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Wednesday, June 18, 2014


In the year 2004 the "Housing Element" with all its deficiencies went before the Supreme Court and the decision made was that that the Housing Element failed to address those pertinent elements that defined what good housing was all about. More in San Francisco where we have a constituency that is astute and educated on issues.

Protecting our neighborhood character, sound transportation, good schools, Open Space with Recreation Centers, health and safety issues in place - the other Quality of Life issues that this City and County is mandated to abide by was not found in place in the 2004 Housing Element.

The Housing Element in the year 2009 saw no substantial and viable change - and again the matter was taken to the Supreme Court .

Again the San Francisco Planning Department was told to go back to the drawing board - and address those defined models and abide by what the constituents of San Francisco - mentioned again and again in all the town meetings and other critical meetings and committees heard - to address a better and more defined Housing Element - that is holistic.

Now in the year 2014 - again the Housing Element has defied the constituents of San Francisco - and again the SF Planning Department and those that must abide by sound policy are defying the law.

This time openly begging the constituents to abide by the 2009 - " Housing Element" that is deficient and more that does not meet standards when it comes to creating housing for - for low income and no income. Those that make $90,000 and under.

The SF Planning Director - scolding the proponents who have and are challenging the present Housing Element.

The present appeal and the proponent is representing the people who are hurting. We the people know what we want - because we have lived here of a long time.

It is not the place for the SF Planning Department and its Director who is a recent transplant to scold San Francisco and tell us " that we the people - have to abide by those rules and regulation that are indeed found in the Housing Element and should be used as - guiding tools. Further what the General Plan stands for - we have played this foul game - in the year 2004, again in the 2009, and now in the year 2014".

Reminding us who are astute that the General Plan for this City is not law - and therefore does not play a key role in our decision making to better understand the Housing Element.

The many Housing Advocates - who have lived here for years - strongly feel - that the General Plan also sheds light on all the elements -  that make for a better more viable and more sustainable - "Housing Element" - more, address Quality of Life issues.

Reading the draft recent Housing Element - Market Rate housing has been evaluated and rated as being above the 51% of the normal. Only 9% of so called affordable has been built and that too at a snail's pace. 

No one can define "affordable housing" who is true "affordable housing" and what really comes within the qualification that embraces "moderate housing".

There is no sign by our City and County of San Francisco to embrace low income and no income. This indigent population is treated like trash - and it is this attitude that will come to haunt this City and County of San Francisco.

" The poor we will always have. Blessed are the poor for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven". Some may say poor in spirit - but poor all the same - and those to whom much is given must share. But, this City and County of San Francisco with a $8 Billion budget - can do better.

The City is in bed with the Rogue Developer Lennar Urban, with large Property Managers not worth the salt - the John Stewart Company - other Primes Webcor, Nibbi Brothers, Cahill, Obiyashi - one worse than the other. Time will tell.

Gentrification is on the rise with the "Tech Companies" in San Francisco.

In open defiance changing the availability of housing much like we saw when the locusts invade our City in the early year 2000.

Thank God that plague passed away - only for us to witness for a second time - in recent years the ugly head rise - the ugly head, these - good for nothing - "Techies".

Thousands of decent San Franciscans have left our City and headed to the East Bay - but, even there there good low paying rents are rare.

Thousands of decent San Franciscans who lived here for years and decades -  they have left our City.

I think about the hundreds of Artists that left when the locusts invaded our City and County of San Francisco. And at that time a substantial amount of San Franciscans.

Many of the "Techies" rent units - just because they find it easy to rent - because they offer a higher payment for rent - because they have access to more money to throw - when it comes to bargaining.

In many parts of our City and County of San Francisco people are hurting - and in the Mission - the advocates have taken to the streets and bought some time.

Behind the scenes - the San Francisco Planning Department - is aiding and abetting the "Techies" - to the detriment of poor and most blue collar - workers.

Jane Kim giving large tax breaks to TWITTER. Other too get it - when they do not deserve it.

Over 30,000  housing units are planned for the Southeast Sector - Hunters Point Naval Shipyard which is contaminated and a Superfund Site.

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - has NOT be cleaned to residential standards. Prop P in the year 2000 mandated that the entire Hunters Point Naval Shipyard be clean to residential standards. 87% of the constituents of San Francisco voted for that Proposition - Proposition P.

Who do you think wants to live on toxic and contaminated ground - who do you think wants to live in the middle of Chernobyl? That is what is planned at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Candlestick Point.

The land above is contaminated - more with radioactive elements - Depleted Uranium was tested at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - as part of the World War II efforts.

It is the same at Candlestick Point - contaminated and prone to liquefaction.

The 49er fans will tell you - every time there was heavy rain. The fans had to wade through five and six inches of rain to get into the stadium.

On the out skirts of the former Candlestick Stadium which the 49ers called home - that were large pools of water - forcing vehicular traffic to come to a halt.

The 49ers left the contaminated stadium - prone to liquefaction and flooding - and Willie L Brown Jr and the other good for nothing politicians - who wanted the 49ers to stay and play in San Francisco - were told to go take a hike - and rightly so.

The 49ers have a brand new stadium and soon the world will witness - what is wholesome and compare it to the dump that was Candlestick Stadium.

Candlestick Stadium falling apart - the plumping - the many critical aspects that make any good stadium - work - falling in disrepair.

The Housing Element and the SF General Plan together - inform and help one understand the finer aspects of our great City and County of San Francisco.

The former SF Planning Directors Dean Macris, Gerald Green, and now John Rhaim are trying their best - but the common thread - they are beholden to - are the very corrupt politicians - and have compromised their standards, their morals, their ethics.

The present Housing Element has been Appealed to the SF Board of Supervisors - who seem NOT to be with the people and have gone with the flow.

Many of them the likes of Jane Kim, Malia Cohen, Scott Weiner, David Chiu, Mark Farrell - all work for the developers.

The above have little or nothing to say - when it comes to working for, representing, and standing for those that need good housing today - for those that have lived in San Francisco - for decades - and today cannot afford the high rent - even less afford buying a home.

As for Room 200 all we hear is hot air - diatribe - spewing promises.

In the end - Room 200 and all those that advise the Mayor - want Market Rate housing - and do not really care about ordinary San Franciscans who are seeing the better aspects of our City and County of San Francisco - fade before their very eyes.

This City and County of San Francisco - is named after Saint Francis of Assisi -  the compassionate Saint - corrupt politicians call upon his name - but are rude, on the take, lie, and are very corrupt. Aho.