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Monday, June 23, 2014


Worldwide the game of Soccer is King.

The current World Cup held in Rio in Brazil has cost the Brazilian government over $11 Billion - that is a lot of money - and that controversy is not what I want to discuss about - right now.

Yesterday, I made it a point to watch the match between the United States and Portugal.

All in all both teams gave their best - and the last goal - that brought about the equalizer - was amazing - a nice pass with a stellar heading - that decided the future of the United States.

The 2-2 draw still permits the United States to meet the Germans on an equal footing - come out with some creative plays - and hopefully win their game.

There is nothing a good team cannot do when they are determined to achieve their goals.

The United States have some key players who are injured - and they have but one day to recoup and make good. The Germans two days - with less travelling and better amenities.

The United States my team that I support have it rough - we see that clearly; but, we have supporters 20,000 strong that went all the way to Rio - to support the United States soccer team - and that is what matters and really counts.

Soccer as with any other well organized support here at home - brings people together. Bringing people together matters - more in these days of uncertainty and less personal social interaction.

The American Soccer Team has always had fans from around the world. This is good - we saw it yesterday - and we will see it in the future.

Portugal played well yesterday too - with injuries too - and  many lost chances - their well known player had ample opportunities - and failed to score.

In last seconds - Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo pass was one of the best passes ever - with an equally well header by Varela - that brought about the equalizer - the haunting - two to two, draw.

Jermaine Jones and  Clint Dempsey kept our flag high and flying for the United States of America.

The fans loved it - and we at home - were treated well - with many high lights of the game - that we will remember for a long, long time.

In my younger days I played in the goal - and still have memories of the saves and dives I made.  I cannot play soccer any more - at least not comparable to the days when I did - 50 years ago.

Soccer is King the world over - and  becoming more popular in the United States - more among women, children, youth and young adults.

For sure we will encourage a whole cadre of new players - and for sure - the United States will put their best foot - forward.

Our Nation must be a nation of Hope - and one that makes a difference.

A Nation of laws and compassion that takes all of us to a better place. These should be our goals - and soccer can bring a lot of that - together.

Soccer is known better as football - it took me sometime to say soccer - the game is international - and internationally embraced.
The Germans call it futbol - if I am remember, right.

I really want the United States to win - and will support them as best I can.

 I am not a sports writer - but thought I would express my sentiments - on a game that I love, want to play - the mind says yes - but the body says: "wait a minute" - relax.

Here is a writer I like to read - a woman journalist who has a fun way to report on Soccer - much as I would like to read and enjoy her sport reporting:

Another fairly good report from the LA Times: