works for the John Stewart - and the first thing that comes from the architect's mouth - is praise for the John Stewart Company.

Blacks who once lived at Huntersview - in and around Middle Point - are now living on Six Street - which is District 6.

Evicted and thrown on the streets to face the inclement weather.

No one pays attention to such details - much like the erstwhile San Francisco Redevelopment Agency - now defunct - deactivated by Governor Jerry Brown.

The erstwhile former SF Redevelopment Agency - took an active part in removing Middle Class Blacks from the Fillmore aka Western Addition.

Their Victorian buildings put on trailers and moved to other areas. The occupants told to go fend for themselves. It is amazing how soon we forget - and those that suffered most - Blacks.

These mostly Black were forced to live in the Tenderloin - now District 6. History is repeating itself - accept this time - no one is paying attention.

In the interim Malia Cohen who has NO roots in District 10 - has some roots in District 9 and the District 11.

In recent years has planted her sordid self - on Potrero Hill - rubbing shoulders with mostly stuck up whites and far removed from reality.

San Francisco has always been known to embrace and help people - from all walks of life.

We are aghast at the mentality and the caliber of the recent so called representatives Sophie Maxwell, Malia Cohen, London Breed - one worse than the other - all Blacks.

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - all of it is a toxic soup.

One of the worst Department of Defense bases in the Nation - and put on the Superfund list.

Only the worst contaminated bases - and in this case Hunters Point Naval Shipyard with high levels of toxic elements - lead, mercury, PCBs - and more high level readings of radioactive elements.

We have been saying forever that the United States Navy has failed to abate and mitigate the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

In the past with the help of the  Pacific Heights Mafia - who have chosen to use the John Stewart Company, Lennar Urban, other contractors too many to mention - who are building inferior homes on very toxic and contaminated land.

Lennar Urban has been hoodwinking the Chinese from Mainland China to invest in EB-5 visas - promising the Chinese contaminated homes - and this hoodwinking - will all come to an end - very soon.

In the interim our City Attorney, our District Attorney, our Controller, our Department of Building Inspection, City Administrator, our SF Health Department, the Environmental Protection Agency are beholden to the Pacific Mafia.

Diane Feinstein, Richard Blum, Nancy Pelosi, Paul Pelosi Senior and Junior - and other folks who rubber stamp their wishes Linda Richardson who is the Chair of the Treasurer Island Development Authority (TIDA), Dwayne Jones, Veronica Hunnicutt (who does not live in District 10) yet is the Chair of the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) to the Hunters Point Naval Shipyad -  Doris Vincent, Aurelious Walker - others all Black - and all sell outs.

The Tabernacle Group is waiting on the side lines with folks like Ron Batiste from EEC and others - vying for jobs - but getting shafted - each and every time.

It is amazing how some Blacks have done everything to take short cuts, no morals, no ethics, no standards - rake in millions - and fail the community at large.

No wonder Lennar Urban, the John Stewart Company, Nibbi, the Evan Brothers, others can just come in and do as they want.

The City and County of San Francisco and past Mayors Willie L. Brown Jr., Gavin Newsom foremost - did all in their power to created divisiveness in San Francisco - more in the Bayview Hunters Point.

Today Gavin Newsom is waiting on the side line - playing second fiddle to Governor Jerry Brown - waiting for his turn - to become the next Governor - he can keep on dreaming!

The corruption as all levels in our State and the City and County of San Francisco knows no bounds - the worst players are the Blacks the likes of Sophina Maxwell, Malia Cohen, Linda Richardson.

Dwayne Jones, Veronica Hunnicutt, Doris Vincent, Aurelious Walker, Calvin Jones - others that I can name but it is not worth mentioning.

In the mean time the forces that be - introduced crack cocaine in the 1980s and targeted the Black women.

The women from the days of slavery who kept the family together - fell prey to the devil's drug.

Those who brought Crack Cocaine into the community - knew exactly - what they had in mind.

The leadership among the Black have yet to figure out a way - to address that fatal calamity - and the on going cancer - that is taking the Black community down a path of - abject destruction.

Today grandmothers look after 5,6,7 and as many at 10 grand children and other relatives - trying to keep the family together - and no one is paying attention to this fact - glaring at us in our face. These grandmothers need help - and no one worth the salt - is doing anything. Some of us try - but there is only so much we can do.

Incarceration is common among the Black community and the Three Strikes law - has made it easy - after the first strike to tag - six or seven charges and settle for four or even three - and with the one - send some one to jail - for 10, 15, 20 years.

The Black so called representatives pay lip service to this fact - and Black representatives in power pander mostly to developers.

Pander to whites who can give them money.

Much like the Slave Plantation - only this time the House Negroes - are doing more damage to their own Black community.

Malia Cohen is now trying to work with some disgruntled Blacks in business - trying to take on the Tourist Industry.

Where have these Blacks been - all these years.

All these years these same Black who are trying to protest - were pandering to Willie L Brown Jr and using Amos Brown and others to rake in the money - fill their own coffers - failing the community - NAACP.

This same group called for a protest at Candlestick Stadium -  some months ago - only to garner the support of less than 10 people gather. That is how effective they are.

Blacks not all but some - want the Tourist Industry to give them money on a platter - just for huffing and puffing.

Such tactics will fall on deaf ears - these Blacks who have a hidden agenda - must be ashamed of themselves. More with Amos Brown as the helm of affairs.

These same Blacks said nothing - not a word when our children and seniors were adversely impacted by Lennar Urban - why? They were on the payroll of Lennar Urban.

Malia Cohen will support any entity without comprehending the facts.

At the public meetings held with Amos Brown in the Chair - Amos Brown will not accommodate women - and will pass them - when they ask to speak up.

Malia Cohen should take this matter up and talk to some intelligent women - who are disgusted - with Amos Brown.

Much like when we formed Stop Lennar Action Movement - and Amos Brown did not have the guts to confront us.

What has Amos Brown and his lackeys from the so called Black Organizations - that support him - done to help their fellow Blacks who are living on the streets of San Francisco?

What has Amos Brown and his lackeys done to help those incarcerated?

What has Amos Brown and his lackey done to help Black children - really?

What has Amos Brown and his lackey done with the two documents that revealed the facts - the first document in large measure and the second in less measure.

The first document about the sad state of affairs among the Black community in San Francisco - " The Unfinished Agenda".

The second document - drab and shallow - " Out Migration".

These Black who want to protest the Tourist Industry do not have a viable and sustainable plan.

These Blacks who are not respected by anyone decent want things given to them on a platter.

All these years with Willie Brown Jr., and others these so called Black leaders should have fought to give Blacks and others career jobs.

These Blacks who want to protest and cause divisiveness - using the Tourist Industry as a ploy - will fail simply because they do not have a viable and sustainable Blue Print that has been vetted by the public at large.

The truth has to be told - no one under the leadership of Amos Brown and his lackeys - can garner the support of decent people - be they Black or others.

The NAACP has failed Black and people of Color in San Francisco.

Folks like Malia Cohen are empty vessels - all that come from them is diatribe, hot air - and tons of it. Pathetic and Worthless.

Amos Brown must step down and fade away.

In recent years Amos Brown - has done too much damage in San Francisco - and he must step down for the good of everyone.

Good leaders know the way, show the way and go the way.