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Tuesday, June 24, 2014


300 years ago most everything in California was pristine - that is until the "stranger" came to this great land - and screwed our environment.

The paradox it that it does not take much to mess things up - but, it surely takes a lot of endurance, fortitude and money to clean the mess - and this is not being achieved - in a viable and sustainable manner - by those that messed things up.

That notion that if hordes of people followed the clouds and went to the West - plowed the land - and made things better - failed.

That figment of the imagination that the moisture generated - from the planting would be holistic - further failed California.

In later years the ground water was used and polluted - and with the run of from the excessive fertilizers and other dangerous chemicals - created by farmers and others -  pandemonium.

Now we see the contamination and do not have the resources to clean up the mess. It is a crime to contaminate the watershed, the streams, the rivers, the lakes - and even sending this contamination to the Oceans - disrespecting Mother Earth.

The water in California - each and every drop - belongs to all Californians.

Slowly the COMMONS, the Public Trust Laws - have been thrown to the wind. Californians are at the mercy of the corrupt, the crooks, and now City and Municipalities - in our case the City and County of San Francisco.

The developers all over California have forced the State of California - to take over and create "jurisdictions" that are not fair - but the state of affairs - would have been worse - if the developers had to rule the roost.

The White men destroyed everything in sight - taking as much as he could and wasting more - with no consideration.

H  e has never ever understood less comprehended - respect for Mother Earth - taking only what is needed - and leaving the rest in a good state - for generation to come.

The present development in San Francisco - the changing of the skyline - may seem to be progress to the current Mayor of San Francisco Edwin Lee.

The former "thug" Mayor of San Francisco Willie L. Brown Jr - these decisions - have and will spur an increase of contamination in the air, our watershed, our Bay - and everything that we human need to survive - more enjoying Quality of Life issues - which is becoming a premium in San Francisco.

If those in charge tax our resources, contaminated, and adversely impact all life - that burden is on time. Today, the last frontier the Southeast Sector of our City - is burdened already - but plans are afoot to burden it - more.

The present drought we are experiencing in San Francisco - has opened the eyes of a few - the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission still has not cared to follow the spirit of the Raker Act. 

We took the land that belonged to the indigenous people - that is far away from San Francisco some 180 miles away.

We, damned the Hetch Hetchy Valley - so that primarily - we San Franciscans could have clean drinking water. You have to read and more comprehend the Raker Act of 1913 to understand this - fact.

The Hetch Hetchy system had its birth in the Raker Act of 1913 as I said, which granted water and power resource rights-of-way on the Toulumne River in Yosemite National Park to San Francisco.

What most people do not know the aqueduct from the Sierra Nevada watersheds had an on going plan and operation from the early 1860s.

By 1934 the San Francisco Water Department had in place a system using pure gravity to deliver first class pristine clean drinking water to San Franciscans.

In years past - the clarion call first sounded by the famous six year drought.

Other years of drought - and the one we are experiencing now in its third year - with the increase of development of high density buildings - and a population that needs water - alarms have been and continue to be sounding.

The policy makers have failed to understand the value of water and billions of gallons of pristine water has been leaching throughout the system - all these many years.

The many huge pipes still leaking - even though millions have been spent to replace them.

Shoddy welding jobs, inferior construction, and lack of sound engineering more mechanical have failed the 2.6 million customers - from San Francisco and the extended Bay Area customers that today pay for the system deliver of so called pristine water.

In the interim the $4.6 Water System Improvement Project - has glaring areas that need attention.

 Mountain Tunnel has issues that will cost more millions - as much as $600 million. As things stand a new - more viable and sustainable tunnel is contemplated. All this at the Water System Improvement Project is nearing the end of the project.

The laymen has been lied to - excuses, excuses, excuses - but someone must take the responsibility and fix this situation - so close to the Hetch Hetchy reservoir - with the Mountain Tunnel fiasco staring at us and demanding - answers.

The Calavares Dam has issues - Julie Labonte jumped ship.

Daniel Wade has taken on the responsibilities - mistakes - glaring mistakes were made. The now need to be fixed.

Fissures well known to the United States Geological Agency - shown on maps - were bypassed by those purporting to know - but knew little if nothing at all - the issues arising - begging for solutions.

We had on broad an archaeologist - that is SF Public Utilities Commission - instead of a qualified geologist.

Of course Julie Labonte knew more - resulting in the removal of over one million tons of dirt - from the detected fissures that were discovered and some of us knew were there - for a long time.

Millions more spent trucking the dirt and someone was ready just to accept more millions to store the dirt. What pathetic fools - and all tax payers money.

Right now the large companies who use millions of gallons of water and are given a break - need to be told in writing to bring their consumption down to 30%.

If they infringe on this mandate - they should avail themselves of just 50% of what their water consumption. The meters of the large companies - must be inspected and revisited weekly at first and month as progress in made - and checked on a war footing.

Those large swimming pools, private pools, the golf courses - should not be using and wasting water.

The pipes today are leaching - they are over 85 years old - both clean drinking water pipes and the sewer pipes.

We have no one at SFPUC who can figure how to capture the leaching in real time.

We have the technology - but the SF Public Utilities Commission does not have balls to pay and use this proprietary technology.

The recent advertisement the SF Public Utilities Commission has commissioned - the sexy advertisement  - chiding San Franciscans who are well versed in NOT wasting water - using subliminal sexual messages - could well be targeted to the filth rich corporations - who are making hay while the sun shine.

In the interim contractors small contractors and left hold the bag - work done and it takes months to pay the contractors. The complaints are many - and the higher ups know this but look the other way. On of them is Rubecon - a well known small company - that is devoid of ploys and machinations.

The tax bond that was created was not meant in anyway to fund the "yellow hornets" who purport to work in the Bayveiw on Safety Issues.

Wear some fancy, expensive jackets - devoid of sound training in safety issues - which is far from worthwhile - they glide along the streets - doing nothing at all. Often seen waiting at some watering hole - whiling their time at fast food - restaurants. All on tax payers dime.

We have been waiting anxiously for the SF Public Utilities Commission to do something sensible linked to the 1800 Oakdale facility - known as the Southeast Community Facility Commission building - the last Workshop held was  JOKE - and the one in two weeks - we all forward to.

In short our tax payers money should not be wasted.

Those making over $200,000 - if they cannot delivers - time to send them packing.

Pay those that work hard the small contractors - who are kept - holding the bag - waiting, waiting for Godot!