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Thursday, June 19, 2014


Mark Leno and his supporters were stalled by the State Housing Committee - that did NOT agree - mandating owners to own their building for at least 5 years -before making any attempt to sell the building.

In San Francisco the Ellis Act has destroyed the lives of many innocent constituents, mostly renters - who did not expect so many Ellis Act evictions.

This drastic action - destroying their peace of mind - and forcing them to leave the City or pay more rent - rent that they cannot afford.

The Ellis Act as it stands now permits owners to buy buildings - to evict the residents - on the pretext that the owner wants to the live in the building.

We have found out in many cases - the owner has converted the building to other uses -using any reason that the owner may use - his or her figment of their imagination.

While not all owners have been hardhearted - the few that have listened to reason - and we thank them  for their compassion, have allowed those residing in their buildings - to live there - helping the residents and more helping all San Franciscans.

In San Francisco the majority of people who live in San Francisco are renters. In the past 15 years the City and County of San Francisco has failed to abide by the "Housing Element" that prescribes what is best - for everyone in San Francisco - and lays down a plan about so called Affordable Housing. 

It gets some guidance from the Association of Bay Area Government ( ABAG) a premier agency that sets standards for the Bay Area Region - using information from other housing agencies too.

Here is the Regional Housing Need Plan for the San Francisco Bay Area: 2014-2022: 

Well, Mark Leno say - all is not over - and that he and others including Mayor Edwin Lee - will try one more time - to reason with those Representatives - who right now favor developers and owners of building - and less renters.

The only hope we have now it to call and write to these Representatives who have let down a vulnerable segment of the population that needs help - now.

It is now easy to find reasonable housing and rental housing in San Francisco. Renters in San Francisco come under Rent Control and those that benefit from Rent Control - treasure their rental units. In many other places where there is no "rent control" - the owners increase the rent for as much as 40 and 50 percent - every year.

We look forward to unity and the united front of renters - not giving up but going back to the drawing board with the support on many other organizations - and reasoning with the California Assembly Housing Committee - to look at this precarious situation - and help the renters who are now adversely impacted - in large measure.

For the first time San Francisco has seen an increase in jobs - not all pay well - but all the same there are good jobs available. It does not help when you cannot live in San Francisco when rents are very high - and one is forced to live out of the City and commute daily to San Francisco.

Here is the Regional Housing Need Plan for the San Francisco Bay Area: 2014-2022: