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Sunday, June 22, 2014


If anyone brags that they will build 30,000 units - let us first begin with 10,000 housing units. And with it sound, viable, sustainable transportation. First let us fix the T- Light rail and the MUNI bus routes - the 44, the 23, the 54, the 56. Let us do it now - asap.

If someone dares to dare and build 30,000 units - let them be built on clean land - clean air - with all sorts of amenities that embrace safety, health, education, transportation of course, recreational facilities, churches, all this and more - for those that have lived 10 years in San Francisco - and cannot afford the present rents - and thousands have made their way out of our City - gone, gone, gone. Could they be swayed to come back?

In the Southeast Sector where our story begin sound transportation does not exist - more if you want to go up to the Hill -  Hunterview, Kiska Road - closer of Oakdale - or even if you just want to go to the flat lands to the end of Palou Street.

The above area has been treated with disdain - and those that have done most harm BLACK - sell outs - Aurelious Walker, Doris Vincent, Linda Richardson, Dwayne Jones, Lola Whittle, Sophie Maxwell, Malia Cohen, Angelo King, London Breed - those Blacks who sit on Commissions and all they do is - rubber stamp. None of them care for the indigent and none of them are educated on issues.

The MUNI bus 44 that runs on Silver Avenue past San Bruno Avenue in San Francisco and brings you all the way from the Avenues.

MUNI bus 23,  that brings you all the way from the Zoo to the end of Oakdale Avenue. 

Both lines have their origins far away - and take over 45 minutes to get from their starting point to the end of the journey.

There are other MUNI buses like the 29 and the 26 and the 54 and the situation there is even worse - dirty buses, where anything can happen when it comes to your health and safety.

The T- Light rail north bound starts from middle of nowhere Visitation Valley - and first goes to 4th and King and then proceeds all the way near State University and beyond - and takes hours.

This was not the original plan - the plan was to move people quickly - not for the T to take so long that you waste time - time is money.

No one has spoken about this T- street light rail line - that has cost us over $800 million - and has done a poor job all these many years - over 12 years.

Plans are a foot without fixing the present transportation system - that has with intent adversely impacted our seniors and those with physical challenges in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

At one time on one stretch there were NO bus stops with any shelters and a place to sit - all along Palou Street in District 10.

The many seniors, mothers with children has to face the inclement weather - and the local District 10 Supervisor - was no where to be found.

Of course, the people do not know whom to approach and what to do. So, when I took upon the task - all sorts of obstacles were put in my way - the bus stop will be used to do drug transactions, that they will be damaged and so on and so forth.

But, not once did I hear about the human toll - forcing our seniors and those sick to sit on the dirty concrete floor - and when the bus arrives - many of them cannot even stand up - and the bus just stops and goes away - leaving these vulnerable passengers - stranded.

The authorities forced me to collect signatures which I did to install the two bus shelters. Over hundred signatures in inclement weather - and then they want be to do more. So I shot an email to the authorities - no one was going to push me around. Suffice to say - what the Municipal Transportation Agency told me to do - did - but I also have connection - and I also have the ability to expose the corrupt and the crooks that I do.

In the end - I got the two bus shelters - one old fashioned and one of the newer style.

MUNI does not do the people like that in the Avenues.

Where the Pacific Heights Mafia - make their sordid - abode - the get the best - their roads asphalted - and most everything in place.

What we get in the Southeast is the sewage from all over the place, the place where people send their garbage. The concrete companies and the aggregate companies are all in our area. Thousands of trucks and other vehicles daily - spewing dirty particulates in the air.

What most people do not know - in reality we have over 3000 toxic hot spots - that the Cit and County of San Francisco has known - but they have not abated these sites. This is a crime - crying to heaven for justice - the first thing the decent constituents need is that that their health is protected - and with that comes safety, transportation, education, clean air, abate sites on which to build - good homes.

Little things count - and our City and County of San Francisco does wrong by the constituents of District 10 - all the time.

It does not help - that we have a "laughing jackass" - a moron who represent the District today - Malia Cohen - a sell out on steroids who rubber stamps and works for the MACHINE.

The Schlage Lock company project is going to built on some very contaminated ground - some 1700 units - really the owner wants to build 2200 homes. A man from Taiwan who stole $800 million and escaped to China - he cannot visit the United States. His proxies here in the United States are working with SF City Hall and that is a trying shame.

On one side of the Schlage Lock company - millions of vehicles ply - with over 100,000 tons of particulates spewing in the air - each year.

The MUNI bus 56 stops by the Old Schlage Lock Company and try crossing the road - after alighting from the T-light rail or from the 7 Eleven.

The Mayor should do that - with the "laughing jackass" who you all know - what I am talking about. Malia Cohen once lived at Executive Park - before she lost her condominium.

Malia Cohen went under and may be for a just cause - Malia has learned nothing much and more has no compassion for those that need better transportation, health, education, help with foreclosures, and the on going - gentrification.

Malia Cohen has done nothing but talk - from both sides of her mouth.

MUNI is a mess on every level and never mind what Ed Reiskin and John Haley says - they can spew as much diatribe as they can - the result we see on the lines within District 10 are the worst ever. 

Besides, when you travel on these buses the 44, the 23, the 29, the 26, the 54, and the 56 and the T-light rail - you travel at your own risk.

More from Visitation Valley to 4th and King - then the crowd changes - the previous stretch from Visitation Valley to 4th and King Street - hell. 

The rest of your journey onward to say 5th and Market - to Civic Center or beyond  - much better.

The MUNI 44 is the same from the Post Office on Evans Street to Mission Street - all sorts of intimidation.

From Mission Street to Forest Hill - from Forest Hill to the Sixth  Avenue and California - the journey is somewhat - pleasant.

The MUNI 23 from the Old Bayshore nearer the Clam House all the way to Palou and beyond - is a dangerous line.

The passengers more those that have no etiquette - will attack you for  just for looking at them.

Never mind if they stink, are unkempt, and foul mouth - Fs and Bs and what have you - spewing from their dirty mouth.

I do not see the "yellow hornets" on the  lines that matter - the so called Ambassadors - who are found at the many " fast food places".

Mostly - hanging around and whiling their time - the "yellow hornets" .

Thousands of dollars are spent on them - and they have been useless - more when there are fights on the MUNI - our failing public transportation system - has gone to the dogs.

The San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA) and the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) have failed San Francisco and San Franciscans. There is no leadership - and more there is no Accountability and Transparency.

The SF Planning Department does not have a single sound person that understands Transportation.

If they did they would not be taken to court - when the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) on Parcel A was passed. The reason it did not accompany a sound - "transportation document". Lennar Urban - is a Rouge Developer - that does not have the immediate interest of decent San Franciscans.

It does not help to have Tiffany Bohee and Malia Cohen - selling out the community.  A Commission and other bodies established to rubber stamp what Lennar does and what goes on at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

In fact the same failure lies with the Old Schlage Lock company project - no sound, viable, and sustainable transportation system in place and no viable document with goals and time lines - to make something, happen.

Right now all we hear is diatribe.

Mayor Edwin Lee should take the MUNI from Visitation Valley to 4th and King. Alight the MUNI T-light rail incognito - much like he brags about his car that is not a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) and see things for himself.

His many nonchalant comments - written by his speech writers - are shallow, mundane, and empty - meant to please the morons and those that are not educated on issues.

The point I want to make for how long can we who take MUNI and public transportation suffer in the Southeast Sector?

There use to be a time when some advocates would go and speak up at the MTA and SFCTA meetings - no one worth the salt does now. Why?

Morons micro-manage and have let down the constituents - and no BOND MEASURE should be passed - giving MTA and SFCTA access to hard earned tax payers money.

All those making over $200,000 in Upper Management at the SFCTA and MUNI - should have their salaries cut in half.

With this one action - John Haley, Ed Reskin, the many at the MUNI and SFCTA Planning - will get their act together - rather, quickly.

Millions are spent on consultants by MTA - the MUNI cameras costing millions do not work on the MUNI buses.

We have brought this matter to the attention of the Controller with empirical data - it does not matter. The corruption is so chronic that is borders - and imitates - the way the Mafia operates.

The SF Board of Supervisors sitting as a Commission at the SF County Transportation Authority meetings - are a JOKE.

The SF Board of Supervisors - sitting as a Commission of the SFCTA - who do they think they are fooling? Millions of dollars wasted on projects that make no sense.

A Causeway is planned on land contaminated and prone to liquefaction and flooding - from South Highway I01 by the Executive Park exit - over a bridge at Yosemite Slough - to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. This must be the biggest JOKE ever.

Right now we have no mode of transportation worth the salt - in the area - none what so ever - going to the State Park, closer to Carroll Street by Candle Stick Stadium - that entire area - is out of bounds for those that live and work there - when it comes to Public Transportation.

Special MUNI buses use to ply on game days - and those that know what I am talking about will agree with me.

The policy makers - do not care about Quality of Life issues and Transportation and Safety elements that are critical to the constituents - but, all we hear is Hog Wash - from the SF Planning, the Land Use, the Successor Agency to the former SF Redevelopment Agency, the SF Board of Supervisors, the SFCTA, the MTA and other so called experts that just spew - diatribe.

Tiffany Bohee who lies through her teeth - use to work for the now defunct SF Redevelopment Agency - and now lies through her teeth - representing the Successor Agency to the SF Redevelopment Agency - gave a lengthy presentation to the SF Board of Supervisors - the plan to build over 30,000 units, a causeway, this, that and the other - the woman must be - nuts. 

The State of California is fast asleep - those monitoring the SF Office of the Successor Agency to the former SF Redevelopment agency, monies from the state flowing to the Mayor Office of Housing - Federal money meant for the Bayview - given to the Office of Successor Agency to the former SF Redevelopment Agency - the shenanigans many - the ploys and machinations - more - there is more to come and it is not - very pretty.


Not one Supervisor asked a valid question after Tiffany Bohee's drab, pathetic, non-factual, lacking empirical data - shallow presentation - linked to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Candlestick Point.

The Office of the Successor Agency to the SF Redevelopment Agency is the devil's workshop.

 It is amazing how this woman, Tiffany Bohee lies - and I wonder if she has any morals, less ethics, she for sure lacks just plain standards. I knew her working for the SF Public Utilities Commission as a peon. Now pontificating at the podium in Room 250 before the Budget Committee - and no one from the committee - ask her one single meaningful - question.

The City and County of San Francisco lacks a Master Planning Plan that has kept up with current modes of transportation and related digital technology. More education, health, safety, transportation, infrastructure,  recreational facilities, small business, and so on.

Again and again no one is paying attention to Cumulative Impacts - more, adverse impacts - that impact so many of the ill planned projects - more in the Southeast Sector.

The last three San Francisco, Housing Elements have been taken to Court for lack of sound empirical data.

Again, those at the SF Planning Department, other policy makers - who rubber stamp - have not taken the time to listen to the neighborhoods - our neighborhood character is being totally destroyed - right under our eyes.

We are a City of Hills - once there were 48 hills - we do not have large areas of flat terrain.

So bikes and heavy vehicular traffic - more with rigs in the industrial areas - do not go hand in hand.

Blind spots - where bikes and those that ride them - get hit - some get killed - and someone keeps blaming the vehicles.

Some people - the way they take on the buses and vehicles- have no place riding their bikes on our streets.

There is freedom and there is license. The bikers who abuse their freedom, do not have a license to ride - abuse their freedom - and put the lives of innocent people in harms, way.

These folks do not pay license fees to ride our roads - the bikers want all the amenities to ride and abuse the right of those that pay to drive.

Over 300,000 tons of methane gas spews from our landfills - a fact that no one talks about. One ton of methane gas equals twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide. So much for the City experts who talk about some fake Carbon Footprint - we have tools to calculate real time Carbon Dioxide and it is horrendous to read the data - the City has an Environment Department - that does nothing in this area - more with real time - empirical data.

The many tons of concrete from all the old and news skyscrapers spew thousands of tons of Carbon Dioxide in the air. Add to that the thousands of tons of particulates - more in the Southeast Sector - we have the empirical data - but no one wants to talk to the point - analyse the facts - and speak to Quality of Life issues. 

Mayor Ed Lee should not be building so called housing on contaminated land - a Superfund Site, other sites called Brown fields but are comparable to Superfund Sites.

Let us build on land that has been abated to residential standards. Let us always protect our children, our families and do what is right. We are a City of Compassion but more a City that knows how.

We had the strict Mather Ordinance on our books - linked to landfills that has being diluted.

We have the Precautionary Principle that is being ignored.

God help this City - where Greed is the norm, now - and Compassion is hard to find.

All this in our City - our once great City - named after Saint Francis of Assisi. 

This and all Ohlone Land - most things will be addressed in detail once the Muwekma Ohlone - get our Federal Recognition.

It is just a matter of time.

These good for nothing strangers - crooks with no morals, less ethics and standards - will fall on their faces - and leave no legacy.

The current politicians the likes of David Chiu, Malia Cohen, Jane Kim, Scott Weiner, Mark Farrell - will be remembered as scumbags that they are - they say they represent - but they do not.