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Wednesday, June 11, 2014


The crooks were at it again - trying to convince the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission that nothing was wrong with the site where the old Schlage Lock Company.
Well known for its contaminated the watershed .

Chrome products and residue other dangerous chemicals - flushed down the drain and leaching into the soil for over fifty years - forcing the Department of Toxic and Substances Control (DTSC)  - to mandate a clean up of the site.

The problem with this site is that the watershed is contaminated.

Further South - the watershed is contaminated too - with the activities of former Sante Fe rail operations, the Southern Pacific Railway, Caltrain, and dumping of the worst type of chemicals and other toxins for decades.

The site on which Bayland Soil Processing now processes contaminated soil - be it Class II and III and mostly on land that is in Brisbane - bordering this site of the Old Schalge Lock property - has issues that affect the Watershed.

The land that is the old Schlage Lock company - was bought by a Taiwanese man who stole over $800 million and has taken refuge in Mainland China.

This saga is playing out - behind close doors - with the old Taiwanese man - on his respirator - awaiting his last days. Mainland China controlling he moves - and our SF City politicians and developers - trying to weasel out a deal. The devils are at work - and the constituents of San Francisco - in peril.

The owner's wife and son - beholden to people who have power - trying to make - decision - with a gun held to their head.

This cloak and dagger scene is being played behind close doors in Room 200 at City Hall, and now in front of the SF Public Utilities Commission - other SF committees - and soon before the SF Board of Supervisors.

The Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Workforce has always failed San Francisco - Jessie Blout, Michael Cohen and all those who have followed in his path. Today Ken Rich who has never, ever been truthful - once worked for the SF Planing Department and now is pushing for this sordid project. Lying through this teeth.

It was the same with the quasi-State agency the SF Redevelopment Agency - and of course the two sell outs - District Supervisors from District 10 - Sophie Maxwell and now Malia Cohen - one worse than the other.

Never ever having the best interests of the constituents of San Francisco. In the Southeast Sector - at 81 years Dr Espanola Jackson tries her best - and it is pity that those in power in this City - dare to put houses of innocent San Francisco constituents in harms way.

The Old Schlage Lock site is next to the rails - with trains passing and making a lot of noise.

On Old Bayshore millions of vehicle spew particulates - and the air is foul.

On the site itself - when it rains - puddles are created - and the birds that swim in the puddles - have been found DEAD.

All this very visible to those that can see - it does not seem to bother those that want to push for this project.

The 1700 units to be built in the middle to Chernobyl.

Pushing for this project United Paragon Corporation - that is teethering and faltering and will soon meet its demise - with wrong choices - and blood money hovering on its head.

Our City and County of San Francisco professes to adhere to laws and Ordinances - but fails to abide to the Precautionary Principle.

Our SF Health Department rubber stamps - it Environmental Department within the Health Department in shambles. We with a $8 Billion budget - do not have a Toxicologist. Go figure!

Again and again - simple, clear processes, are shunned and the crooked developers - cloak and dagger operations prevail to the determent of the public at large - innocent hard working citizens who pay their - taxes.

Nothing good comes from air head  Malia Cohen - who has never ever had anything to do with District 10 before - she chose to run for District 10. She is a transplant from elsewhere - those of us who keep tabs know - she can fool others - but we have a rap sheet of this devious woman.

Moved into the Executive Park area - bought a condominium for $580,000 - went under - and even as she won the District 10 elections by a measly few hundred votes - 23 candidates in the fray - did not have a place to stay. Malia Cohen lived with her parents in District 9 - in the Portola District on Silliman Street - for many months.

When the public was alerted to this fact Malia Cohen - moved to Potrero Hill - where she hangs with those that are not Black - and thinks no end of herself.

Malia Cohen is pathetic and a disgrace to anything decent. On this project she is support by others one worse than the other - one of them Fran Martin.

 She has worked against the indigent, mostly Black in the District 10. Went against the good work of Mother Brown and her long standing operation.

Malia Cohen has worked to place a Wellness Center in a most contaminated area - 3450 Third Street - putting our children in harms - way.

Malia Cohen's judgement is clouded, her principles shallow, her morals and ethics have been questioned - too many times - and the poor woman is mostly delirious - laughing like a jack ass - and loud mouthed. 

The Old Schlage Lock company project  does abide by any standards - and fails Quality of Life issues when it come to the air, the land, transportation issues, sensitivity to our children.

Our seniors, and a host of other pertinent and relevant elements that the fast tracked Environmental Impact Studies, the California Environmental Quality Act acted upon in a hurry.

If the above processes had to follow proven standards - if they were done is a just manner - the Old Schlage Lock Project - would - F A I L .

The Project proposes to build 1700 units on very contaminated ground. It is somewhat suited for industrial uses - but not residential uses.

Those behind this project will fail - you cannot fool - all the people all the time.

The San Francisco Planning Department rubber stamped this project.

The project will be rubber stamped and go before the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - and guess what it will be - Rubber Stamped.

At yesterday's San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - Dr Espanola and I - halted this project - because we spoke the TRUTH - and it will be continued for two weeks.

If the Project Sponsor can produce air samples of the area - soil samples of the air - and prove they meet any decent standards - we need not say anything.

These crooks - do not want to do that. If I do it - they do not want to pay for the testing - that is what Michael Carlin told me.  "I will not pay if you do the testing." Well you do it - since you Michael Carlin are so adamant that all is well with this project.
No one has called you out - but I have been monitoring all your activities behind the scene - and will call you out.

Well, let Mayor Edwin Lee who stood on that contaminated ground and had his Press Conference on this Project - have his Environmental Department bore some holes and test them- he can have the Project Manager - pay for them.

SF Public Utilities Commission  and General Manager can order Micheal Carlin - who seems to be excited about this project - to get the samples taken - now. And with that - samples of the foul - air.

We must learn NOT to put lives - especially the lives of our children in harm way.

Anyone with sense - if they go to this site - near the former dump sites - much of the land - landfill - land reclaimed from the near by Bay.

The entire area is polluted - on the border less than a one fiftenth of a mile - Petroleum Tanks - much more contaminated land that lies in the jurisdiction of Brisbane. The entire watershed is contaminated - with foul gas emitting from the area.

When will we learn to be decent, NOT put innocent people in harms way.

Follow the rules, the ordinances - follow moral principles, ethics, and of course our God given conscience.

It is pathetic to see folks NOT follow the time proven dictates - but cow down to politicians, corrupt developers - and folks like Michael Carlin who is NOT doing his job - and has been partnering with Juliet Ellis on other devious and nefarious activities - time will tell.

Harlan Kelly and the City Administrator can order the testing to be done -  both soil testing and air samples. I can do it - but someone must pay me - I will not do it for free.

Produce the boring samples at least 20 from various bores all over the site at the Old Schalge Lock company - and in like manner the air test samples - from various locations on the site.

Let these tests speak for themselves - and you have two weeks to do it and you must do it - prove to the constituents of San Francisco - that you are worth the salt.

The Old Schlage Lock company by Old Bayshore and Arleta is a very contaminated site.

More contaminated the south of this site that falls in Brisbane.

Most people know about this site - but we have people defying decency - lying, and wanting to put innocent people in harm way - with intent. When will the policy makers learn to abide by decent laws - after all - this is the United States of America.

Let not the developers and the corrupt politicians rule the roost.

All this in the land of the Ohlone - that was stolen and that I represent. Aho.