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Wednesday, June 25, 2014


The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has had its share of "corruption".

Leading the pack Juliet Ellis - it share of criticism for "very poor leadership" - standing out like a festering sore - no accountability and even less - transparency.

The recently found fissures at Calavares is NOT a joke - and one SF Public Utilities Commissioner - Commissioner Caen was asking the poignant questions. 

When will the Calavares be resolved - what time frame? The answers were all over the place. Good for Commissioner Caen who does not tolerate - nonsense.

Blatant lies were told and the main culprit URS that thought it could hoodwink the public - by doing a shoddy job - less boring and carrying out a thorough investigation with the soil - the characteristics - got caught up with the short cuts - the many on going ploys and machinations at Calavares.

When the time came to face reality - no one wanted to take the responsibility.

No one had the balls to call on "URS" and penalize them - who do you think would take on Diane Feintein and her husband Richard Blum - who has large stakes in this project?

Even the General Manager had to put his head down - and wonder what is happening here?

BASWA asked the right question - they represent - they have a stake for the $2 Billion they doled out. Much as we San Franciscans have a bigger stake - in the $2.6 we doled out.

In San Francisco I am the only one asking the questions - and I have the empirical data - and they lie to me - most of the time.

When the Big One strikes - the dam gives way - fingers will be pointing in all direction - except those that must take - responsibility.

For too long - we, the tax payers have allowed the Primes the likes of Belfour, URS, Jacobs and the list goes on - all controlled by Platinum Consultants.

You go pay the money up front - and you get the contract - on a platter.

Long before the Calavares Project was discussed and known well - I wrote about it.

The - then, Project manager Julie Labonte - did not like when I questioned her about the soil characteristics.

Julie Labonte was always on the defensive - and the SFPUC allowed her - to give her long winded presentations - that never, ever evaluated the Primes and more the many consultants.

When we have a Big One -  Calavares Dam is compromised - there is no Emergency back up - no Blue print - all HELL will break loose.

I wrote this before and I will state it again - Fremont will be flooded - and who do you think will be blamed - SFPU Commissioners - who are taking a nonchalant attitude on this very important - matter.

It is imperative that a letter be addressed to the Primes by the President of SF Public Utilities Commission - and sent to URS and they be put on notice.

The many consultants who have been given too much power.

The many Project managers who work for the Primes - that do not pay the smaller contractors on time.

Even though the Contract Managing Division - has in writing and mandates what has to be done.

We have a Contract Monitoring Division that comes under the City Administrator Naomi Kelly - it does not work - when it comes to paying the contractors on time.

Hundreds of small contractors have folded - that is gone under - that is declared bankruptcy.

Some Project Managers that work for the City pride that they have to take down some small contractors - as part of the game where they gain point. Milking the contractors and forcing them to sue to get their money. It happens all too frequently - this is becoming the - "devil's workshop" - at the SFPUC.

We failed on the $4.6 Billion dollar project the Water System Improvement Project - when it comes to the small - contractors.
Anyone can huff and puff - and nothing is done - Job Order Contracts (JOCs) are those contractors that fare the worse.

What do you think will happen with the $7 Billion Sewer System Improvement Project?

So far nothing much - it will take 18 months to just design and plan the $2.6 Digesters Project - and little if nothing to show - in terms of real work.

Except those on the inside - we brought the Project Managers together - tons of diatribe and hot air - no action. Not one penny!

The small contractors put their own money up front - abide by the bid elements - and are shafted - ninety five percent of the time.

Where is the tax payers money going to? What has Ivy Fine to say about this - I see her hovering, making deals, doing what she does best - convoluted. 

What is this woman Ivy Fine - who has a lot to do with the shenanigans doing?  A reorganization that was done to create more ploys and machinations. We are watching Ivy Fine - like a hawk. Make no bones about that.

She once worked for Tetra Tech - another crooked company.

She is in Contracting but now works closely with the Infrastructure Department that comes under Emilio Cruz.

We want to know what is happening - and we can connect the dots - because we have empirical data.

There has been too much "hog wash" with the Calavares Project.

It is the same with Mountain Tunnel - so close to the Hetch Hetchy reservoir.

What are these "idiots" telling us - we thought all was well - but now find out that - Mountain Tunnel has major flaws.

Do you know what you are saying - what happens to Mountain Tunnel - if it is compromised?

We, San Franciscans paid into the Bond Measure to raise $2.6 Billion.

The extended Bay Area paid another $2 Billion - in total $4.6 Billion.

So now where is the transparency and accountability on Mountain Tunnel that is giving us headaches - and Calavares Project - which is giving us major migraine - headaches - daily.

In the presentations and that holds true for the Sewer System Improvement Project - these so called consultants - dime a dozen - who are given space at 525 Golden Gate Avenue - are hoodwinking us.

The mere mention of the "RICO ACT" - makes them jump - they know they are crooked - and when I ask them questions - they do not want to say anything - much.

A very poor job is done by the External Affairs and I saw Radika Fox - foxy - taking notes - yes, you can take notes - but you are part of the corruption.

More, with Juliet Ellis and the rest of you - who have no clue what is happening.

 Why? You have no history, less engineering expertise - and now Daniel Wade and someone like Surjeet Singh - have to deal with the realities. These two are good men - but who do you think - created this on going mess if not Julie Labonte?

Now a project on which many crooks milked the titty - that was suppose to complete in the year 2016 - will go well into 2022 and beyond.

But, this is the problem - if there is a big one - that Earthquake waiting to happen - that is imminent - the entire Fremont Area - will be compromised.

I kid you not - I wrote that 8 years ago, again 4 years ago, again 2 years and again one year ago - recently and now.

Our City and County that bears the responsibility does not have the capacity nor a Blue Print to deal with such a major - catalytic fiasco of gigantic proportions - thousands of lives in peril - and billions in losses.

Michael Carlin, Richie, others too many to name cannot operate in this manner - you all screwed up on these two projects - big time - and you two and others are responsible.

Do not pull the fast one as you do with Lake Merced.

Trying to infuse grey water into our clean drinking water.

Making deals with properties, having some grandiose plans trying to build a Campus - at 1800 Oakdale - when it took you all 3 years to build the Contracting Center - that was my plan - umpteen hurdles for no reason at all.

Another idea and plan with details and handed to SFPUC on a platter. I call the Raparian Project - after 3 and half years - is still making its way - and make have taken the wrong route over and down the precipice.

I cannot fucking believe these jack asses - what I can do in two weeks a month at the most - these guys take 3 to four years.

 Consultants and idiots hired - try to do a shoddy job - with our tax payers - money.

Many of them making their abode at 525 Golden Gate Avenue - the State of Art Leed building - with evil people - carrying on "evil designs".

Yesterday, June 24, 2014 at the SFPU Commission meeting - $400,000 over a period of three years - given to entities to take our children 5 years and older  to contaminated sites.

Never mind this is on Port Property, has serious issues with the Living Classroom since it was build by Literacy for Environmental Justice (LEJ) and one Dana Lanza - who wasted thousands and has taken refuge in New York.

Heron's Head Park has severe  " Rat Infestation" as reported in the Main Media.

The characteristic of soil at Pier 98 - dubious - and mostly White folks behind the scenes - raking in the money - preying on innocent children.  How much worse can it get - under Juliet Ellis - who had no clue what she is doing.

Our children cannot defend themselves - we have to take great measures to take our children to clean places - holistic and wholesome places.

The devils have been given a rein to do as they please. Fully endorsed with no clout by the SFPUC that gives out the grants - but has no way to monitor the programs. We see this again, and again, and again under Juliet Ellis - shallow, inept and very convoluted.

What is happening to the SF Public Utilities Commission - where in recent weeks there is talk - about cutting jobs - when those at the top make in access of $250,000 with benefits - have no morals, less ethics, and for sure no standards - make hay while the sun shines.

People that are qualified, are sincere, know their job - are kept and given temporary, status. Kept and used like a rag - then when the time comes they are thrown away - to fend for themselves. Happens all the time at the SF Public Utilities Commission.

Promised and not given a permanent job.

This rampant corruption - in your face corruption - is prevalent  at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and must be stopped on a war footing.

In the interim small business - that much is made about by the SFPUC as part of the fake marketing - are suffering. These contractors come to me - as a last resort - and there is only so much I can do. It is amazing how these CROOKS - get away with murder in broad - daylight.

These small businesses -  after they do the job and are not paid on time. Have to wait for months to be paid. Time to have a real - truly a real - reality check.