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Friday, June 27, 2014


In recent years - more the last five years - it has become fashionable to brag about our skyline that is beginning to look ugly.

Anyone can brag about the skyline, anyone can fake the other statistics - but no one can fail to recognize the congestion on the City roads in San Francisco.

Poor people - who cannot make ends meet - lack the funds to buy food come the 5th day of the month.

Like the Third World countries - irking out a living - creating bazars - to sell donated goods -  food cans, cheese, milk, fruits - anything that will help them live for tomorrow - buy selling what they really need to survive.

The mentally challenged roam our streets and with that the many pedophiles that we know about - but care not to do anything about.

 2 SF Police Officers - in charge of this malady - and the Mayor and his advisers - care little - know little - and continue to paint a rosy picture - about the skyline - while daily trashing Quality of Life issues.

Our roads kill pedestrians - and our traffic jams are now comparable to Los Angeles.

One single accident - if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time - like what happened two days along - at the 5th Street off ramp - you linger in the traffic - and no one - cares.

The skyscrapers bring with them - all the issues linked to ugly density - crowding, bad air, traffic - is short compromising Quality of Life issues.

You just have to go to New York to see the madness in the Bronx - people are fed up - there.

Here in San Francisco the transplants from New York - Jane Kim the Korean American - with no roots in San Francisco - loves the ribbon cutting - and raking in the thousands to fill her campaign - coffers. The many new projects in her District - the Tenderloin begging for services - mid-market - making things difficult for those that have lived there for decades.

Jane Kim was behind giving TWITTER large breaks - for which she got her clap moist and her tongue wagging praises - for a company that has gone Public - but has not contributed anything viable and sustainable to our City's economy.

RightHealth360 is an organization that has taken over what Weldon House use to pretend to do.

It is large and the City has been outsourcing many of the Safety Program - what once was Community Response Network managed - other work which the Bayview Foundation - tried to address and failed.

Right off the back - we few that we there when Community Response Network was first established - more from the experience in the Mission - a long time ago RAP and then the good work of John Torres and others.

We thought in good faith that the City would appreciate our concerns - that was when there was a Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice that worked. 

We now have a Mayor Office of Criminal Injustice. Yes, Injustice.

We do have serious concerns with killings, shooting, lack of proper housing for the indigent, sick people so many - that often times when you go to Third Street you see zombies - the 'living dead".No one seems to care about this segment of the population.

Hot spots with 30% - 40% people out of work - some one brags that we have unemployment in the low 4.5% - but is this true all over the City?

Is it true in those areas the City has the Sewage Treatment Plant, the aggregate and concrete, the industrial area, the Produce Market.

The Main Post Office, the Main Maintenance Operation linked the Department of Public Works - in short the engine of the City - that Room 200 fails to acknowledge - because the morons therein - are NOT educated on issues.

Prostitution, crack-heads that thrive on crack cocaine. Children from dysfunction families - poor but still God's children that we must defend and take care of in the poorer areas of our City - more the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

The children, the youth, the young adult talk to me and they tell me what they would not tell the Mayor of San Francisco that I know - who name is Edwin Lee. Photo opportunities and bragging on Television is one thing - the result are not there - no empirical data to back the FLUFF.

These children mostly of color would not confide in Malia Cohen - a Black woman - who is the District 10 Supervisor.

The pathetic woman - who has no clue what is happening in her District. She is so removed - wearing fake wigs, putting on a fake smile - she is the personification - of everything FAKE.

Our SF City Planning Commission continues to rubber stamp projects. Projects more in the Southeast Sector that will adversely impact the constituents. Recently the proposed Schlage Lock project that is going to be built on contaminated soil.

Does not want to help our Union Workers get union jobs on its project - but, some City agencies are bending backwards to help this project - the SF Public Utilities Commission is one of them. Never mind the Maher Ordinance has not been enforced. The Precautionary Principle on our books - not adhered to. 

One must first build the infrastructure - consult the City Engineer, consult those constituents that care for our City and County of San Francisco - today it is business as usual.

The City keeps hoodwinking - let us see far the developers will go - more the rogue ones - like Lennar. Evan Brother, others like Cahill and Webcore.

The big Primes like AECOM, Belfour, Jacobs, URS - and others too many to name and all crooked to the bone.

The Department of Building Inspection - fast asleep in the cockpit. There is no meaningful - enforcement.

The  Contract Monitoring Division - its compliance officers - their hands tied, their mouth duct taped - one call from a crooked politician - like Willie L. Brown Jr - and most anything goes full speed ahead. Time will tell and has revealed more than that. 

Our Department of Health has no TOXICOLOGIST on its pay roll.

Dr Rajiv Bhatia was fired - and the Maher Act - with all that it was once worth - now with an expanded area - where there must be monitoring and enforcement - there is none - all, thrown to the wind.

It is the same with the Precautionary Principle - there is NO - enforcement.

Much has been made of our transportation - but anyway you look at it the old transportation GRID - does not work.

In the Southeast Sector of San Francisco - there is no good planning linked to anything viable and sustainable - lack of affordable housing - more low and no income housing.

Those that cannot defend themselves, those that need help - thrown to the wind.

The roads in the Southeast are bad and there is no sound transportation.

The infrastructure for clean drinking water pipes, sewer pipes on land prone to liquefaction and flooding - is being investigated - and those in charge - are pulling their hair and their teeth.
A Causeway is planned - with no meaningful input from the constituents that matter.

Lennar the rogue developer has nothing to offer - but MISERY.

Right now by Candlestick trucks plying moving dirt and no one monitoring the traffic.

Hundreds of trucks in the vicinity - in and out of Baylands Processing Soil - located in Brisbane - but on our border - the roads in the vicinity in very, very bad - shape.

$700 million plus was expanded on the T-Light rail system that is poor operated - trains late.

The buses in the vicinity MUNI 56 - always late - and the private shuttles that operate - badly managed. This is the situation now - now, imagine what will happen when the population is fifty time what it is now?

20,000 housing units are planned for the area. Some one must be crazy - so crazy bordering on the madness of NERO from Rome - more Caligula.

In Room 200 at City Hall. How can anyone talk such nonsense - when there is no sound infrastructure in place - right now.

The killings, shootings, muggings, home break-ins, car theft - all those Quality of Life issues - paramount to good living - are out the door into the cesspool of the City's creation.

The Mayor's folks Steva Kava, Christine Flavey, others - spewing diatribe - hot air - it will come to a boiling halt - soon, suddenly, and hit these morons - like a lighting bolt.

In the interim HealthRight360 is taking more charge of issues - with supposedly less funding - looking for space - and cannot finding anything decent. Time will tell.

The blind leading the blind - our sourcing is "evil" - and the City is playing with - "fire". Out sourcing to save benefits and other amenities that foster Quality of Life issues.

No one can do good work - working from premises that are dirty, stinking, in a place where there is no parking - no standard amenities to work - the decision makers - are as pathetic as they can be - a slum is what they have in mind.

People who work and do good work - I mean real good work - need good surroundings.

I tried to help the City - but it does not work. They bite the hand that feeds them. The Community Response Network we first envisioned - has gone down the drain.

We rallied the Polynesians - since they can go to areas - with some authority - share the common values of day to day living with the Blacks - and carried on a "food program" for the last 9 months. While doing a lot to reduce crime and what comes with it.

It was working - but now all that is coming to a grinding halt.

We were tweaking the operation - but, suddenly - someone is putting the breaks.

It is time Mayor Edwin Lee visits my office - much like he did over a year and half ago. 

The same with the Chief of Police - Gregory Suhr - what is happening to our City - we have we lost it - or has someone forgotten to take their - Prosac?

Our nurses, our teachers, our law enforcement, our doctors, anyone that does professional work involving the public require health and holistic amenities, good facilities, an environment that is uplifting.

I tried to help the City when it came to a situation no one would step up and fulfill.

No one seems to care.

When it comes to rents someone has to fork out - but, it is not fare for me to delve into my savings - to help the City - when the City has a $8.6 Billion budget.

Has now decided to help some non-profits - but there is no boiler plate application - to make this happen. It is who you know - and how many times you have been in bed - with the corrupt - that works.

Eric Mar is the only one talking about cultural competency - with the artists that are small and contribute better than those bigger entities.

Those - that have contacts - are in bed with the Arts Commission and have been raking in the money -all these many years.

The City Administrator Naomi Kelly has no clue about Safety issues - how they affect children, parents, others when they have no food at home.

She know me and I know her - but I am not into begging - but I will say to the City you screw the children - and screw them bad - and BLOOD in on your hands.

In the Southeast Sector more Districts 9, 10, and 11 - the children are many - the sustainable amenities less.

The City talks the talk - but does little. The ones in the game - getting all the money  - some 15 entities will get the money - set aside for non-profits.

We talk about Cultural Competency but no one really implements it.

Those Whites in charge of the programs - have no guilt to give the Jewish Center what they want and more. Other organizations that I can name - what they want - Maria Su needs no justification - one call from the Mayor - will do that.

The rest of us must beg - but someone of us will not beg - we care for our City - and the time has come for those that care like I do - to get rid of the chaff, the rubbish, the corrupt, those that are worse than excreta.

The politics and the fucking corruption in our City is too much - after all it our tax payers - money. We the people must take charge of our destiny - even if it means sacrificing - to get rid to of the fucking - chaff.

Any takers - let us debate this in public and SFGOV can host the program and share it with out 805,000 San Franciscan - that are shafted - each and every day - when it comes to Quality of Life issues.