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Saturday, June 14, 2014


Americans are a generous people and noble too and in recent years we all have been misled by our so called  leaders, politicians so called experts - that have made wrong choices - choices that have come to bite us in the butt.

The American people are quoted again and again as having made big "sacrifices" - but those of us that "know" what is means to be an American - Americans with standards, noble and just - we the people were not at the table when - "wrong choices" were made.

Our Nation lost over 4487 American women and men soldiers.

Over 40,000 soldiers who are injured for life - adversely affecting families, friend, supporters and our Nation directly and indirectly. We need to support them but the Veterans Administration has let us down - and betrayed our Nation.

200,000 of our soldiers from Iraq suffer from PSDT.

The President of Iraq a puppet named Nouri al- Maliki is corrupt and with intent has destroyed the Iraqi army - appointing his lackeys and not treating and paying the soldiers in the Iraqi Army for over three years.

The United States of America knew that and more - but we looked the other way. Now, all we do is make excuses.

Maliki's relatives and sons have controls over petroleum operations and the other many operations steep in "deep" nepotism; and are well known to our intelligence and other so called experts.

As a Nation we lack leadership, more accountability and transparency and we have not bothered to disclose these important facts to the people at large.

Our Main Media has been broiled with petty news and sensationalism - and there is little if no - true investigative reporting. What we gather is mostly from those who we know - who live here, there, and everywhere - and whom we trust.

The news spewed by the Main Media is hog wash and controlled by the Zionists - who think they are winning the war - but his war is at their door - and soon they will bear the brunt of their wicked ways and actions - behind the scenes. 

The same people the President of  the United States Barack Hussein Obama quotes again and again as tax payers who have sacrificed so much - to save Iraq and Afghanistan - but we all know that to be hog wash.

In reality those that sacrificed their lives and the thousands who are injured and need help - have been let down - and the Veterans Administration for years - got a slap on its wrists. Only in recent years because of the people - the people that we call " tax payers" - when they raised their voices in unison - something is being done at this late - hour.

The Billions spent on these two nations - Iraq and Afghanistan could have spent on American citizens and constituents but our Nations leaders - including Bill Clinton and the two despicable Bushes - chose not to do so.

The Islamic State of Iraq (ISIS) steeped deeply in Sunni beliefs will never, ever accept Shia rule.

Our so called experts have no clue about this because they have no knowledge, no education, no clue about deep fanaticism and revenge the Sunnis bear in their hearts - going back thousands of years - linked to the historic - split - after the assassination of Ali the fourth caliph. 

Hussein the son of Ali marches against the superior army of the caliph of Karbala in Iraq. He is defeated and his army massacred. He is beheaded. The split between the Shia and the Sunnis deepens.

In this period from 873-940 the Lesser Occultation - the son of the 11th Imam disappears - leaving his representatives to head the Shite faith.

In 1258 the Monguls led by Hulagu destroy Baghdad ending the Sunni Arab caliphate.

1501 Ismail I establishes the Safavid Dynasty in Persia modern Iran and Shiism is declared the State religion.

1900 Ruhollah Khomeini is born in Persia.

1920 - 1922 Arabs - both Sunni and Shai revolt against the British control of Iraq.

1922 - 1924 Kemal Ataturk abolishes the Ottoman Sultanate and the Turkish Sunni Caliphate.

1925 - Reza Khan seizes power in Persia modern Iran and declares himself Shah thus establishing the Pahlavi dynasty.

1932 - Iraq becomes an independent nation - under King Feisal a Sunni Arab.

1935 - Persia is renamed Iran.

1941 - Reza Shah abdicates the throne in favor of his son Mohammed Reza Shad. British and Soviet military forces occupy Iran.

1953. A joint Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and British intelligence operation in Iran keeps the Shah on the throne and outs the nationalist Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh.

1963 Amid widespread protests in Iran against the Shah, Ayatollah Khomeini is arrested and exiled to Iraq.

1967 - Israel defeats Eqypt, Syria and Jordan in the Six Day War.

1973 Israel defeats Egypt and Syria in the Yom Kippur War.

1978 -1979 Widespread protests force the Shah to abdicate and flee Iran - he is given refuge in the United States. Ayatollah Kohmeini returns to Iran to lead the Revolution.

1979 Saddam Hussein seize power and becomes President of Iraq. 

1980 Saddam Hussein orders the Iraqi army to attack Iran.

1980-1988 The Iran-Iraq war - thousands die on each side and the war ends in stalemate. Underlying issues Sunni and Shia hatred for each other.

1982 Israel invades Lebanon and seizes Beirut. Hezbollah is formed in Lebanon.

1983 Suicide truck bombers kill 241 American soldiers in Lebanon - believed to be Hezbollah.

1989 Ayatollah Khomeni dies in Iran.

1990 Saddam Hussein orders his Army to attack Kuwait.

1991 The U.S. military ousts the Iraqi army from Kuwait. Shia from southern Iraq - rebel against Saddam Hussein who puts down the revolt and thousands of Shia are murdered.

1991-2003 Iraq in placed under economic sanctions,

2001 Al-Queda led by Sunni fundamentalists attach the United States - 9/11 killing 3000 people.  The United States invades Afghanistan and outs the Sunni Taliban government.

2003 -The U.S. military invades Iraq and topples Saddam. An Iraqi insurgency erupts led by Sunni Baathists and al-Queda.

2005-2006 Iraqi elections bring Shiite political parties to power in Baghdad back by Iran. Sunni and Shiite sectararian violence intensifies.

2005 Fundamentalist Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is elected President of Iran. Iran pursues acquisition of nuclear technology purporting peaceful uses.

2006 War breaks out between Isreal and Hezbollah in Lebanon. the U.N. Security Council imposes economic sanctions on Iran in response to nuclear activities.

2007  The United States sends additional troops to Iraq.

2009-2011 The US. military began withdrawing its troop in June 2009 and completed its mission in 2011.

The Iraq war costs taxpayers over $1.7 trillion dollars.

An additional $490 billion to help defray benefits to our Veterans.

This amount could grow to $6 trillion over the next four decades.

Our Nation has know all along about ISIS who now have a strong hold on either side of the Syria/Iraq border and are well armed.

When the Iraqi army folded and deserted all those arms, military equipment that we the tax payers paid for.

Our taxes paid for all these arms and ammunition which are now in the hands of ISIS - who aim to have a number states of their own - to foster their Sunni philosophy and more to do as they please.

ISIS do not take their orders from al-Queda as is commonly believed to be the case.

When the head of al-Queda - Zawahiri ordered ISIS to focus on Iraq and leave Syria to al-Nusra another fanatic group - ISIS wowed to do as they please.

ISIS leader Abu Bakar al-Baghdadi has a $10 million reward for his arrest - which goes to show you - how much we fear his power and this evil designs.

It is just a matter of time before his designs spread worldwide.

74% of Syria population is Sunni. The Alawites and other Muslims make up 16% of Syria's population. Christians another 10% of Syria's population. There is a smaller population of Greeks and Jews in Syria too and they have been there for a long time.

Our experts would to well to pay attention to the philosophy of "al-Sham" - inherent in all the ISIS purport to attain - and they will die for what "al-Sham" stands for.

"Behold, indeed the heart of the believers is al-Sham" (Ahmad); and "The heart of the abode of Islam is al-Sham". (Tabarani).

The human spirit in the land of Babylon the home of the Father of all nations - Abraham - that is Iraq - has been shatter to the winds.

Its people irrespective of the feuding are noble and caring - its leaders from time to time - as has been chronologically shown in some measure - divisive - causing untold harm to those that cannot defend themselves.

The hundreds of other sects much like those that split from the Catholic Church in Christianity.

Human nature is what is it is - and from time immemorial - we read history and try to make sense of it all.

I have followed the areas described above since 1977 - visited Iran and Iraq and Afghanistan.

It was a different time - the Shah was still in power in Iran - the Ayatollah Khomeini still in Iraq awaiting his return to Iran. The Soviets were building the highway in the desert - and when it was ready - they marched in.

I participated in Desert Shield and Desert Storm and know first hand how convoluted that war was.

The other wars followed - and crooked and corrupt politicians in the name of the "tax payers" - saying umpteen times " the American People" shallow words - did our Nation - disservice.

Today, America's Middle Class has been eroded.

Our poor and becoming chronically - indigent.

 We call ourselves a Super Power.

War begets war - and killing spills blood.

There comes a time - when blood cries to heaven for justice - and KARMA looks you in the face - and TRUTH prevails.

America is become the "laughing stock" because we do exercise our hard fought and established Constitution Process.

We are a Nation of laws and not a Nation that interprets legalese - as and when we figure it suits us fine.

The many actions leading to these wars above, we the people did not approve of it - the majority rejected such actions.

Our Representatives failed the people - " we the people of the United States".

Our United States Presidents did not follow it, through - failed our Constitution. 

Our present leaders steeped in vain power - make decisions - mostly politicians who are NOT worth the salt.

In the interim children - innocent children die and when we harm children - innocent children - there is no bigger crime than that - this I know for a fact.

We tarnished our values in the land of Babylon that is Iraq.

Harming the people of Iraq who respect and honor the Father of all Nations - Abraham.

Throughout history from the Moguls to the Turks - and in modern times - leaders have know when not to cross the line - but contemporary leaders have all failed us in the United States of America.

We must ask ourselves with all our technology can we really change the mind and heart of those people we disrespect, humiliate, adversely impact in thousands of ways - daily?

We want their oil and we make billions selling arms - and try to pretend at the end of the day - that all is well. 

Fire begets fire - and those that kill for the sake of killing - have BLOOD on their hands. Aho.