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Monday, April 23, 2012


The San Francisco Democratic Party will pay dearly for its sordid actions.

Suffice to say the SF Democratic County Central Committee (DCCC) too has a lot of do with blatant corruption and haughtiness.

Putting our SLATES with the name of candidates that are NOT worth the salt.

Imagine among the other candidates Malia Cohen a shallow, inept, and worthless Supervisor of District 10 - who has not represented her District; now vying  -for one of the seats on this infamous DCCC - as it is called - or something closer to it - a devil's workshop.

Another candidate vying for a seat on the infamous DCCC; the Zionist - Scott Wiener who of late has been initiating, shabby legislation - and appearing at all the Mayor's Press Conferences - sending a signal prodded by the Zionists that he is a force to reckon with.

Time will tell. Watch out for this devil.

The many Green advocates and the Independents must stay put and united - and counter attack the ploys and machinations - coming from the Democratic Machine.

With tentacles reaching deep and influenced deeply with far reaching consequences; by Senator Diane Feinstein and Congressperson Nancy Pelosi - two worthless, and demeaning Representatives in Congress.

Nancy Pelosi; the seventh richest and Diane the eleventh richest in Congress - and both very close to the Zionists.

Both have raked in millions using "insider trading" - and when exposed - did not have the decency to - apologize.

These are the type of vermin that must be sent to jail.

On the contrary we permit them to ride on our MUNI and parade these antique hags as worth something when they are a liability to anything and everything - decent and having standards.

It is a shame when millions are losing their homes and are having a very difficult time to survive.

When one in three children do to bed - hungry.

When one in four of our Senior - have no food and are forced to eat dog food.

When so many sleep on the streets of San Francisco - where compassion reigned once - but now we have forced who want to advertise - not be compassion.

This City was named after Saint Francis - and Care not Cash has failed. No one can survive on a measly $57 a month. Let us be realistic. I know Democrats daily who spend in access of $300 for one meal!

These so called Democrats - Representative at all levels - who tap into Political Action Committees (PACs) with no caps -  having millions - using conduits to permit  their campaign coffers to fill up. Who continue to lie, cheat, and deceive - innocent constituents.

Making all sorts of promises and shafting the constituents each and every time.

Can you imagine the two hags Diane and Nancy - still trying to run for office - when they should retire and leave our City - our Great City that they have disgraced. Who is kidding whom?

These two head the Democratic Machine and the time has come for them to take their nefarious activities - some where else.

Both have strong ties to the Zionists and both do not care about the poor and those that should be helped in San Francisco. Both take big contribution from Big Developers, and make calls to Regulatory Agencies - to look the other way.

A recent case telling the FBI to look the other way - when it came to Parcel A. But, the on going Secret Service case - reveals that even our Law Enforcement is corrupt - where prostitution and other nefarious activities have taken center stage. Politicians are corrupt - and I can vouch that Diane and Nancy - top that list.

Nancy Pelosi's husband owns and operates tuna and fruit canning factories in Samoa - and has not paid the workers decent wages.

While minimum wages have increased all over this Nation - in American Samoa - with intent - the workers have been adversely impacted. Why? Follow the legislation.

We continue to put "blind folders" and vote for these two hags who have a dirty laundry list of lying, cheating, and deceiving decent people.

Both these hags are filthy rich and a general audit of their wealth - will reveal that they have amassed millions - using ploys such as dubious investments - but no one dares to find out; how, these investments came about - and how they were invested under what - filthy and devious - circumstances. 

The Democratic Party is not some "Royal Fiefdom" that is what is has become to be in recent - years.

Candidates including President Barack Hussein Obama - visiting San Francisco - for $10,000 a person dinners - that as best can be described - nauseating and lacking etiquette. 

Under the Democrats many uncalled for actions against the Immigrants have been implemented. This will come to haunt the Democrats this time around.

Some sounded the clarion call for "HOPE" the last time around - but this type is is more like "NOPE"!

Under this President nothing much has come about - linked to the First People. President Barack Hussein Obama can Federally Recognize the Muwekma Ohlone for example - and you will see Diane Feinstien and Nancy Pelosi reeling. lamenting, and protesting vehemently. Why?

The hags Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi have not lifted a finger - to acknowledge the First People of San Francisco. Why? Because these two and their kind are thieves.

All this land was stolen, children and women killed, up until 1924 you could fetch a measly $5 for a scalp if you killed a Native American.

These two hags - in all the time they have pretended to represent - have failed the First People of this area and more San Francisco.

Sixty percent of Native American in California are not Federally recognized. Our SF City and those in power must make note - of what is coming their way - a tsunami of sorts - that they are not prepared for - it is called - Karma.

We know of the many SF District elections have been rigged.

Supervisor John Avalos will tell you what he experienced in the last Mayoral Election. But, it is time to put these facts in writing for all the world to know.

It is the same when Matt Gonzalez ran for the Mayoral Race and lost by a measly four percent to Gavin Newsom.

 The Democratic Machine used dubious methods to steal that election. 

We keep quiet and allow these vermin to do as they please - and have destroyed our salient principles that purport to uphold standards, treat the voters at large with fairness, but in the short and long run - have royally shafted the voters - who really should be in charge.

I remember well as the Proponent of Proposition F how these so called Democrats tried to bring me down - without any cause. How I had to approach the Secretary of State for help - and how we put our Measure Proposition F - on the ballot - against great odds.

Our City with the exception of a few astute people like Marc Soloman remember it all - but the others - fail to pay attention to the devils that reign supreme and are part of the One Percent - and we must route them - out.

We the people from the Bayview and good citizens all over San Francisco spent at the most $5 thousand on Proposition F. 

The Democrats - spent $10 million on Proposition P. With $10,000 advertisement during Prime Time - spewing lies about Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and failing to do anything.

Every time-line has been defaulted linked to the Disposition and Development Agreement linked to Parcel A. In any fair city - Lennar should be taken to court - in this case even though Lennar has defaulted - some one is licking their ass.

Can you imagine the two main Proponents of Proposition G - were Mayor Gavin Newsom and Senator Diane Feinstein.  Go to the Department of  Elections and find out. The others Angelo King and Sophie Maxwell - two sell outs. Why did all this come about?

Why? Because the Metrosexual Mayor Gavin Newsom and the old hag Senator Diane Feinstein - favor greed, are sordid, lie, steal, and deceive the people - every opportunity they get. They have no compassion - care about themselves and not the people of San Francisco. Their time has come.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - the same old hag who was the Speaker of the House - until she was toppled down - was behind the scene helping the Rogue Developer - Lennar.  Lennar's Board of Director are staunch - Zionists

So was Willie L. Brown Jr. another "thug" supporting Lennar on behalf of the Democratic Party. He still does working for Platinum Consultants. Give me a couple of thousands and they can arrange for any project on a platter. 

Reining thugs that could win the Oscar - any time for thievery! 

The Democratic Party in San Francisco - which prides this     area as their bastion - has lost all credibility - and is a JOKE. 

People are so fed up - that, most people do not want to taint their vote and do not want to cast their precious - vote.

These vermin have not only infested our political system with their sordidness - but - forced the world to take a second look at anything - termed democratic - with grass roots participation.

Shame on the Democratic Party and their Representatives at all levels that aspire to do something representing the SF DCCC and have anything to do remotely - with the Democratic Party.

I am an Independent.

Those that belong to the Green Party stop jumping and making your bed with the Democratic Party.

Today at City Hall - one leader of the Green Party who jumped ship to be a Democrat - will be dealt his fate. Do not be blinded by vague promises - beware of the devils that make up the Democratic Machine!

This best ROSS MIRKARIMI can do in public is renounce his affiliation to the Democratic Party.

Secondly; to announce that the Green and Independents must garner support - in unity and rid the two hags from their sordid - power. Devils of a kind. With them gone - take the other many devils - to some quick - adjudication - where they can be got rid off.