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Friday, June 13, 2014


When was the last you heard the  San Francisco District Attorney, the San Francisco City Attorney, the San Francisco Health Department - address contamination and pollution as they ought to address. All of them talk the talk but fail to walk the walk.

The many other departments all local tasked to address health hazards, contamination and have done nothing at all - like the Environmental Department within the SF Health Department - under Barbara Gracia - who fired Dr Rajiv Bhatia. 

These so called Directors and others have failed San Franciscans - and must be taken to task - we have the Precautionary Principle on our books - but no one wants to enforce the Ordinance with is law. There so called experts that are paid huge sums of money - by the tax payers - in excess of $250,000 with benefits - know about these adverse impacts but the all look the other way.

Within the Federal Bureau of Investigation there is a section that deals only with Environmental Issues that may cause harm to the citizens and others of the United States of America - a Federal entity.

The FBI  must now step in - in a big way - and put the above entities that I have mentioned on notice. Adjudicate the contaminated sites - and if someone is found - pandering, taking short cuts - book and send this crooks to jail for a long, long time.

The only way something good will happen is when one of the above agencies - who have been pandering - listening to corrupt politicians - and the higher authorities - that can do something - have been fast asleep in the cockpit - are charged with negligence of the highest - order.

The Department of Toxic and Substances Control (DTSC) have failed San Francisco - again and again - I have been on their mailing list - and have studied their work - I give them an F-.

Today if the bore drills are done in a meaningful way - you wills still find very high levels of Hexavalent Chromium and other very toxic chemicals - that pose danger to all living beings. We must apply the Precautionary Principle. " If there is any doubt, of any living being put in harms way - we must STOP - and investigate". Of course folks like Michael Carlin would not know that - nor would Barbara Gracia of the SF Health Department.

It is the same with the Environmental Protection Agency and they have been very slow.

Even with Jared Blumenfeld who was the former Director of the San Francisco Environment Department - he could have help San Franciscans but has not - not on Treasure Island, not at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, and not on the old Schlage Lock Company situated at Old Bayshore and Arleta.

It is becoming fashionable to built homes on very contaminated land in San Francisco - the homes built by Silver Avenue and Highway I01 is one example.

Over 20 people over the last ten years -have had severe respiratory diseases, heart attacks, and tumors.

The City and County of San Francisco knew this was a hot spot - but the homes were built and innocent people exposed to a slow - death.

The Old Schlage Lock company is a very contaminated site.

The railway operations a stone throw way - once operated by San Fe and all its Creosote operations - has polluted the area.

Further  extending the contamination to a wider area - far behond the 20 acres that the United Paragon Company owns with blood money.

Over 1700 units planned. The owner from Taiwan is in China - now working behind the scenes - to build 2200 units - all high density units - compromising Quality of Life issues.

It is all about abject - GREED.

With very corrupt folks like Fran Martin and Malia Cohen - spurring the crooks to build the housing units on a site - where the Watershed is contaminated, the air polluted from the millions of vehicles that spew toxic particulates, mercury, lead - other toxic smoke into the air.

The near by land all landfill spewing thousands of tons of Methane into the air. One ton of Methane gas - equals twenty two ton of Carbon. The dumb Malia Cohen would not know that - nor her lackeys who are NOT educated on issues.

We have many so called Environmental Foundations in San Francisco - that have not spoken about the Superfund that is the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

These San Francisco Environmental Foundations have no clue about the Old Schlage Lock company and the over 80 acres that has been compromised.

The entire Watershed contaminated and compromised. All a result of Chrome and other very toxic chemicals - dumped into the leaching drains.

The Southeast Sector of San Francisco that includes the 20 acres on which sits the Old Schlage Lock Project - has the highest percentage of children. We must offer our children the best - not the worst. Our City of San Francisco and the many crooked politicians continue to speak from both sides of their mouth.

These policy makers have failed our children and have BLOOD on their hands. More the children from the Southeast Sector.

The DTSC has done a botched job of a clean up at the Old Schlage Lock Company that is dubious in nature.

Now, we have Michael Carlin from the SFPUC who knows nothing much about this site - prodding the San Francisco Public Utilities Commissioners to sign on to a process that permits the Developer and SF City Planning that has not been diligent - to put thousands in harms way.

In fact put the SFPUC employees and more the workers from the Department of Public Works - the Water Department in harms way. This has happened before - these crooks do not give a rat's ass. This nonsense must stop - now.

It does not help the Land Use Committee and some other Commissions and Committees love to rubber stamp such projects.

In fact at the last SF Public Utilities Commission - it was mentioned - that the Mayor of San Francisco wants this project to be fast tracked. No way.

The Mayor, Edwin Lee must learn to do right. More keep records in place and not shred them. He must learn at this late date - to shed light where there is abject darkness. He knows me and I know him. We must do right by the people we serve. The Mayor took an oath that he must repeat each and every day - look at the mirror and notice if all is right with his demeanor - more his conscience.

San Franciscans are astute and educated on issues - not so the many STAFF that work for our City Departments who are not vigilant, lack the ability to adjudicate right - all because they lack the proper education and experience.

We saw this with Michael Carlin who was talking at the last SFPU Commission meeting from both sides of this mouth.

The SF Public Utilities Commission must demand - the results of the boring holes all over the 20 acre site - some 150 bore holes at a minimum are warranted.

The results must be evaluated by a certified and independent expert. The same with the air test - all over the 20 acres.

We know the Watershed at the Old Bayshore Schlage Lock company - is very contaminated.

We the people need justice and so far at the many sites where abatement, mitigation, a through clean up is mandated - our City and County of San Francisco is looking the other way.

Crooked folks who have no conscience - trying to hoodwink the public at large. No one can fool all the people - all the time.

Time for the Federal Bureau of Investigation more the Section that deals with Environmental Issues - step up and investigate the Developer and those entities with our SF City and County of San Francisco - who are aiding and abetting the on going ploys, machinations and shenanigans. Aho.