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Friday, June 20, 2014


All over San Francisco in the year 2014 and to be precise this month June, 2014 - thousands of people are hurting.

It is getting too, too expensive to live in San Francisco.

Innocent people are traumatized - and more decent families father, mother, with children. Pass the 5th day of the month - all the money is gone. The begging begins and this has become the norm. Not only in so called Public Housing - but decent families that once enjoyed living in San Francisco.

Our Food Banks do a good job - but many do not have a place to cook. They are forced to eat "junk food" and eating junk food has severe, adverse consequences.

Children and families in the shelter - awoken at 6 am and told to leave the shelter - only to stand in line in the evening - to come into a nosy - environment. Where is the compassion - in this City named after Saint Francis of Assisi? God help us!

We all found out - that the process was stalled by the State of California - when the pro- real estate mongers - using the Assembly Housing Committee - tabled the Ellis Act amendments - leaving Mark Leno and his minions - holding the empty bag.

David Campos is NOT getting the support he needs - from those that talk from sides of their mouth - on his Ellis Act actions to help those that need help most. We want David  Campos to go to Sacramento - not the other guy - can go to hell - who cares not to give the public at large - their 3 minutes of Public Comment at City Hall - and is the President.

We advocates remember, well - the  same Mark Leno who helped Lennar Urban get all his amendments passed to acquire - working with the Real Estate mongers - to give Candlestick Point and more the exchange of the State Park by Candlestick stadium - over 700 acres - closer to the Bay - to Lennar Urban. 

Mark Leno favored Lennar Urban then and made no bones about it. That corrupt mentality is alive today - Mark Leno and many corrupt politicians still do not really care about the ordinary citizen - they do care about those that can show him the green.

The likes of so called drab Supervisors - Malia Cohen, David Chiu, Katy Tang, Scott Weiner, Jane Kim - all so called Supervisor that are suppose to Represent but do not. All of them took and take money to fill their campaign coffers - from Lennar Urban - a Rogue Developer and linked minded - developers.

 On another important note - San Francisco broke another record - now that we have the empirical data - Flipping Homes - and raking in millions. Our City leads all other cities nationwide in Flipping - can you imagine that. The vultures that have focused on our city and taken advantage of the those that cannot defend - themselves.

Remember the "Flipper" and he made no bones about it - spreading cheer - he hid money here, there, under the bushes, all over the place.

People souring, digging in the sand, running like mad in circles - with  the "Main Media" - getting involved in the game - started by the "Home Flipper" - who started his game - right in our neighborhood.

The devil is in the details - and the "devil" has been busy "flipping homes" and here comes a report that is mind boggling.
Complete with empirical data - that proves that the crooks have made their nest in San Francisco - and our policy makers - have been caught - fast asleep in the cockpit.

San Francisco is number one when it comes to preying on home owners - buying fixer-upper homes - and flipping them and making and hoarding - vast amounts of money. Number One in the Nation.

An average sum of over $194,000 per home - more $196,000.

Second comes Long Island in New York - where I spent two weeks closer to the Garden City on good old - Long Island. Wow!

This link provides all the information you want - so take your time and see how best the political whores and pimps have been serving your City and County of San Francisco - those that deliberate in Room 250 and those that spew diatribe in Room 200:

There is a utter disdain for those that are labeled indigent in San Francisco in recent years. The poor you will always have - said the Master - "blessed are the poor for theirs is the kingdom of heaven".

Caught in the spiraling 2008 Economy - many home owners who fell prey to sub-prime loans. derivatives, and all the shenanigans that emitted from that "evil" source - GREED.

Many of those financial institution - right here in San Francisco - the Bank of America, Wells Fargo, other lending institutions - all connected with the Pacific Heights Mafia - and still raking in the money - in the millions.

The above that has ruined the lives and homes of thousands of innocent San Franciscans. 

Destroyed our neighborhood and changed drastically the character of most neighborhoods in San Francisco.

It does not help the latest plague - the invasion of the "techies" - who stare far deep into some valley - they are laser beam focused on their iPads and lap tops.

The digital world should bring people together. These folks are into the digital - divide - go figure!

In the interim plans are afloat to build over 30,000 homes - at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - a Superfund Site.

10,000 homes chants the Mayor of San Francisco - Mayor Edwin Lee. So called Affordable Homes - but no one wants to spell the details - and no one wants to put it in writing. Affordable to whom - and why would you want to build - so many homes - in the middle to Chernobyl?

Another 20,000 homes - brags someone else - with his hand in the cookie jar - 20,000 more homes at Candlestick Point, Sunnydale, Huntersview, making a grand total - of yes 20,000 homes.

Using HOPESF, private funds, AB-5 Visas hoodwinking the Chinese - to buy waterfront properties and housing units - on mostly - contaminated ground.

The City and  County of San Francisco and more SF City Planning is rubber stamping most everything - without process.

Good governance comes with sound process.

However, when sources at City Hall - do not abide by the Brown Act - fail to acknowledge the Precautionary Principle - have disdain for the Public Act mandates - all hell breaks loose.  Time will tell.

In the Bayview over 60% of the people own their homes - but over 30% have been flipped - and no one really is paying attention to this fact that has drastically affected the constituents of the area - and caused horrendous adverse impacts.

The Bayview is just getting some entities paying attention to the many ploys and machinations - the Bayview Hunters Point Community Legal headed by Adrian Tritanadi, Esq is doing good work - and God bless his soul and those that work with him.

Onki Kwan who is one of many lawyers who helps us all in the Bayview and works at the Bayview Hunters Point Community Legal. A breath of fresh air - to tackle the many wrongs - glaring at us - compromising Quality of Life - issues.

Bayview's demographics have changed with Asians and Latinos now in the majority.

The loud mouthed Blacks - mostly sell outs the likes of Calvin Jones, Aurelious Walker, Doris Vincent, Lola Whittle, Dwayne Jones, Linda Richardson, Roy Wills, Sophie Maxwell - others too many and devious to mention - will get their day of reckoning.

We few who remember will never forget Roy Willis who worked for Diane Feinstein and Willie L. Brown Jr - the inroads he made - and the sell outs he paid.

All this way back in 1989. Now it is 2014.

The culprit Lennar - now known better as Lennar Urban a Rogue Developer.

This land - all of it belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone - but those at City Hall would not know about it.

18 treaties signed by the United States government and the Tribes of California - were never ratified. Up until 1924 you could legally scalp a Native American and fetch $5 dollars. Of course our City politicians have no clue and less that they have BLOOD on their hands.

Thieves have no morals, less ethics and standards - and of course their conscience has been numbed - the likes of Supervisors - Jane Kim, Malia Cohen, Scott Weiner, David Chiu, Mark Farrell - others - your ride will end - and I hope that ride does not take you to deep into - hell.

San Francisco has a population of about 805,000 and should not be - the number one City nationwide  - known for "Flipping Homes" but guess what - it is.

The most expensive City in the Nation - for a family of four on vacation - it cost over $600 a day - hotel cost included.

The Mayor brags that unemployment is about 4.6 percent - but who gathers the really empirical data.

In the Bayview there are hot spots of over 30% unemployment - and car thefts, home break-ins, purse snatching and those of iPhones are up, assaults, and in general Quality of Life issues have been compromised.

Our local transportation system is a mess - just wait for the T-Train our light rail system - 30 mins - sometimes 45 minutes.

In the Southeast it is common for signs to show that in 6 minutes the bus on train will arrive - only for the sign to show 7 minutes, then revert to 5, and then back to 6 - and this game goes on and on - until you really are waiting 30 minutes for the MUNI bus and 45 minutes for the T-light rail to arrive.

A very poor reflection on the MTA - hoodwinking the public by the Municipal Transportation Agency and Ed Reiskin - his side kick John Haley.

There is too much hog wash at City Hall. Too many decent San Francisco leaving town.

The "techies" are having a field day - but not for long - they do not contribute anything viable and sustainable to our great City and County of San Francisco.

I known chefs - good chefs - they are leaving San Francisco - and why they cannot afford the rents. I know artists - good artists and they are leaving San Francisco - why? - the cannot afford the very high rents.

The Mayor says he is trying his best - he has but with NO viable results - that help the Middle Class. When the Middle Class is no more - you get pandemonium.

The poor are now selling their wares that they gather from waiting in lines elsewhere - food donations, clothing, to get some little money and irk out a leaving.

Reminding one of the bazars in the third world countries. Come on San Francisco we can do better.

The homeless are in your face - mostly mentally challenged - some have been hanging around 5th and Market for the last 10 years - what is happening to our system - Care not Cash - who really in getting screwed?

Does this news that we are number one - #1 - when it comes to "Flipping Homes" bother the City political whores and pimps - or is it just that one other drop - on the back of the "political corrupt quacking - duck".

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone in this area - and I know what I am talking about.

Any takers.

Building homes on land that is contaminated, prone to liquefaction and severe flooding! 

This is becoming a norm - a bad standard - a good standard for our SF City Planning, the Department of Building Inspection - and those that spew diatribe and just happen to be crooked and corrupt - politicians.

Study the charts and the "flipping game" when it comes to homes in San Francisco: