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Saturday, June 21, 2014


The City and County of San Francisco speaks from both sides of its mouth - when it comes to building 30,000 housing units on land prone to severe liquefaction and flooding - more on very poor landfill - and all this in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco. The last frontier - in the land of the Muwekma Ohlone - the First People that I represent.

Of course the SF Planning Commission has been known to "rubber stamp" and the former "thug Mayor" of  San Francisco - Willie L. Brown Jr, the Pacific Heights Mafia - are among them those that say they represent.

These corrupt folks could not care less as to who lives in these planned units - and care still if the innocent constituents are exposed to toxic contaminants at high levels.

The policy makers do not want to listen to sound reason - they do not want to seriously address - Quality of Life issues.

When Lennar was conveyed and given Parcel A for a dollar - we had this same concern about transportation - among other concerns. There is no public transportation that can accommodate a few hundred people right now - right by where Lennar Urban is building homes on very contaminated Parcel A.

Some continue to brag that thousands of units will be built and all will be well - this is a LIE. 

Those backing Lennar Urban could not care less - Lennar is into getting properties for little money - using the State and the Local government to aid them - with infrastructure and such amenities - then selling the parcels - as part of the "Land Banking" scheme.

Much like what was done at Mission Bay. Those living in the units are Mission have to sign waivers - you cannot plant in your back yard - if you want to do so - you can buying planter boxes and transporting clean dirt. The air is foul - and respiratory diseases and other chronic diseases such as heart attacks - on the increase.

The University of California San Francisco (UCSF) knows this - but they keep the information under the rug - money comes first and the health and welfare of the constituents and those working at their facilities - does not matter.

The paradox UCSF is in the health business. The researchers, the doctors, the interns, the professors - those that work in the many laboratories - can gather the facts - analyse the empirical data - but they do not. No one want to do right - they are shit scared of losing their temporary privileges. They are so caught up in their temporary -  madness.

Never mind if the land is contaminated - prone to liquefaction and severe flooding.

More surrounded by parcels that have not been cleaned up - and are contaminated with radioactive elements - recorded at very high levels - as is the case with Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

The empirical data is there - the San Francisco Supervisors keep on "Rubber Stamping" and that is the same with whoever is in Room 200 the abode of the Mayor and his minions. From Willie L. Brown Jr and Gavin Newsom - to this very day.

The present Mayor, Mayor Edwin Lee at one time in his career was an advocate.

He would fight for the indigent - the immigrants and those that could not defend themselves.

No more - when he backed The 8 Washington Project - that was defeated by the voters - and has chosen to back Lennar Urban a Rogue Developer, the project at the Old Schlage Lock at Arleta and Old Bayshore - and even mentioned it as part of his Budget Speech in Room 250 - the Mayor with one scoop - said too much - and speaks from both sides of his mouth. Someone is constipated.

In the year 2000 I brought to the attention of the Department of Toxic and Substances Control (DTSC) - the many sites that were contaminated - in the Southeast Sector as the Director of Environmental Justice Advocacy - hot spots that need immediate attention.

The Mayor should know that the watershed at the Old Schlage Company is contaminated to this day. He can get all the information - with one telephone call. He will be shocked to see the results.

This is because the entire watershed in the adjoining area is contaminated too. 

Any impartial temporary cleanup in one area or spot will not suffice.

The SF Planning Department decided to rubber stamp the project. 

The SF Building Inspection is not doing its work.

The Land Use Committee with Scott Weiner is a shame to anything decent - and in the end those that live there - will be adversely impacted. Malia Cohen and Fran Martin are the two experts that know it all - the blind leading the very - blind.

When the Infrastructure is laid at the Old Schlage Lock Company - those working on the project - be it the Department of Public Works.

Those workers who work for the Prime - anyone who works on the project - that requires trenching will be adversely impacted.
We saw this at Hunters Point on Parcel A - and we will see it - soon elsewhere be it Pier 70 or at the Old Schlage Lock Company.

Recently, when we had the rains - over twenty birds were found dead - this from the puddles that were formed at the Old Schlage Company.

A sure sign that toxic contamination from under - is surfacing and the Mayor and those that favor this project - are either not aware of this fact - or just want to "fast track" the project.

On another note - we saw this with 8 Washington Project that went South. We also saw this with the initial project to build the Warriors' Stadium closer to the Ferry Building - that came to a grinding halt.

The paradox is that the Southeast Sector is the last frontier - and the vultures  - who are the Developers - keep filling the campaign coffers of the very corrupt politicians - who do not believe in accountability and transparency.

The politicians and the developers want the money.

To hell with the health and welfare of the constituents.

Now, these same crooks are trying to entice and hoodwink the Chinese from China  offering them EB-5 Visas and leading the pack of wolves - Lennar Urban.

At Pier 70 where the United States Navy conducted much of its ship building during the World War II efforts, where the steel factories flourished - the tons of contamination - has to be dealt with.

There are two large hot spots where there was a Ammonia Spill - that has leached into to the watershed.

Over a million tons of coal tar - coal that has been reduced to tar - and needs to be abated and cleaned up.

Folks like Joe Boss and others pushing for development - but fail to address the clean up.

Again, we San Franciscans are fully aware of the Precautionary Principle.

The Precautionary Principle - it is law - but no one follows it. 

When you mention it the authorities - ignore the warnings - and this arrogance will come to bite the crooks in the butt. No one can fool - all the people - all the time.

We have few people educated on issues - less who know about the history - even less who have no morals, ethics, and standards.

It is very true that Pier 70 is Port Property - Public Trust Land that belongs to all Californians. The Burton Act and other ordinances apply - but you would not notice that - the way Joe Boss and others are carrying on their nefarious - activities.  Time will tell.

There must be a process - process brings about law and order.

More and more process - the laws of the land - the laws that govern law and order - are thrown out the windows by politicians - this not only at the local level, but the State and National level.

The Middle Class is eroding - vanishing before our eyes - and soon - as many are saying and have been screaming - you will have the ONE percent filth rich - ruling.

The Ninety Nine percent - very poor - at the mercy of the filthy rich.

This deviant behavior is becoming the norm - and if you speak out and mention facts, the empirical data - the corrupt seek measures to silence you. 

Not for long - one by one they will fall - flat on their faces.

We must remember for those that behave like this - there are those that are still decent and follow the norms, law and order - and of course you have those - that have numbed their - conscience.

Go ahead and play with fire - this time you will be incinerated - ashes into ash - and it will be too late.