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Wednesday, June 4, 2014


It is a shame that the United State Congress has decided to revise the rules that determine Federal Recognition  at this late date and day. Making it a little easier but still cumbersome - starting with the year 1934.

Way back in 1934 the United States decided to give some tribes Federal Recognition.

Now tribes are told if they can prove they were a tribe and meet certain conditions - use the date 1934 as a reference point - they could - yes they could at this late date - be eligible for Federal Recognition. The paper work remains the same - tons of it - and most of it - nonessential.

This is their own Mother Land - better known to the Native Americans as Turtle Island.

Can you imagine being a second class citizen - in this the United States of America - other who migrate here - getting more and Native American - hoarded and kept on Reservations. Where is the justice? Is this fair - and what do you think is the world opinion on this issue? People have human rights - and the United States states it boldly - but some one must pay attention. All this still in the year 2014.

Today, all over America - injustice, has been done to the Native Americans. The digital work has done one thing right - given the ability for those that can use the tools - to speak to the truth. Many of the Native Americans - lingering on Reservations - this in their own land that they took care off - for thousands of years.

Many of them stressed out, drunk, and whiling away their time - no hope and is utter distress. More the living condition worse than many third world countries.

All over the world the "white men" has exercised his evil designs on indigenous people. Stolen the resources - all at the point of a gun. Now, the indigenous people have awoken up - and it is - not to late. Time is running out.

Reading and studying our United States constitution - which the Founding Fathers - wrote with the many interactions with the Six Nations in mind - who practiced Democracy for thousands of year - before the "paleface" made his appearance on Turtle Island.

This land our Nation was once pristine - now, it has been turned into a cesspool.

More here in California - our redwoods trees cut, our lakes and rivers polluted. Our environment in toto tarnished by the sordid deeds of those who are "evil" to the core.

The on going drought - the raging fires are but the signs of the times. And there is more to come - because there is KARMA.

At this late date Congress wants to make amends - it is not too late - because the woes of "climate change" are upon us.

The misdeeds of those that contaminate and pollute - have clearly shown the entire world - the direction we all are heading - towards. Today, some band aid solutions are in the pipeline - but greed is foremost in the mind of those that want it all.

Three percent control 40% of the wealth of this Nation. Indirectly it is more like 85%. We have a population of about 305 million in our Nation. We can do better - and we can share the wealth - but will greed, selfish, corrupt segment of the population - that is a disgrace to the human race?

The Department of Interior has been mean to the Native Americans - stealing their Trust Funds in the billions.

Stealing their land and using the Bureau of Land Management and other entities linked to the Department of Interior - to abuse the rights of the many Native American Tribes - who are treated like second class citizens - in their own land.

The Great Spirit sees it all.

More here in San Francisco where there is lots of talk about Greening, the Carbon Footprint, and so on and so forth - but the sordid actions of the whites - continues unabated for the worse.

The many skyscrapers have contributed more to pollution and the worse contamination - increased the Carbon Footprint and comprised Quality of Life issues.

All of San Francisco was stolen from the Muwekma Ohlone - the idiots do not know that - they think they own the land - really?

The bastards stole the land and now use land banking and other ploys to further expand their greed.

The representatives be they Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer and the local political minions - have gone with the flow - compromised their standards - to wallow in the "cesspool" of utter greed and corruption of the highest order.

For those that care - read this one single document - and enlighten your minds - it is a crying shame that the Native American is a stranger in her or his own land. Aho.