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Tuesday, June 17, 2014


San Francisco is poised to carry out a hidden mandate - foster and push for "gentrification".

Now, all attempts are being made to push for "housing" of the worst type on "contaminated" ground and sites.

In the interim our infrastructure is in poor shape - the clean drinking water pipes as well as our sewage pipes - all over 80 years old - leaching and no one worth the salt - addressing the concerns in a meaningful way.

The Old Schlage Lock company, Candlestick Point, Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, Hunterview - and there is more at Sunnydale, Oakdale - slated for development.

All this on  land prone to flooding, liquefaction - it seems that a push is made, nonchalant - keep on developing - with little or no discussion about Quality of Life issues.

With no sound infrastructure in place - transportation, roads, childcare facilities, Recreational Facilities, Schools, Churches, Supermarkets, Fire Stations, Police Stations, Hospitals and Clinics in close - proximity.

Tons of talk but no sound planing with NO time lines, goals, and objectives. I have been watching the "idiots" and writing about the issues at hand.

It does not help with crooked and corrupt Supervisors the likes of David Chiu, Scott Wiener, Jane Kim, Malia Cohen, Katy Tang, Mark Farrell - other slimy bastards - they do not care to represent - all they want is to rake in the millions to fill their campaign - coffers.

The discussion at City Hall is mundane - hot air and more hot air.

All sorts of ploys and machinations are in play - and well thought out - crooked models - where rich Chinese from China are enticed to buy homes and earn a EB-5 Visa.

This will permit these Chinese who do not know what they are getting - into - to visit us and live here - and I suppose spend their money - and will they work here too? Only Willie L Brown Jr knows.

The water front property is mostly small units on contaminated land - Lennar a rogue developer is leading in the shenanigans - raking in the millions and giving out the EB-5 Visas.

Already, many local folks just from living near these sites have died from cancer, tumors, respiratory diseases, and other very chronic ailments.

It does not matter that evil entities are now selling snake oil. All with the blessing of political whores and pimps - bent on making money - any which way.

The City and County of San Francisco has a $8 Billion budget - but does not have a resident Toxicologist on board. 

The position has been vacant for the last 15 years plus - and with reason - the crooks want to circumvent - the true health and not reveal the true state of affairs.

The adverse impacts prevailing in these areas - many that are prone and leading to horrendous impacts - all resulting from development on very toxic and contaminated - ground. More prone to severe liquefaction and flooding.

Much of the Southeast Sector - the last frontier is landfill.

Very poor landfill. Much of it closer to Candlestick Stadium - slated to be "imploded" was a landfill - as is evidenced from the "methane gas" spewing from the near by State Park - the first Urban State Park in San Francisco - a former "garbage dump".

The true history of Hunters Point Naval Shipyard which is a Superfund Site.

Now, suddenly is being advertised as prime water front property. Ships that took part in the "Bikini Atomic experiments" were brought and clean at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Depleted Uranium was first test at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.
Nancy Pelosi and her husband Paul Pelosi, Richard Blum and his aging wife Diane Feinstein - the Pacific Heights Mafia - should by example - make their abode at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Crooks of a kind.

The ships that were in very close proximity to the Atomic blasts  -  as part of the on going experiments - laden with large animals too that were part of the experiments.

The contaminated ships and experimented upon animals -were towed all the way back to San Francisco - where purportedly the ships were cleaned. The animals buried all over the place at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Cleaning the ships that participated at the Bikini Island atomic experiments meant sandblasting the hulls.

The toxic atomic residue - buried all over the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - much of it falling into the Bay and polluting it with low Atomic waste.

The large animals too were buried all over the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - the majority of the Parcels still under the jurisdiction of the United States Navy - which has failed to clean the entire area - to residential standards.

Proposition P in the year 2000 by an overwhelming majority of 87% of the voters mandated the entire Hunters Point Naval Shipyard be cleaned.

As had been reported - the U. S. Navy has failed and especially Keith Forman - the lead Project Manager representing the U.S. Navy - who has failed in his duty - and lies through his teeth.

The many meetings and tours of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard are fake in nature.

International Technologies, Tectra Tech, Shaw - all Primes and many sub-contractors - have failed to clean up the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. These companies have made hay while the sun was shinning - and have defrauded the tax payers.

Our San Francisco Mayors - more Willie L. Brown Jr, Gavin Newsom and our Representative Diane Feintein, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer have pushed for development - while raking in millions to fill their campaign coffers.

The Pacific Heights Mafia - has been on the prowl - and Law Enforcement has been looking the other way.

The SF City Attorney, the SF District Attorney, the State Attorney, the Federal Bureau of Investigation - all have departments and personnel that can and should investigate fraud, the many environmental injustices - but, no one seems to care.

Plans are afoot to build thousands of housing units on very contaminated land - the last frontier.

The Southeast Sector with the Pacific Heights Mafia, the Zionists that are placed in key positions, the many lackeys - mostly Blacks on the take and sell outs - doing what they do best - selling out the community and making tons of Blood Money.

San Francisco has a Housing Element that has gone before the Courts for having failed to address the real facts  and projected wrong numbers.

The SF City continues to look the other way - and focus on Market Rate Housing. Right now there is a dearth of market rate housing - and a great void - where thousands of moderate, low, and no income housing - has vanished before our eyes.

The Academy of Art University has bought hundreds of buildings - got rid of thousands of rental units - illegally converted many former building that afforded "rentals".

These former rental units are now dormitories - accommodating foreign students and charging them an arm and a leg. 

The Department of Building Inspection has been asleep in the cockpit.

More the SF Planning Department - for course the Mayor's Office of Housing, and more the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Work Force.

The entire  skyline and landscape downtown is changing drastically with skyscrapers all over the place - and severe congestion on the ground.

No one know where all the clean drinking water will come - and where all the sewage will go.

Our infrastructure more in the Financial District is failing - with floods and other severe infrastructure problems.

The SF Public Utilities Commission has failed San Franciscans - they talk a lot - but when it comes to empirical data - the replacement of our sewer pipes - is proceeding at a "snail pace".

Over 80% of our aging pipes leach sewage and clean drinking water - polluting the Watershed. These fools do not seem to care about this fact - begging to be fixed.

The Assistant General Managers of the SF Public Utilities Commission make over $250,000 with benefits.

Most of them are unfit to do their job - in the private sector - they would be fired - Barbara Hale, Juliet Ellis, Michael Carlin, and the list goes on - useless - the talk the talk but cannot walk the walk.

The SF Public Utilities Commission is now targeting the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building at 1800 Oakdale. 

The current Commissioners all anointed by the Mayor - are suspect - three of them are unfit - one's mental abilities are in question.

One does not speak proper English let alone understand English, others have NO history of the area and the purpose of the Building -  at 1800 Oakdale and its surroundings.

Plans are afoot to interfere with the folks who run the nearby Nurseries and employ local residents.

All of them - three separate entities - operating and dealing with plants and flowers, decorative plants and exotic plants - who are each paying $10,000 a month in rent to the SF Public Utilities Commission - an Enterprise Department.

While the SF Public Utilities Commission has been quick to collect the rent - in the last 30 years - no improement have been made. There is one single toilet and no bath rooms for showers.

Each entity has to rent portable toilets and pay for them.

The vents need replacing - and the electrical wiring - past its time. The roads leading to the facilities - have never been repaired.

So what is the SF Public Utilities Commission doing with the money - one year they collect $302,000 - the other year $305,000. There is no line item accountability - and one can scream, huff, and puff - these idiots seem not to care.

The person in charge of External Affairs and who works for the SF Public Utilities Commission - who was brought before the Ethics Commission - who admitted to her crimes - one of which was funneling over $200,000 to Green For All.

The woman Juliet Ellis is still on the job - and still talking from both sides of her mouth. What is happening to our City? Where are our standards - what about morals, ethics, fair play?

Both the Fair Political Committee and the SF Ethics Commission - informed the SF Public Utilities Commission - of the many infringements admitted by Juliet Elis. Yet, Juliet Ellis is still on the job - and still creating problems.

The Sewer System Improvement Project a $7 Billion project - that comes under the jurisdiction of the SF Public Utilities Commission - will involve a lot of work for the Bayview Hunters Point and San Francisco in general.

However, right now we have poor outreach - committees formed to push for a hidden agenda - all sorts of shenanigans trying to build a "Campus" at the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building - at 1800 Oakdale.

Not a single meaningful meeting with the community at large.

The demographics of the area have changed with the Latinos and Asians in the majority. No meaningful outreach has been done.

A retreat is planned on June 18, 2014 from 9 am to 4 pm at the 1800 Oakdale facility and is open to the public.

The Southeast Community Facility Commission is dysfunctional - and more is not educated on issues.

The community is left in the dark - and plans are afoot to build a campus - tear down the nurseries - all conceptual plans that are but a dream.

In the meantime our infrastructure linked to our housing both in place right now and that to be built in the future - lack standards.

This drought will linger - and plans must be in place to address emergencies.

Mountain Tunnel at Hetch Hetchy is something that is now being addressed - and if it fails - can compromise the clean drinking water we get from Hetch Hetchy.

Plans are being hatched to mix ground water with our clean drinking water to provide this mixture with is "suspect" to all the constituents of San Francisco.

Where is the out reach on this Juliet Ellis? You failed on the Community Choice Aggregation too and on the Clean Solar Projects - you so called fake - environmentalist.

The on going shenanigans at the Southeast Community Facility Commission building at 1800 Oakdale needs to be investigated by the Controller of the City.

The City Attorney, the State Attorney, the District Attorney - and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

T he RICO ACT must be invoked - and those found guilty - sent to jail.

We have crooks - jumping up and down - and causing havoc - disrespecting our laws - and trying to represent without being educated on issues.

An $7 Billion Sewer System Improvement Project. A $2.6 Billion Digestors Project right in our back yard at the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant.

Most every one in the circle of crooks - raking in the money - and the community and decent advocates - kept out of the deliberations. Time will tell.