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Sunday, June 8, 2014


Malia Cohen cannot understand the fundamentals of sound housing, good transportation, a holistic environment, and most of all any aspect that is linked to Quality of Life issues. The reason is simple all her sordid life she has been a panderer. She will look at you in the eye and lie - and such tactics do not work for long - soon she will be out - and then for the first time in her life - she will fully understand the harm she has done to thousands.

Malia Cohen the third class Supervisor of District 10 - has no clue about the City's Master Plan.

Less about  the SF Housing Element - report created every ten years that Malia Cohen has NOT read.

The basic requirements linked to good transportation.

Surely, Malia Cohen has on clue of the many hot spots and contamination at the old Schlage Lock Company, the lack of sound abatement, mitigation, and a host of other things.

Add to this the high probability of flooding and severe liquefaction in the area - the old Schlage Lock site - where 1700 proposed units are slated to be built.

Over 1700 housing units  are planned to be built at the old Schlage Lock Company by Old Bayshore and Arleta. The local resident are promised this and that - but when the time come - most of these people who line up - are told they cannot move in because they do not meet the requirements. One ploy that is used their Credit Scores - which most do not have.

At the last SF Planning Department - Malia Cohen who panders to some of the corrupt who live at Visitation Valley - was preaching to the SF Planning Department. Talking from both sides of her mouth - talking about things she does not know. Way back in the year 2000 - I took the initiative to inform the Regulatory Agencies how contaminated the Old Schlage Lock site was. The result the Department of Toxic and Substances Control - took the initiative. Not Sophie Maxwell the then District 10 Supervisor, not the City and County of San Francisco.

The result the owners at that time agreed to do the clean up - but the clean up was not a sound clean up - and as I have been saying - we need an independent entity - to clear the site - but many of the experts mandate further clean up of the entire area.

The person who was suppose to give a presentation on the future project and the 1700 units planned - looked around for the person who was suppose to give the Transportation presentation but that person was not present.

He arrived late a substitute to the original presenter and had to give a presentation - after the main presenter herself was fumbling about many serious issues - with this project. The project has not been vetted and there are many areas - that beg the question.

There is a property adjacent to the project that has received no clearance and the gentleman representing the Joint Powers was there to announce this important fact. One of many defaults and there is more to come.

The entire project is suspect - the SF Redevelopment Agency - looked at it once - and did not have it on the list for development - when the SF Redevelopment Agency folded - this particular project was not grandfathered in.

The owner of this project is in China - and will not invest in this property without meeting his unique terms. 

Formerly from Taiwan - he escaped to Mainland China - with millions he illegally took from Taiwan. Our local authorities know about this - but, still want to play with fire.

He bids his time in China on a respiratory machines at the mercy of the Chinese - who can remove the plug - and just like that - this project will go down the drain.

The Chinese from China are not stupid to invest into any development that is not clear cut. More does not benefit to them - in a large measure.

This project looks good as a conceptual plan but the site is very toxic and not meant to rear children - and does not bode a healthy environment.

The light rail which is named T- train runs by it - and the entire area  has heavy vehicular traffic.

The congestion is there all the time - more during peak times.

Now - you can imagine what will be the case in the future. Most importantly the entire area in general is polluted and very noisy.

Millions of vehicles ply by the site - and the air has been tested and is toxic - dangerous particulates, mercury, lead, and a host of other chemical that are prone to giving innocent people chronic respiratory diseases, cancer, tumors, and a host of elements the will bring about death.

The San Francisco Health Department will rubber stamp this project, so will the Department of Building Inspection, so will the SF Planning Department as it did Hunters Point Shipyard and Parcel A.

The other SF Departments and entities - who palms have been greased.

The thousands of tons of particulates and the near by Petroleum Tanks at Brisbane on the border not far away from the project - bordering this very contaminated site.

Adjacent sites - much more contaminated - bordering Brisbane which is in very close proximity - borders this contaminated property.

We can gather all the empirical data from near by Midway Public Housing - a toxic hot spot with high density of cancer victims. The City and County knows about this - but because it is in Daly City they do not care. We must not build homes and with intent put human being in harms way.

At no time is Malia Cohen paying attention to the Precautionary Principle - Malia Cohen is driven to make money and foster greed - such so call representatives - do more harm than good.

Our SF City with a budget of $8 Billion has NO toxicologist on its pay roll - if San Francisco had one - none of this rubbish would be discussed - less implemented.

The City Attorney, the District Attorney, the Controller, the City Administrator - must follow standards - care about people's health, clean up the hot spots to residential standards.

At this time - there is no justice - and plans are afoot to build hundreds of units - on a very contaminated site. With intent put people's lives in harm way. This is a crime calling for justice - and those who are involved in this project - must be investigated.

The presenters brag that many meetings were held - most of the meetings were held to fast track this project,

All the time without the proper permits - no sound information - half baked facts - and  more a hastily done Environmental Impact Report (EIS).

In the year 2000 I brought to the attention of the Department of Toxic and Substances Control (DTSC) about the toxic site - the former Schlage Lock Company. The company emptied millions of gallons of toxic chemicals from the many chrome and other uses and operations - into the drain that leached into - the soil.

DTSC ordered the site to be abated - the abatement that was done was superficial - and up until today - no further inspection has been carried on - more, by an independent entity - to clear this site - and fully certify that it meets residential standards.

At one time this site was cleared for Home Depot to build a facility - but the near by Visitation Valley advocates - not all of them well versed with planning, less abatement and mitigation - stopped Home Depot.

Then the land remained vacant - the site better suites an operation like Home Depot or LOWES - more industrial uses.

Building 1700 units next to the rails - with trains passing by and making all sorts of noises. Surrounding the 1700 housing units - very contaminated air.

Millions of vehicles on Old Bayshore Road spew dangerous particulates - traffic congestion galore.

At peak times - this area is dangerous to cross - prone to accident - putting children and the seniors - into harms way - who are vulnerable. 

The T-light rail stops in the middle of no where - by this site.

Right now there is very poor transportation. Plans are afoot to work on transportation - but as most of us know - this will take ages.

The committees formed have no clue about sound transportation -  less about sound planning - even less about mitigation -  and even less about contamination and tested environmental issues. 

That entire area is contaminated - and prone to liquefaction and flooding.

No one is looking at the empirical data - the Visitation Advocates led by Fran Martin - are the laughing stock of this entire city.

Fran Martin is selfish and only brags about her mundane achievements the many garden project - where she has milked the system.

She and the minions that follow her - are worthless - why? Simply because they are not educated on issues. They do not have the best interest of the community - they are in control and pocket sufficient money - laughing all the way to the bank.

Once a dump site - thousands of tons of methane gas spews into the air - from the near by dump sites.

Anyone can take an air sample and find it hard to prove me wrong - on any given day - at at any given time. So toxic and contaminated is this site.

This site is no place for housing - but Sophie Maxwell had her hands greased - she did the same with Lennar linked to Parcel A - and with Hunterview with the John Stewart Company.

The laughing jackass Malia Cohen - also got some money.

This Schlage Lock project has serious inherent issues - you just cannot grab land - never mind if you take the Mayor and some cronies and have a press conference.

Work with some cronies who work for the SF Planning who made a FOOL of themselves at the last SF Planning Department hearing - where this matter was discussed.

Last I heard the owner's wife who is a proxy and his son who is in Los Angeles - do not want such a large project.

They want to trim it down to 1200 units. Have less of Open Space - and are concerned about their share of funding this project.

Not all is well with the Chinese economy - and the crooks like Lennar Urban a Rogue Developer -  will be left holding the bag on Parcel A.

Plans are afoot to use EB-5 visas too on this project - it simply will not work.  The local Chinese are being fooled and promised the sky - but they will NOT be accommodated.

The EB-5 visas are not working as planned - and the Chinese are quickly learning that so called waterfront properties - are in reality contaminated sites.

More at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard but at the old Schlage Lock Company - too.

The old Schlage Lock Company site brings with it serious issues -  the insurance companies do not want to insure such sites - prone to severe liquefaction and flooding.

As as I said  there are high level of contaminated hot spots at this site - feeble attempts have been made to mitigated the site - but the superficial clearance given is very - SUSPECT.

During the last rain - birds that swam in the puddles at this site died - from swimming in the contaminated water.

You can imagine how contaminated the Watershed is - but all this and more is not really understood - by the Visitation Valley so called drab advocates.

Some of them have a hidden agenda - folks like Fran Martin - a lackey of the San Francisco Transportation Authority and the suspect SF Planning Department personnel assigned to this project.

We all want good housing, on clean land, with clean air, and transportation that has been vetted and has sound standards.

None of the above exists today at this site - nor will it in the future - we saw the many promises made with the T-Light Rail - and the abject failure of this line.

The T line light rail is a mess - always late - the cars dirty - the stations filthy and stinking to high heaven.

The SF City planners cannot see beyond their noses and want improvement - when for decades the Southeast Sector - has been shunned upon - looked with disdain - and with crime increasing.

Google and find out who has been addressing the many Quality of Life issues - you will learn fast than fast - that very few care about this area - and many do not speak up and do not want to ruffle the feathers - of the corrupt entities at SF City Hall and the many City Departments - who are not sensitive - to the needs of the constituents of the Southeast Sector.

Killings and shootings are on the increase - and petty crime sky rocketing.

In order for people to live - there must be stability.

Quality of Life issues must be addressed.

Good schools, sound transportation facilities, good near by hospital, good recreational facilities - it is not enough to have Open Spaces with NO Recreation Facilities.

Law and order - side walks where our children and seniors are safe - safety net for our immigrants who have no clue what is happening in this area - and the many promises made to them - bluffing them again and again - this is simply not fair.

The same crooks touting their horns and having no clue about the Master Plan, the Housing Element, the Precautionary Principle, other fundamental elements that should be studied, adapted, and implemented. 

Nothing good comes from Malia Cohen - empty, fake, inept, and worthless.

 Malia opens her mouth and shoves her foot - each and every time. More with some one like Fran Martin who is not to be trusted and thinks no end of herself - as Malia Cohen side kick.

Malia Cohen knows nothing about District 10 and I challenge her to debate me - anytime - anywhere.

There is no way she will retain her seat this time around - she had her five minutes of fame - and must now move on.

Fade into oblivion - take her blood money away from our neighborhood - be it District 9 or 10 -  Malia Cohen leaves no legacy - she is pathetic.

Malia Cohen and her minions will drown in the cesspool of Malia's creation.

The Machine that props such fakes - who are evil, corrupt and not worth the salt. Any takers.